12th Annual Little Puff Auction Footage

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12th Annual Little Puff Auction Footage

After the words “great friends” the next word that comes to my mind when I think of W.Curtis Draper is “charity”. I’m always amazed at their generosity when it comes to not only money, but their time. I’m always amazed the extra mile they are willing to go to raise money and awareness for a cause of theirs or for a cause of their customers. I know first hand, when I approached them to talk about the Little Robusto Project they simply said, “whatever you need Jerry”. Its that charitable spirit the perfectly describes what the annual Little Puff event is. It truly is a beautiful thing. I really need to thank the crew at Drapers for allowing me the access I needed to get some great snapshots and video coverage. The below video runs a bit over 30 minutes. I trimmed the auction footage where I could while keeping the spirit and entertainment of the auction in tact.

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Lots of great auction items like a special box of cigars that Pete had leftover from the Nicaraguan Cigar Festival or a boxed pressed torpedo in the Jaime Garcia Reserve line, a case of the La Flor Dominicana Small Batch #4 by Litto Gomez, a box of OpusX “A” or the Padron Family Reserve Collection. I’m not a math guy so I didn’t keep a running total of how much was raised. I’m sure the number will be released by W.Curtis Draper in a few days. For you local guys who listen to DC 101, specifically the Elliot in the Morning Show, Elliot himself makes an appearance and you won’t believe who won the auction item he was associated with.

Still to come…some entertaining footage complete with a project that Pete Johnson (Tatuaje Cigars) and Matt Booth (Room101 Cigars) will be collaborating on, the CAO Hans Huber Conmemorativo that was introduced at the Little Puff Recovery Lunch and will be a W.Curtis Draper exclusive available in December, what animal Jose Ortega of My Father Cigars thinks he resembles and various other footage I recorded with the help of Stephen Boyajian (who stole Matt Booths FlipVideo camera) of The Cigar Network magazine.


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