Quesada Q D’etat Molotov

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Quesada Q D’etat Molotov


Ever since I fell in love with the Domus Magnus last year I’ve been on this journey tasting all things under the Quesada umbrella. One of the newer releases is the Q D’etat Series. The first of what is to be three releases is the Quesada Q D’etat Molotov. An interesting shaped Dominican puro perfecto where the ring gauge is listed in three sizes 38/58/44. If you watched our 16 Minutes with Terence Reilly interview you will know that the Q D’etat Series was created as a protest against increased restrictions on cigar smoking and higher tobacco taxes. The next scheduled release is the Howitzer and not much is known yet about the third one yet.

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Off camera Terence told me that the Molotov was like smoking three cigars. At first I didn’t really get what he was saying. I thought he was blowing some marketing smoke at me but after smoking the three I picked up at his event and then getting more afterwards, I totally understand what he was describing. Its quite an interesting smoke to see how the Molotov evolves and how the three ring gauges come into play. I liked the Quesada Q D’etat Molotov. I had to babysit the burn which was a bit annoying but expected considering its unique perfecto shape. I also had to slow down my normal smoking pace which was hard to do. The Molotov can’t be rushed. The predominate earthy, sweet woodsy and shifting palate sensations were enjoyable and right up my alley. For me though, it was hard for me to remember to slow down so the Molotov wasn’t really my speed but can definitely see several of you out there (@waltw) really enjoying it.

Its been awhile since I’ve done a giveaway. With baseball season ready to kick into full gear I’m giving away one (1) Quesada Q D’etat Molotov, one (1) Quesada Serie Limitada 35th Anniversary and one (1) Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada (my 2011 Cigar of The Year). All you have to do is leave a comment with your prediction of who will win the World Series. If you’re not a baseball fan, just leave a comment and you’re in to. Contest ends one week from the published date.


80 thoughts on “Quesada Q D’etat Molotov

  1. The Red Sox. I’m sure you knew I wouldn’t say the Orioles (lol). Just kidding brother. Enjoy opening day, I know I will.

  2. sounds like a nice stick. everytime kentucky wins a hoops title that same year the yankees win a title. iam goin with new york

  3. Definitely sounds like it’s worth a shot. As much as I hate to pick a division rival, I may have to go with the Angels, as well.

  4. For the 2nd straight year I’m predicting the Detroit Tigers. They just missed out last year. With that pitching staff & that lineup, they’re gonna do some damage.

  5. They’ve been disappointing me more and more the last couple of years, but I’m still gonna say the Phillies.

  6. great review jerry! make me spend more $$$ why don’t ya! lol. not a sports fan but good luck to the best of the best teams!

  7. Can there be any doubt about the Phillies……..what a silly question. Still enjoy the reviews….do you think the Man of War Puros are dyed?

  8. Hey guys. Can’t say I’m a baseball fan but here’s my prediction… there will be a surprise and the underdog team will win! Cheers.

  9. THE ANGELS! And I have to agree with ya on the Domus Magnus pick. What a great stick! I just got a box the other day, and man is it hard to not have one every day! Trying to make these last a little longer than the last box! Oh, did I mention that the LA ANGELS will win the World Series? Yes, yes I did mention that the ANGELS are going to win the World Series!!!! 😉

  10. And now for some comic relief the PITTSBURGH PIRATES are taking home the gold!!!!! Thanks for the contest, been wanting to try a Quesada.

  11. This is the only chance I’ll have in this lifetime to win something by picking the Orioles to win it all. Only because we don’t need to be right to win this one…

  12. Cardinals of course. Started the season right last night with a win!!

    Nice review Jerry, will have to give these a try.

  13. Though I am , always have , and always will be a Yankee fan..( sorry Jerry )…I really believe it is the year of the Tigers…

  14. I’ll go with the Brewers, just because I want to see my boy, Jonathan Lucroy, get a ring… Ragin Cajun for LIFE!

  15. On the 20th anniversary of their first, once again the World Series Banner will fly north of the border…Joey Bats and the boys will shock the A.L. East and ride that momentum all the way to the World Series Championship!

  16. The Yankees got it on lock this season, baby! Everyone knows that whatever they’re missing by the half way mark, they’ll either buy or trade for. Hmmm, maybe by then Jon Lester will be available? lol

  17. I think the Red Sox are going all the way this year. Love the Domus Magnus. Syill haven’t tried the Molotov.

  18. Not a phillies fan, but I’ll guess they take it all. Always a contending team. No repeat for the Pujol-less cards, and Angels look good but not good enough!

  19. I’d like to say my Cards will repeat, but I just don’t see that happening. Maybe it’s the Rangers’ year.

  20. Cincinnati Reds! Smoking my first Davidoff right now and it’s a Special R. Wow! I’m more of a medium/medium full guy but this is badass! Thanks.

  21. Molotov, an explosion of flavors, u say…..Got to try to find one in my area. Great Review Jerry….Y didnt u guys take Soriano off our hands??? The billy goat curse is o’va this year…GO Cubs

  22. Not a big baseball fan, will watch some of the world series. Thanks for the chance to win some cigars.

  23. Fuck the Yankee’s. One day my poor Mariners will triumph over them…

    But what the hell, on the 1000/1 odds of it actually happening I’m going to say this is the Mariners year to win the world series at last!

  24. If you lived in Texas; therefore, The Texas Ranger’s. THRID TIME IS THE CHARMS………I’ll be smoked this Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro as a goodwill on The Good Friday….. The Torpedo Man….

  25. Ive been looking forward to these for a while; after hearing a few people complain I found the burn issue to be universal. I love the Domus Optimus and the Espana Corona so I can see this also joining the crew of favorites.

  26. I liked the molotov, though not as much as the oktoberfest (which was in contention with the domus magnus for my cigar of the year). My angels will hopefully take it this year.

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