little boris by Tatuaje Cigars (pre-release)

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little boris by Tatuaje Cigars (pre-release)


I know its been a Tatuaje love fest here the past couple days. Let the love continue but first I have to get the “legal” notice out of the way. This sample was given to me by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars while he was in the area for a Father’s Day event at The Humidour Cigar Shoppe in Cockeysville MD. If you guys remember Snowmageddon 2010 you will recall my review of the Tatuaje Boris in blizzard conditions with 40 odd inches of snow on the ground. It was interesting to go back after I recorded this review to compare the two reviews and to have a few chuckles as “the snow continues to accumulate around me, behind me and on me…”. I had totally forgot about ‘Jerry the Snowman‘ and I bet you did too. Anyway, the Little Boris is scheduled for release sometime in July and will only be available at Corona Cigar Co in Orlando FL. You can read all the details from our friends at

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Video runs around 6 minutes. The Boris was by far my favorite of all the limited releases Pete has done. I still think the Actor Series would be a cool thing to do but I guess Pete does have a full plate. How does the Little Boris compare? I think they are pretty similar. I was actually surprised about the similarities. Some how in my original review I picked up a ‘minty’ flavor that I didn’t get in the Little Boris. In all, the Little Boris by Tatuaje Cigars is the perfect cigar for me. Just enough pepper and spice without going overboard. Perfect medium in body with a balanced, smooth, full flavor profile. Lots of rich natural tobacco flavor with a slight sweetness that tempers the pepper early on. Throw in a sprinkling of creamy and nutty notes makes for a winner of a cigar. Like I say in the video, there are cigars in Pete’s arsenal that I’m not a fan of, cigars that lack the WOW factor I crave. The Little Boris has the WOW factor and more! Corona Cigar Co should probably add a few more phones lines…they will need them.


6 thoughts on “little boris by Tatuaje Cigars (pre-release)

  1. Great review! I am a big fan of tatuaje/pete johnson cigars. Definitely looking forward to trying to get a box of these. Btw i live down here in va and would love the chance to come up to curtis draper sometime and meet you. Love your site!

  2. Great review, I just watched the Jerry the Snowman episode as well, way to funny man, what we wont do for a smoke. I haven’t had much of Pete’s stuff just can’t find it around here and normally its a little out of my Price range, the limited stuff I did have was pretty good, just smoked my one and only RC184. Great smoke. Happy Belated Fathers day buddy

  3. I smoked one of these last night and have to say they are without a doubt one of my favorite cigars PJ has come out with since the Noella and Regio Reserva’s

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