Studio Tobac ST-EFG01 (First Impressions)

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Studio Tobac ST-EFG01 (First Impressions)

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Last month I received a surprise letter from Oliva. I would seem that despite my vocal displeasure for the way the 2011 Studio Tobac Advisory Board was handled, I was nominated once again to hold a place on the 2012 Studio Tobac Advisory Board.

In hopes that things would be different, I accepted the nomination and received a welcome package a few days later. The package consisted of a Studio Tobac World Tour Sampler (available when you purchase a box of cigars at the World Tour Events). A week or two later, I received another sampler (this time wrapped in cellophane, not the actual sampler) and a letter from the gentleman handling the Advisory Board (I can’t recall his name and I tossed the letter) introducing himself.

With things looking up for the Studio Tobac Advisory Board, I cracked open my sampler and began smoking some of the cigars inside. The first one to make it on Stogie Review is the Studio Tobac ST-EFG01. This is a Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar in a Rousto format. I believe there was some additional information in the letter I received but I don’t recall what it was and I must have trashed it.

This concept cigar smoked very well. The burn line was thin and even while producing plenty of thick smoke. I was pleasantly surprised that it mimicked the Oliva Connecticut Reserve in terms of body. I love it when a expectedly mild Connecticut cigar packs some punch.

Unfortunately, I don’t think cigar could hold a candle to either the Nub Connecticut or the Oliva Connecticut Reserve. The flavor profile seemed very narrow and lacked a lot of the depth and character found in the other two cigars. The flavor profile was made up of the stand out flavors of the Connecticut wrapper with a mixture of Salt, Sour, and Wood. The flavor combination mixed with a dry finish left me wanting a lot more.

While the ST-EFG01 was a decent cigar, it was mediocre at best. I wouldn’t feel compelled to purchase a box of cigars at one of the Studio Tobac World Tour events just to get my hands on this stick. The other cigars in the sampler may be another story, but that discussion is to be had in another review.

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  1. The person that sent you the second sampler was John Conroy managing direcror of Oliva. Everyone on the 2012 Advisory Board received a second sampler.

    I thought this stogie would be an ok smoke for the morning / mid morning. It reminded me of a Oliva G or an O.

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