An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (Part One of Two)

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An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (Part One of Two)


In our ongoing series of Q&A videos, George Brightman of W.Curtis Draper sits down with Litto Gomez of La Flor Dominicana. This is the first of three two parts where George and Litto talk about HR 1639/S.1461 and other legislative issues facing the premium cigar industry. Litto spends time talking about his humble beginning with Los Libertadores which eventually grew into La Flor Dominicana. They discuss the name change of La Flor Dominicana Premium to La Flor Dominicana Light as well as the progression of LFD over the years. Part one ends with what Litto’s everyday cigar lineup and what beverages he likes to pair with.

Part one runs a 41 minutes…also thanks to our friends at for letting me steal their photo of the Los Libertadores.

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9 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Litto Gomez (Part One of Two)

  1. I have to say….these video interviews with the cigar makers are just awesome. To hear the inside stories they have about their blends and the history of their companies are priceless. Im jealous of all you guys up at Drapers. Thanks stogie review…you guys rock!

  2. Seriously awesome…fucking love these interviews, such a great look into the world of each one of them (and George Brightman is just great)…

    Thanks for taking what must be an enormous amount of time to do these!

  3. These videos art truly great. So nice to get to know the personalities behind the blends. Time to smoke…

  4. This is gold. Litto’s giving not just a behind the scenes view into the cigar industry, but he’s also providing sage business advice to all people considering starting their own business in any industry. This is all translatable to the wider business world. You couldn’t pay for this type of business development lecture at any of our surrounding schools…this is the real deal from someone who had to slog it out himself. Keep it up George (Draper’s) and StogieReview.

  5. George Brightman is simply the best at this. I wish he had his own weekly talk show on cigars because he just brings his “A” game from week to week. Great video, great production as always.

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