Top 5 Cigars Under $5 – TGT Edition

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Top 5 Cigars Under $5 – TGT Edition

To complete my recent obsession with lists, below you will find my Top 5 Cigars Under $5. This joins my previous lists of Top 5 Special Occassion Cigars and Top 7 Everyday Cigars. As always your mileage will vary with pricing but I got my pricing from a couple local sources in the DC/MD/VA area. The requirements were simple. Under $5 (before taxes), widely available, something I’ve smoked, made an appearance on the site (review or Week in Smoke) and of course, something I enjoyed smoking. I didn’t include any cigars that are store exclusives, seconds, overruns or found in the discount jar at the register. Also the $5 price tag was based on real prices of singles not buy the box and divide by the number of cigars. So if you are on a tight budget this month, fixed income or if you just don’t like spending a lot of money on something you end up burning or if you want to take a break from being in the 1%, here is a list for you:


Sancho Panza Double Maduro (Quixote) ($4.35) – A little trivia that I wasn’t aware of. The Sancho Panza brand is owned by…wait for it…General Cigars. When you talk about General Cigars they have a extensive variety of consistent cigars in every price range that are widely available. The Sancho Panza Double Maduro at one time was a go to cigar of mine. Nice assortment of dark roasted nutty coffee flavors that are smooth on the palate. A true gem of a cigar thats probably the Best of the Best on this list. That last sentence should make Ed McKenna who is part of Team Sancho Panza happy…LOL.

Smoking a Fuente Curly Head

Arturo Fuente Curley Head ($2.50) – The story of the Curley Head hasn’t changed. Not the most consistent cigar you will find. These are rolled by rollers in training so cigar to cigar, box to box will vary far and wide. Out of a box of 40 you will inevitably get a dud or two or three or…but if you are lucky and you get a perfect one. Its natural sweetness and smooth mild tobacco flavor make you quickly forget about any of the duds. Perfect cigar choice for a bachelor party weekend in Atlantic City and on the golf course when you are surrounded by your once/twice a lifetime cigar smokers who wouldn’t appreciate (or handle) that OpusX or King B. Don’t get this confused with the Curly Head Deluxe.

Smoking a @alecbradley American Classic

Alex Bradley American Classic (Robusto) ($4.50) – Toasty, creamy with a little bit of power. I’ve been on the fence with the Alec Bradley American Classic. Not because I don’t like them but more about finding a place in my rotation for them. They are easily overlooked when deciding on a Connecticut cigar to smoke and they are overshadowed by some of the other offerings from Alec Bradley *cough* Prensado *cough*. When dealing with a $5 and under list the American Classic came quickly into my mind. Like I said, a nice toasty and creaminess to the American Classic with some power behind it thats a little different in the Connecticut field using a Honduran Connecticut wrapper. The American Classic is affordable, tasty and enjoyable…three things that matter the most.


La Gloria Cubana Wavell ($4.99) – A borderline cigar with the pricing. Doesn’t get much more under $5 than $4.99 unless the half cent makes a comeback. With the current makeover of the La Gloria Cubana brand by Team La Gloria it is easy to forget about this mainstay of a cigar. I remember smoking my share of the Wavell when I wanted to switch things up from smoking a Serie R Maduro or Partagas Black. Still woodsy at the core with magnificent construction. It was quite refreshing, reminiscent and enjoyable to smoke a couple Wavell as “research” for this list but still not as good as the Sancho Panza Double Maduro (again thats for Ed McKenna).

Tatuaje Series P 2011 - main

Tatuaje Series P Sumatra (Toro) ($3.75) – I had some reservation adding this to the list. It fits the requirements but it had an added advantage as this is a “cuban sandwich” cigar i.e. filler is mixed filler (long and medium filler). At the end of the day, I spotted Tatuaje Series P in more places than I spotted the Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu #5 which is also under $5 but you get much more tobacco with the Series P. So the Series P got the nod. As Mike pointed out the blend has changed since I originally fell in love with the Series P before it was redone. A steady, mostly one dimensional cigar with a woodsy natural tobacco flavor at it’s core.


30 thoughts on “Top 5 Cigars Under $5 – TGT Edition

  1. Nice post.

    You know when u put together a list, you’re gonna get alot of “what about cigar x?”

    Well, what about the J.Fuego origen (any blend)? Those little paper five paks of flavor goodness are hard to beat.

    The American Classic is def a good stick to have in the sub $5 rotation. Hard to beat for the money.

    Haven’t tried the TP and LGC in a long time. Will have to revisit.

    1. Jason – Brian can attest to this but I’m really not a fan of anything from J.Fuego. I leave them to Brian. Which would be reason alone. But also you have to buy an entire pack of the paper packs. You can’t just buy one…

  2. Billy – the AJ fresh rolled are good but as Jerry pointed out he was focusing on cigars that are widely available. I think the AJ’s are mostly a CI/ exclusive.

  3. Nice list Jerry. Most I’ve never tried. Will have to checkout the Sancho Panza. Surprised the Flor de Oliva didn’t make the list. Most rave about it.

  4. Great review, I never knew the Sancho Panza was a good cigar, I always see it pop up as the low-end filler in bundled samplers.

    Hey Jerry, since you are into Listmania, how about Top Five Small Cigars? Need to replenish my stash after the cab of Tat Havana VI Verocu.

  5. Some good choices here at retail price. I’d add the Tatuaje PRC and Verocu #5, as well as the La Casita Criolla corona, I think those are about $5.

    If you did a “Best $3 Cigars,” I’d say the J. Fuego Origen and Sangre Originals, as well as the Illusione Cuchillos Cubanos.

    1. I thought about the Verocu #5 over the Series P but when dealing with this price range you are looking for more bang for your buck so the Series P won out since its a bigger format cigar.

      I found the La Casita Criolla at all the area places I stopped to research prices but all the shops had them above the $5 hard limit.

  6. Totally agree on the Series P…thats a really good smoke and you can’t even tell its mixed filler unless you open one up. Did the Ambos Mundos come into play at all?

  7. I want to like the Sancho Panza DM, but the wrappers on my La Manchas keep wanting to unravel. I think I may have gotten a dried out and rehydrated box. 🙁

    The Gran Habano Vintage 2002 mentioned above is a CI/ exclusive, I believe.

    How about the Tabacos Baez Serie SF?

  8. Another great list of cigars Cruz! I thought under $5 cigars were a dying breed but seems like there are plenty to choose from some of the other under $5 cigars mentioned in the comments.

  9. I’m on a fixed income and this list is perfect! I agree with your comments about General Cigars. I’d take the Wavell over the Sancho Panza. Thank you for the list Mr. Cruz.

  10. Nice job Jerry! You hit the nail on the head with the Sancho Panza selection. Even though the Curly Head is inconsistent I kind of want to give them a try. What exactly is the difference between the Curly Head and Curly Head Deluxe?

    I like a lot of flavors in my cigars whether they are natural like the SP or artificially flavored like the ACID lines. Any chance we can get your take on some flavored cigars?

  11. I’ve enjoyed every single one of these lists. Really refreshing for you guys to offer a variety of posts here. My favorites on the list on the Sancho Panza DM and the AB American Classic…the Series P wasn’t for me.

  12. Spot on with the Wavell. Solid cigar although around me its on the other side of $5. Definitely need to try the American Classic as a Honduran Connecticut wrapper sounds exciting.

  13. I smoked an American Classic Corona just last night and found it to be surprisingly sweet. I did not get this sweetness with the Churchill size ABACB.

    I can count on one hand the number of Sancho Panza cigars I’ve smoked. I will have to check out the Double Maduro.

    Doesnt’ the Oliva O Robusto go for about $5 retail? If so I would include that cigar on your list.

  14. Dude… Verocu no.5??? Maybe it was too small to count. but your not getting much better for 4 bucks.

  15. Nicely done, Jerry. It’s tough being the only guy on Team Sancho Panza, as I get picked on by Rick and Michael and their formidable teams (though I suppose I am on Team CAO as well). In all seriousness though, in my time at General, I’ve been amazed at the consistent positive (and unsolicited) feedback I’ve gotten on Sancho Panza. It’s a great no-nonsense brand that just doesn’t get the love it deserves. Rick and I have looked at that Extra Fuerte blend a few times to get some creative juices going when we are down in Honduras. Maybe Sancho Panza is in need of something new in 2013? The Sancho Panza MM Cruzer? Only time will tell.

    MPG introduced me to the Wavell 3 years ago, as that’s his go-to LGC along with Serie R. It’s a great stick, no doubt.

    Would have liked to see the CAO La Traviata Luminoso make this list at $4.75, but your love affair with La Traviata seems to have taken a hit lately. She still loves you though, Jerry, and that’s all that counts. She’s ready to welcome you back with open arms.

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