a little monster giveaway

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a little monster giveaway


You had to know this was coming. I was lucky enough to get my hands on two boxes of Little Monsters. One for me and one for…thats right, you! I was going to wait till I actually started reviewing the Little Monsters but seeing as Brian Hewitt performed a dick move by beating me to a review, I have nothing. So everyone take a minute out of your day and thank Brian Hewitt for being such a dick.

The Giveaway:
One (1) unopened box of Little Monsters by Tatuaje Cigars. One (1) Stogie Review travel humidor (size to be determined). One (1) Humidor Notes cigar journal.

How To Enter:
Leave a comment and stroke our egos a little bit by telling us what your second favorite cigar website is. For example, your comment should say: “Stogie Review is the best and … is a distant second.” Replace the ‘…’ with your second favorite cigar website. Thats it.

The Rules:
Winner will be chosen at random. One entry per person. US zip codes only. Contest ends at 12:05am EST on Thursday, June 21, 2012.

Bonus Giveaway:
Last year when I gave away my Saints & Sinners Smokes that post received 188 comments. If this giveaway surpasses 250 comments the lucky winner will also receive; One (1) Tatuaje Monster Drac. One (1) Tatuaje Monster Face. One (1) Tatuaje Monster Wolfman. You can see pictures of all the cigars for this giveaway in my Little Monsters Pictorial.

Extra Bonus Giveaway:
Now that we hit the 250 comment mark. Lets shoot for 500. If this giveaway surpasses 500 comments the lucky winner will also receive. A Five (5) pack of La Casita Criolla HCBC. A Five (5) pack of the Cabaiguan WCD 120 Redux.

In case you don’t get my humor above this isn’t an attempt to disrespect any other site. In fact this is my attempt to find sites that I and others may have not heard of and to acknowledge the hard work put in to all these cigar sites.


449 thoughts on “a little monster giveaway

  1. Stogie Review is the best and Halfwheel is a distant second.

    Jerry’s home shop is Drapers Bethesda, and so as mine. Always reppin the home town!

    Thanks for the contest guys.

  2. Stogie review as a website is the best. The people behind Stogie Review are truly what make this website stand out as the best. The distant second would have been Barry when he was at a cigarsmoker.

  3. I have stayed out of the last couple contests but this is one I cant pass up on… You guys are great and doing this kind of giveaway giving back to you’re readers just proves it. I thank you from all your readers… But Ill really thank you if you pick me…. Wait that sounded weird!!!!

    1. As far as a second place site… well I didn’t put one… cause if you can’t have the best might as well not have any…. actually I really enjoy MikeStogies.

  4. Stogie Review is the best and cigarevents.com idsecond because I want to win these smokes.

    Thanks for the contest Jerry and keep the video interviews coming

  5. Stogie review is by far the best and I’m gonna have to go with Halfwheel as a distant second, another great contest as always

  6. Stogie review is far and away the best cigar site on the planet!!! Toms Cigar reviews is a distant second. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Stogie review rocks! I never miss a review. Goo stuff guys. Second best….I’d go with Cigar Asylum. Great people and troop supporters.

  8. Stogie Review is best and Nicetightash is a close second…. Wait, I must quit drinking, my thoughts & vision is blurry.
    But Hewitt is still a dick!

  9. STOGIES REVIEW is the best and….you mean to tell me there is another site for cigar reviees and news!! Have not seen one!!

  10. U guys are by far the best…u have a lush, hippie, pointed dome, and a gun molester….oh ya and Charlie! Mikes stogies is my #2

    Thanks for the great giveaway and more importantly the laughs and insite

  11. Stogie Review is the best followed by cigarobsession in a distant 2nd. Thanks guys for the contest!

  12. Stogie Review is the best and there is no second best!
    OK, if you insist I like Dog Watch Radio second, particularly when Jerry is a guest. Love, love, love Stogie Review!

  13. While you guys top Mt. Awesomeness I do pass by Doc at Stogie Fresh every now and then. I miss yor forum fellas.

  14. Stogie Review is the best and you like that ego being stroked don’t you? Yeah, say my name. Tell me how much you like it…. I mean, um, puff.com is OK.

  15. StogieReview is the best review site and the TikiBar is a distant second.

    I’d also like to add that Brian Hewitt is week old ballbag cheese.

  16. StogieReview is best and Halfwheel is second. I wish those Halfwheel guys would stop stealing all your pics!

    1. note to self: make sure the “notify me of followup comments via email” box is UNCHECKED when cigars are up for grabs. sheesh

  17. Stogie Review is the best and cigar asylum is a distant second. Also congrats to Brian for apparently being week old ballbag cheese. How does one accomplish so much?

  18. I have a soft spot for SR, of course, but I go to Halfwheel sometimes, too. I probably go to the cigar community on Reddit the most though!

  19. Stogie Review is the best, with no one even coming close to being comparable, however if I had to put a name out there it’d be Traveling Stogie’s reviews hailing in comparison. Also Brian Hewitt can suck a bag of dicks.

  20. Stogie Review is the best review website and Cigar Obsession is a distant second. I think the balance of the reviewers at Stogie Review make it easy for everyone to find something to like!

  21. I can’t honestly say that one is better than the other. The personalities on Stogie Review are the best! The up to date and in depth reviews at Halfwheel are amazing! The giveaways at Stogie Review by far surpass any other site though.

  22. Stogie Review is the best but Nice Tight Ash is a distant second.

    I prefer video podcasts so when a review is on video I will watch it. It is hard a lot of times to imagine the look and color of a stick with out seeing it. Just a lot more believable to see it that to read and trust what someone is saying.

  23. StogieReview is clearly the best review site, with all the others as a distant second, except for Dog Watch Radio when they reference StogieReview. Oh yeah, and maybe Halfwheel. SR is definitely a cast of characters. I’m sure Brian will apologize as soon as he dries out and realizes what he’s done. Keep up the great work guys!

  24. I’d like to say that stogiereview.com is my favorite and bestest site on the net. Maybe a contest win for the Lil’ mosters box would sway me into a public declaration of my profound love and preference for the SR?

    Oh btw, my current 2nd banana cigar site is halfwheel.

  25. Stogie Review is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Halfwheel is ok too.

  26. Stogie Review is the best cigar site out there. Casasfumando.com comes in a distant 2nd. I know Tony Casas personally but you, Brian, Walt, Charlie, and Mike are like the original 3 musketeers.

  27. Stogie Review is the best (and Jerry is the best at Stogie Review – his top 10 last year was the best of any for my palate) halfwheel.com is a distant second.

  28. stogie review does happen to be my favorite cigar blog. The sit down sessions with Mr. George Brightman, put stogie review as my new # 1. Half Wheel is a close 2nd. I love the fact that stogie review gives us info on all types of premium cigars from the lower end to higher end of the spectrum. Keep up the good work guys. Thank You.

  29. Stogie Review is the “fucking” BEST and Cigar Inspector is a distant second!

    Keep up the great work guys! Thanks for the chance to win a box of these.

  30. Stogie review is the best! and no one is a distant second cause I don’t listen to any other reviews or podcasts. 😀

    Watching your videos many years ago prompted me to start doing my own reviews, I learned a lot from you guys. Plus you have my Free Cuba review on your site, that I did so you didn’t have to. 😉 😀

  31. I think stogie Review is Awesome! I been following them since Day 1 & still i enjoy their reviews Walt & Jerry & I think Jerry is a funny little bastard Lol & Walt is cool with he’s guns ???????? well my & my second favorite cigar site is Nice Tight Ash but they fell of Lol

  32. Stogie Review is the best, and Casas Fumando is a kinda distant second. Sorry Toiny and Daniel, I love you guys, but he really twisted my arm. 😉

  33. I think stogie Review is Awesome! I been following them since Day 1 & still i enjoy their reviews Walt & Jerry & I think Jerry is a funny little bastard Lol & Walt is cool with he’s guns ???????? well my & my second favorite cigar site is Nice Tight Ash but they fell off Lol

  34. Stogie Review is clearly the best cigar news and review website out there, but Half Wheel is a close second. Stogie Review has a great layout and is very user friendly, but Half Wheel doesn’t work well on some mobile browsers, which can make it useless.

  35. Stogiereview.com is the best. Everyone knows that! I’ll give the distant 2nd to your fellow reviewer, Tom at tomscigars.com.

  36. Stogie Review is obviously the best website known to mankind, as proven by the fact that small children and woodland creatures flock round and listen with rapt attention when I read from it aloud, often murmuring things like “much better than Cats, I want to see… er… hear this again and again”. When not basking in the Solomon-like wisdom your sight regularly expounds to we mere mortals who read your most excellent and revered websight, I would have to list Tiki Bar Online as a faint and far distant second in the bleak and dreary landscape that makes up the rest of the interwebs.

    Just my opinion… I could be wrong.

  37. I always check Stogiereview.com first so it is the best.

    I sometimes check Nice Tight Ash so they come in second.

  38. Stogie Review Kicks Ass! After I read Stogie Review every day I check Cigar Monster, a distant second.

  39. Stogie Review is the cigar site of record for serious cigar smokers. Jerry is “The Blog Father” and freely walks along the corridors of greatness that all the lesser bloggers aspire to one day just gaze upon. The only time i read another blog is when that review stealing, aimlessly rambling, neanderthal, dick, Brian has the lead review. I will look to the Tiki Bar until such time a new post is up from one of the more loyal and trustworthy SR reviewers.

  40. Stogie Review is my favorite cigar review website and the most frequently visited website on my mobile phone. ESPN.COM is the second most frequently visited website, the stache is epic and purplemonkeydishwasher.

  41. Awesome contest!!!

    Stogie Review is the best and Cigar Obsession … is a distant second

    Thanks for the contest.

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  43. Stogie Review is numero uno! Tom’s cigars comes in second. Nice going Jerry. Keep up the great reviews and insights. And Brian…… try not to be such a dick!

  44. Thanks you guys for another great contest!! I always look forward ,in the morning , to you all`s review , coffee, and a smoke ! Stogie review is the best!!! It is hard to compare with perfection but I guess cigar geeks do an ok job.
    Thanks for the great work!!!

  45. Stogie review is by far the best and a distant second is cigar inspector for all my ISOM news and reviews.

  46. Another great contest!! Very much appreciated. Obviously stogie review rocks like no other! The other sites like puff.com r a very distant 2nd. Can’ t even see them from how high u guys sit (and smoke!) From above! Keep up the great job!

  47. I’m new to Smoking Cigars and I’ve been using this site as a reference to not buy any ol junk. Stogie Review really is the best…there is no second!

  48. Stogie review is by far the best and A Cigar Smoker’s Journal is a distant second.

    Brian, you’re a dick.

  49. Great Great giveaway! Holy Moly!

    SR is Numero uno…. and Halfwheel is a very very distant redheaded stepchild review site…..

    No offense to any redheaded stepchildren.

  50. Stogie Review is the best and the Cigar Inspector is a distant second 🙂 Stroke, Stroke, Stroke ….

  51. I have to be honest. Stogie Review is not my favorite, but it is a close second to the Halfwheel. The main reason is the video reviews – I just don’t have the time to watch them. I will say I have been reading it the longest, and I do still check it every day, but I can’t get to even see about half of the reviews anymore. Sorry, I’m just being honest, even if it means technically I’m not eligible for the contest!

  52. Stogie Review is the best… And Second Best, there are no others when it comes to cigar reviews, you guys rock.

  53. Whoa!!!!!! This contest was made for me!!!!

    Stogie review is the best. There is no distant second cause SR is just too far ahead of the pack.

  54. Wow! Great contest. Stogie Review is the best with http://www.halfwheel.com a distant second…

    Jerry – All the regulars get your humor and know this is all fun. This post will probably bring a lot of 1st time visitors who don’t know your style and perceive SR as disrespecting other sites. Maybe adding a disclaimer?

  55. The stogie review is really the only review site I read anymore, even gave up following cigar forums. If I cant find what I’m looking for here my backup is usually just a youtube search.

  56. Stogie review is truly the best website on the “Al Gore” invented internet. Doc Stogie fresh is right behind!

  57. Stogie Review is the best and Cigar obsession is a distant second.

    I really enjoy your posts. I love the week in smoke and even though he is a dick I love the tower of burn!
    Keep it up!

  58. Stogie Review is the best and stogieguys.com is a distant second. Let the pissing match begin…Stogie Review – unanimous decision.

  59. The Stogie Review is the best cigar website, and there is no close or even distant second, in the words of the Roots song, “One Time,” “but once you’ve had the best better ain’t as good”

  60. Stogie Review is obviously my favorite site, but I also really enjoy Cigar Explorer. Mario’s a cool guy!

  61. You guys are my flavorite website, but Thompson’s is a close second. I love the idea of getting all of that spam from them! Just warms my heart.

  62. Stogie Review is probably the only cigar review I read entirely. It starts my day with good thoughts of cigars and the community of smokers that love their cigars. I consume each and every word I read and appreciate the work put in to review different smokes, most of which, I don’t have time to try. Really appreciate the site!

  63. Stogie Review is the best and @#$(*& is a distance second. (for some reason, your site won’t let me type out the name of another site……)

  64. Stogie Review is definitely the best cigar blog on the web, if I had to chose a second I would have to say Toms cigars blog does a pretty good job (as a distant second)

  65. OK Stogie Review is obviously the best. Cigar Obsession would come in as the distant second.
    Thanks for yet another contest!

  66. Stogie Review is the best and Casasfumando is a distant second… But really Stogie review is the one and only

  67. Stogie Review is the best cigar blog on the web, but Stogie Guys is a distant second. I read 7 cigar blogs daily, and SR has the best reviews of all of them. The pictures are always better too. My favorite segments are the Week in Smoke (or Month in Smoke) features.

  68. Stogie Review, clearly the best. Second, I have to go with Stogie Guys. I think because the two are so different from each other.

  69. Stogie Review is the best and Cigar Obsession (www.cigarobsession.com) is a distant second. Gotta love the video review for all his (Brian) smokes.

  70. Stogie Review is obviously the best website for cigar related discussions and information; as far as a “second best,” I generally just stick to Stogie Review but for a second best I would have to say… Halfwheel, even though I have only been on there once or twice to check a thing or too I couldn’t find elsewhere. However, Stogie Review is still the best and probably what I would call “home” as far as I’m concerned. But keep up the good work guys, I always enjoy just sitting around and listening and watching you guys do what you do best, thanks again for all the reviews and all the great info, along with the spectacular entertainment.

  71. I love Stogie Review, and check it out every day and Smoking hot cigar chick is my second favorite, however i don’t check her out every day.

  72. Stogie review truly is the best, hands down. There is no second favorite. I frequenet this site a lot as there is some really great information here.

    This giveaway just shows the non-believers what this site is really about.

    Some great BOTL here!

  73. Well. At first I used Cigar Obsession ALL the time. I mean, for me, it was a literal obsession. But then when I was hanging out with my work buddy one cube over, he was perusing a different website. That website? Stogie Review Dot Com. My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe that there was this much more robust website out there just waiting for me to discover it. Now, I’ve seen the light. Stogie Review is the absolute best cigar website out there, with Cigar Obsession now coming in at a close second.

  74. Sir,

    Stogie Review is the best thing to hit the internet since sliced bread. Actually, that is a horrible analogy since sliced bread never hit the internet…or did it? If I had to choose a second website, it would be the Cigar Asylum due to the great people on the boards who make that place a community and the wealth of knowlegdge, generosity and experience they all bring to the table.

    Oh and Eddie Ortega in on of the advertising pictures below your contest totally looks like Mel Gibson, just saying.

  75. “Stogie Review is the best and Tomscigars.com is a distant second.” Does this care package come with a commemorative elf costume? LOL

  76. Stogie review is hands down, clear cut, no BS the best cigar blog known to man! And if a second must be named I guess cigarobsession would be the one. But let there be no doubt that stogie review is the EFING SHIZNIT!

  77. The best website out there has to be Stogie Review which leads the pack by far and a mile behind but yet still 2nd place, would have to be halfwheel.

  78. Stogie Review is the best and halfwheel is a distant second.

    This looks like it will definitely go over 250 comments. Thanks for the contest Jerry.

  79. Yep you got the best review site. I found your reviews to be hones and unpretentious. Second site I check is HalfWheel good pictures. I usually sit on my garage smoking a cigar and watching your reviews. Especially like YQMA, and the series with the manufacturers. Peace…

  80. “Stogie Review is the best and all you other clowns out there writing reviews take some notes because none of you are a distant second.”

  81. Stogie Review is the first cigar blog/website I ever visited and it remains the best ever. Are there any others? Rumor has it that Toasted Foot is a a very distant second (Stogie Review is the Major Leagues; Toasted Foot is Single A minor leagues). Nice Tight Ash gets a mention only because of its “R” rating because of its name. But, since Stogie Review is willing to call a spade a spade, or a dick a dick, it earns the Oscar (or Golden Stogie) for best cigar site.

  82. Suprised not to see StogieGuys.com mentioned more. I definitely enjoy their site as well.
    Fuckin’ hilarious the amount of shit you and Hewitt give each other =)

  83. Stogie review is the absolute best and “smoking hot cigar chick” is second. Cmon she’s a chick! lol

  84. Stogie review is the best of the best. The best written reviews and the best video reviews. Halfwheels cool too but 2nd to the SR!!!!!

  85. I visit a number of web site to stay in the loop. 2nd best would be Puff even though it is a little slow at times. You guys are great!

  86. Thank you to Brian Hewitt for being such a dick.

    Stogie Review is number 1 and Halfwheel is a distant second.

  87. Stogie review bar none is the most informative cigar website. Tom’s cigars is second in line. Now back to business, I wanna win !!!! Oooo!!!!

  88. Stogie review is the greatest website/blog in all of cigardom. I would have to say the guys at stogieguys.com would come in somewhere down the line.

  89. Love Stogie Review. Always my first stop when I want to read/watch a review. Gotta give some credit to Seth from sethshumidor.com too. His review are incredibly in depth and always offer wonderful insight into the origin and background of the cigar being reviewed. All of you guys rock, awesome contest!

  90. Stogie Review has always been my go-to site, with Halfwheel being my second choice (usually for CCs and HTFs)

  91. Stogie Review is the best and Cigar Obsession is a distant second. We are at 219+ responses so it looks like the bonus is a shoe in yum!

  92. I really appreciate everything you guys do at Stogie Review. I’m on your site every day and before making a cigar purchase I always check to see if it received a positive or negative review from you guys. You guys are definitely the best.

    My second choice would be Stogie fresh.

    Thanks for the contest opportunity.

  93. Stogie Review is unequivocally the best cigar site in all the world, but Tom’s Cigars is a distant second.

  94. Stogie Review is the best, but botl.org is a pretty close second!! Thanks for the contest! Little Monsters Woo hoo!!

  95. The Stogie Review is the best and Cigar Inspector is a distant second. Yes, the Stogie Review is the best . Bulls-eye accurate commentary ; Case and point, “So everyone take a minute out of your day and thank Brian Hewitt for being such a dick.” They know the facts and have no fear in reporting the truth. Tower of Burn … BRILLIANT ! Who else other than Brian Hewitt would develop a trademark waste of time that enables him to somehow appear that he has offered some value and place himself on a pedestal to the reader as the very same time. Brain shows his commitment utilizing camera phone quality imagery, distracting backgrounds and stumbles through each review with the grace of a gimp. All shenanigans aside, The Stogie Review is the best and all other cigar review sites are a distant second.

  96. Jerry is clearly the best…..err I mean Stogie Review is clearly the best cigar websiteand my first stop to find out whats new and to check out some awesome cigar reviews. Halfwheel.com comes in at a distant second. Thanks for the contest Jerry!

  97. Stogie review is by far the best cigar website and Halfwheel is a distant second. Thanks for the contest.

  98. “Stogie Review is the best place for me to get the best and latest updates and reviews on new and upcoming stogies! Halfwheel, well comes in half ranked as….. A distant second.”

  99. Stogie Review is the best cigar website! HalfWheel is in a galaxy far, far away…..

    Thanks for the contest!

  100. Jerry’s review are “hands down” the most entertaining while also being very informative especially for the new cigar enthusiasts as he delivers his message in “laymans terms” if you will. Keep up the Great work Jerry and thanks for the contest…..you guys blow Halfwheel away IMHO!!

  101. Stogie Review is always my first and favorite cigar site I check out to get the latest on cigar reviews, but my second site is “Nice Tight Ash”. Take care and thanks for the contest!

  102. Stogie Review is indeed the bees knees while cigarmedia.tv is so square its a distant second.
    (just kidding bob and dale!)

  103. Well of course Stogie Review is by far the superior review site and in a distant second comes Nice Tight Ash. As for Mike Hewitt being a dick, well he is a dick, but he is your dick, and can you say with a straight face you would not miss your dick. Long live @STUDIO_HEWITT.

  104. Stogie Review is by far the best site. However I think that I once got something useful from Halfwheel. I think… If I’m remembering right… Stogie Review is just such a good site I forgot all others…

  105. Stogie Review should be renamed thebomb.com. Actually just stick with what you have. Cigar Asylum is full of little monsters and is a distant second. Muahahahaha.

  106. Stogie Review is the best and Babalou is a distant second. I love a contest and you are the best for giving away great cigars. Keep up the great work!

  107. Stogie Review is the best site and azerimix.com is a distant second. Actually was at the end of the list on google. Had cigars, video game crap, and half naked chick pics all on the same page. I think they also grab their reviews from others. Bogus.

  108. Stogie Review would definitely be my first (I mean, it IS bookmarked), but a distant second would be Traveling Stogie. Stay smokey, my friends!

  109. Stogie Review is the best and Cigar Asylum is a distant second. In fact, CA will post a few reviews that lead me to this site, so I just skip them at times and go straight to Stogie Review.

  110. Just a minute, Jerry? i could go on all day about how much of a d$#! Brian ” all text, no video” Hewitt seems to be….but despite Brian( j/k )….Stogie Review is the still the best around … and a very very very distant second would be Dog Watch Radio and their unbanded cigar reviews.

  111. Obviously stogiereview.com is the best, but my distant second would have to be the cigar subreddit on reddit.com! Thanks!

  112. Stogiereview.com is clearly the best cigar website, while reddit.com/r/cigars/ beats out the rest!

  113. What a great contest, as always, Stogie Review is # one, and the # two is The Stogie Guys. You guys are great to read and watch, and have a good time doing it.

  114. Stogie Review is the best and cigar inspector is a distant second. Thanks for the giveaway. Look forward to smoking baby face.

  115. I wouldn’t be smoking cigars without Cigar Asylum. I wouldn’t be buying and smoking good cigars without Stogie Review.

  116. Stogie Review is by far the most complete review site around, that isn’t even debatable. A few websites which make a weak attempt at imitation of this fine site are r/cigars, Puff and Cigar Asylum.

  117. Stogie review is a pretty damn great site and reddit.com/r/cigars is my distant second which is where I first heard about you guys and started reading here. Good on you gentlemen. Here’s hoping I can get lucky!

  118. So outside of this Site I don’t know many others about this except for Zackthestogieman’s blog

  119. Gotta love Stogie Reviews, but Reddit’s r/Cigars is just as good. I feel that the comments layout really allows for discussions about the cigars that is posted and such. Plus you can’t beat the brotherhood that is displayed there.

  120. Stogie Review is the best cigar website, followed in 2nd by /r/cigars on reddit, with my own personal website a distant 25th. I also like cigarbid.

  121. Well this site absolutely sucks… No im just kidding. Actually looking through this site it is very awesome! Im not sure if i have a second review site because if im looking for a review i usually check multiple sites because a lot of smoking a cigar comes from the person.( i.e lighting, puff intervals…) But my second favorite would be stogieguys.com. Because they have a lot of information as well as the reviews which i have found have been closer to what i find in a certain cigar. Oh and reddit.

  122. The Stogie Review is by far the best cigar website, but if a second place were to exist I would have to say it is cigaraficionado.com

  123. Stogie Review is the best. Reddit Cigars is such a distant second the mods were the first ones to rush over here and admit it.

  124. Stogie Review is the best and halfwheel is a distant second.
    Cigar Aficionado is at the very bottom of the list.

  125. reddit.com/r/cigars/ brought me here. I’ll have to stick around a while today, while I continue to avoid working. Thanks for the offer!

  126. Your site is great, I also enjoy Zackthestogieman’s soon to be closed blog. When that one is done, it will be replaced by Stogie Boys.

  127. Stogie Review is the best website ever! The cigar critic is a distant second. That site blows monkeys in comparison. It’s like Michael Cera trying to arm wrestle Sylvester Stallone.

  128. All glory for Stogie Review. a smaller, still respectable amount of glory, you know, just enough to get someone laid or something, to /r/cigars

  129. Damn, this deal just keeps getting better and better. I already posted once but I just had to post again to reaffirm how awesome this place really is!

  130. Stogie Review is the best and halfwheel is a distant second. I love halfwheel, but nobody can compete with Jerry the Stache, cigars are nice but how about if we reach 500 you bring it back.

  131. What’s Stogie Review and why am I here?


  132. Stogie Review is the best cigar review site (with a 99, because nobody is perfect, right?), with Halfwheel and Cigar-Coop distant seconds (perfection there is a pipe dream).

  133. Well obv Stogie Review is the best cigar site on the web. However Stogies On the Rocks is a very very very distant second and essentially the unwanted unplanned and unloved gingered red headed step child of cigar review sites.

    Great work here Jerry!

  134. Stogie Review is the best and the rest of the interwebs is a distant second. However on the rare occasion that SR is down for maintenance or some other uncontrollable act of god, I loiter around the Cigar Family forum.

  135. Stogie Review is the best and stogieguys.com is a distant second, followed closely by tikibaronline.com. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  136. Stogie Review is the best and I’m not sure there is a second… maybe Tiki Bar online. But Jerry definitely has the best dress-ups!


  137. Sogiereview it the best site ever.. If it is ever down for any reason I would go to Halfwheel.com. If either of them were down I would just have to start my own site at Cigarmageddon.com

  138. I would say Stogie Review is number one, and my second favorite? Hmmm. Maybe TomsCigars.com. Tom is the Ernest Hemingway of cigar bloggers: concise, yet entertaining reviews.

  139. After I found StogieReview…. and being blown away with the content, good looks of the hosts, and overall coolness…I smashed my PC as to never see another blog again

  140. Wow, the mother of all giveaways! If i win, I’d like to donate the travel humidor and those bonus sticks to the troops.

    SR definitely rocks the cigar world. Halfwheel is my next favorite site. Thanks gentlemen.


  141. Stogie Review has to be one of the cleanest, most informative, fastest loading websites out there. As for second place I would have to go with halfwheel. Thanks for the contest.

  142. Stogie Review is at the top of the leader board. BOTL.org comes in second. Keep up the great reviews.

  143. Stoogie Review blows the doors off its competitors. I do find http://www.tomscigars.com interesting because it tends to pack in a lot of current reviews, updated often. One other site that is useful is /www.cigars-review.org, but only if you are looking for Cubans. And these days, who’s looking for those? Keep the good fight going, Stoogie Review.

  144. Stogie Review is by far my favorite cigar website, with Cigar Inspector a distant second.

    Thanks for giving all of us a chance at such an awesome prize. You guys ROCK!

  145. Stogie Review is by far my favorite cigar website, with Puff a distant second….

    Jerry is awesome and i appreciate is candor and sense of humor!

    Now for the prizes ;0_

  146. Stogie Review is by far the best review site online with The Weekly Cigar a close second (…lololololol). Seriously though, Halfwheel’s probably my second favorite.

  147. Guys, Stogie Review is my daily fix, well…alongside a great cigar that is!
    Really love what you do. I must admit I rarely purchase any cigar that you guys haven’t reviewed and given a thumbs up to. Please keep up the great work. The other cigar site that is far far far away my 2nd favorite is Half Wheel. I like them alot and the site is great but they tend to get their hands on alot of sticks that I can’t or won’t have access to.
    Thanks again Stogie Review and Happy Father’s Day to all!

  148. Stogie Review is my favorite cigar review site and Puff.com is a distant second. I like the crowd-sourcing nature of Puff, but their professional reviews are few and far between, while also lacking the personality (and personalities) of Stogie Review.

  149. Stogie Review is by far my favorite cigar website with Halfwheel coming in at a distant second. Charlie G. is my lone Twitter follower.

  150. Stogie review is #1 in cigar reviews and my distant second choice is Tom’s cigar reviews. You guys are right on when I try a cigar that has been posted!

  151. STOGIE REVIEW IS THE BEST and cigar aficionado are a bunch of yellow bellies fat fu#$s that shouldnt even be mentioned!!! YOU GUYS ROCK keep up the great work

  152. I don’t go to any other review websites so I guess you could say I’m quite monogamous when it comes to you guys.

    That being said:
    Stogie Review is the best and “some other review website that is inferior” is a distant second.

  153. Stogie Review is the best and Halfwheel is a distance second. Stogie Guys is a distance third and Cigar Inspector is a distance fourth…and….distance fifth…and….

  154. “Stogie Review is the best and it’s a tie between Casa Fumando and Cigar Obsession for a distant second.” You all provide a great service for us cigar smokers!

  155. First year as a cigar smoker and Stogie Review is the best and the first site I went to for advice and Smoking Hot Cigar Chick is a distant second.

  156. Stogie review is the best and Half Wheel is a distant second. basically the only two cigar related blogger sites I go to

  157. I do love the Stogie Review. However, Smokin Hot Cigar Chick catches my eye from time to time. I always forget how cute that girl is until I stumble upon one of her videos. Then again… Jerry’s pretty cute too.

  158. I was watching you “The Torpedo Man” when you did the review at the dinner table. There was another guy, Walt and Brian. I am your faithful follower. Other cigar review websites aren’t thinking outside the box. They’re trying but Stogie Review is the happening place today………..

  159. I had a badass comment that didn’t post I guess… fuck it was cool. Talked about Tom’s cigars and his whacky antics on twitter and how he creeps me out a little…I would say that creepy dude and his cigar sight are 2nd place. Keep on puffing mother fuckers! Good to see all the forum chaps posting! What have you guys been smoking? haha!

    1. Ooh, can someone mod my post to read: that creepy dude and cigar SITE. Thanks. My wife is an English teach and a real ball-buster when it comes to that shit. Don’t tell her I said that. If she drops by tell her that blackbread or blackbird posted this.

  160. Am I too late.. I just noticed this.. you guys rock and I’m a new cigar smoker. Starting off with Oliva brand to get in my comfort zone. any thing would help me out. Thanks.

  161. I’m new to the cigar scene. So far, Stogie Review is the best and Stogie Geeks is a distant second.

  162. I would have to say stogiereview.com is the best site. As a youngin’ in the cigar world(3years in) I have really enjoyed stogiereview.com. It to me has been a great deal of help as far as learning new things about cigars and picking up on the all around cigar language. I would have to say next in line would be cigar adviser.com. It just so happens that Tatuaje has become once of my hands down favorites, i mean Pete Johnson really does nice things when it comes to these cigars. So obviously i would jump at the chance to win something like this. lets hope i get lucky.

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