12th Annual Little Puff – Random Footage

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12th Annual Little Puff – Random Footage

Random video footage is always the best. I had just finished up recording the Little Puff Auctions with my handy FlipVideo when Matt Booth of Room101 Cigars takes out his FlipVideo which was promptly taken by Stephen Boyajian of The Cigar Network. What ensued was a bit of random chaos. We two geeks thought it would be funny to run around with our FlipVideo cameras and see who we could annoy. Hopefully one day I can get the video files off of Matt Booth’s FlipVideo to see just how retarded Stephen and I were.

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During the 11 minute video we find out if Matt Booth is wearing normal men’s pants and not women’s with no pockets in the back. Elliot from Elliot in The Morning makes a cameo appearance. We get the nod from John Anderson that we are journalists. Paul Spence (formerly of CAO now with W.Curtis Draper) shares some information of the next expansion of the W.Curtis Draper empire. Pete Johnson (Tatuaje Cigars) informs us who he has a man crush on and we find out about a joint wine project he is working on with Matt Booth. Also brief appearances by some of our good friends. Lastly, we end the video with hiring midgets in Las Vegas.

Still to come…the Little Puff Recovery Lunch by CAO Cigars.


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