Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate

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Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate


In my Week in Smoke series I’ve been talking a lot about how great the Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate has been smoking. It came as a bit of a surprise that none of us here at Stogie Review have actually reviewed it (we did publish a guest review). So this isn’t some ‘hop on the badwagon”Johnny come lately’ or a ‘reward type’ of review for going on the blogger trip. Besides, if you don’t like anything in the Liga line (No. 9, T52 or Undercrown) then there is something wrong with you. LOL. If you’ve been following my Week in Smoke comments I’ve been talking about how I’ve grown to prefer the No. 9 over the Liga Privada T52. I’ll explain later below and in the video.

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Video runs close to 7:30 minutes and along with the review, since it was Father’s Day weekend, my Petite Corona makes her yearly appearance. Anyway, like I say in the video, the Liga Privada No. 9 is a stellar cigar that is aging beautifully. I wasn’t a fan of them when they first came out and so I preferred the Liga Privada T52. Nowadays though, the oils in the No. 9 are forming little crystals on the still oily wrapper and provide nuances that compliment the No. 9’s rich, earthy flavor profile. Now I’m not saying the T52 isn’t a great cigar. I’m just saying that the No. 9 has better bones and is aging magnificently. The T52 on the other hand, is pretty much the same cigar regardless of how much age it has on it. Hope that all makes sense.


19 thoughts on “Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate

  1. Happy Fathers Day to you Jerry. Your petite corona is adorable. Never had the Liga Privada No. 9 but it sounds like a stick to try. Problem is: so many sticks to try and so little money to do so. lol

  2. another great review jerry, peaked my interest and ive wanted to try the T52’s now its another one on the list. Trying to get trough the box of man o war’s i got a couple of weeks ago. hope you had a great fathers day and thanks again on another great review

    1. Just a teensy point: the word is “piqued”, not “peaked”; a LOT of people get this one wrong, so don’t feel too bad about it.

      Since this in February, I won’t do the FD wishes thing.

  3. Great Review. Happy Fathers Day!

    I loved and destroyed many boxes of Liga Privadas. Than, they became really popular and either I couldn’t find them or the prices were jacked up. So, I started to smoke the T52s and now I love them!!! and prefer T52s over the LPrivada. To me T52s are more complex and upfront. I shall fire up a Liga when I get home.

    On another subject, heard that Pepin is no longer making the Series JJ maduro, one of my favorites. Got a box from my B&B, last one he had.

    Ready for Little Robusto Day.

    Take Care

  4. Jerry,

    First, thank you for your many years of incredible dedication to the cigar industry. Your passion and love for the leaf is tremendous. Moreover, thank you for your compliment on the LIGA 9 by classifying it in the WOW FACTOR. That means a lot coming from you.

    Secondly, your daughter is absolutely adoreable. I am in love with her …..!!!!!!! “Hi Camera”.. hahahahah

    In regard to the comparison between the Liga Privada No.9 and the Liga Privada T52, it is always interesting to me why people feel the need to compare them. I have known for quite some time that you have always loved the T52 and preferred it to the No.9. But still the issues remains. Everyone compares the No.9 vs the T52. It may not be a bad thing but most people also compare the newer Liga UNDERCROWN to the No.9 and T52 as well. Hmm.

    Prior to this review, I knew that you were a T52 guy. During this review, you seem to sway more to the No.9 due to the aging potential of the No.9 vs the aging potential of the T52. I was glad that you feel that the aging potential to the No.9 is positive, as one of your contemporaries (won’t say any names but he is a good friend of mine on the MidCircle site and he is a strange dude – LOLOLOLOL) claims that the No.9 does not have long range agin potential. You are at odds, but I since everyone is comparing No.9 to T52, I will add one little note.

    I tend to feel that the T52 is the better of the two for aging and had more bright characteristics, including limited white pepper, that allows the aging to not mute the fundamental characters of the cigar. However, everything is certainly subjective, and I would put your palate up against anybodies in the industry – and I mean that. You really impress me with your reviews and honesty and flavor characteristic understandings. But I still think that the T52 is a better cigar and while I simply love broadleaf, the T52 is at the beginning stages in a long investment that we are making at DE to push the flavor button in the Connecticut River Valley to the limit. HABANO SEED IN THE CONNECTICUT RIVER VALLEY, I said, damn it. Hahahahahahah

    Well, in any event, I am glad that you finally rounded out the Liga Privada reviews by doing the No.9, but I do hope that some day you do a review of the T52 Double Corona out of the box vs 1 year aged, as it is a whole different stick than the Toro.

    Also, one other clarification, we do NOT use any Dominican tobaccos in the Liga Privada line currently. Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras, and the good ole ,USA. Many people make this mistake due to an early misprint of the Liga No.9 ay back in the day.

    Finally, thank you again for all you offer and do for cigar smokers around the world. God Bless new media and God Bless your family, Jerry.


  5. Good review. She’s cute. Shes a lot like my daughter. She loves seeing herself in the camera or mirror lol

  6. Nice review… I must say that while I would fist-fight a grizzly bear for a couple of boxes of either No.9 or T52, I still prefer the T52’s! Viva La LigaPrivada!

  7. Jerry, this is one of the great debates at our local B&M. The T9 or T52. Which is better? Well, we are split along even lines. Borth are great tasting , burning and constructed cigars. After many hours we have decided that to each his and her own….Myself, I find the T9 to be one of the most enjoyable cigars I have in my rotation….BUT…never will I turn down a T52…lol…Great Review

  8. Jerry thanks for the review. Liga 9 is one of my go-to sticks. I didn’t really hear what flavor profiles you picked up. I find the lp9 to be leather, cinnamon, and spice/pepper throughout. I would be interested to know what you say. Thanks

  9. Jerry,

    Nice review. I cant believe you have strayed from the T52. I am smoking a T52 double corona right now and agree with JD about it. This thing is the bomb!! Love this size. I will give the Liga 9 another shot also. Keep up the good work.

  10. I am gravitating to the Liga 9 more than the T52 too. It is a wonderful, consistent everyday smoke. The aromatics and smoke it creates is quite incredible.


    Dude, your daughter is beautiful.

  11. A beautiful cigar indeed! I dont get the blast of pepperiness that you did like i often get with dpg cigars. Smoothness and FULL flavor is what i experience, often what i attribute to well aged cuban cigars.

    Excellent review by the way keep it up! Do some more cuban cigar reiews and i would love to see what you think of the little boris now. LA!

  12. A beautiful cigar indeed! I dont get the blast of pepperiness that you did like i often get with dpg cigars. Smoothness and FULL flavor is what i experience, often what i attribute to well aged cuban cigars.

    Excellent review by the way keep it up! Do some more cuban cigar reiews and i would love to see what you think of the little boris now.

  13. Happy Father’s day to all the dads! I’ve been smoking Liga
    Privada No. 9 since about 2007 and it has always been my “go to”
    cigar (I usually buy a box of these a year, though there was that
    period when they were impossible to find). This is a great stick –
    dark, oily, chewy…it reminds me of a great Amarone with the deep
    flavors and the really appealing raisin note. If you haven’t
    checked this one out, it’s definitely worth a try…it’s not for
    everybody (I gave my brother one and he hated it), but it’s a good
    one to have under your belt.

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