Consumer Day? Why Not?

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Consumer Day? Why Not?

Earlier this year I wrote a post about IPCPR and the changes that had been put into place for Media Members called “If We Don’t Go…They Win”. And our complete coverage of the 2012 IPCPR show is something I’m very proud of and is one of the things that I think we did an awesome job on especially our Blogger Question video. News from IPCPR hit my inbox this morning pertaining to the 2013 Trade Show taking place in Las Vegas:

In an effort to raise funds for our continued and ever more expensive legislative battles, the IPCPR Board Trade Show Committee is planning two events to take place at the 2013 annual trade show in Las Vegas.

The first event under consideration is a Consumer Day that will take place on the last half-day of the show.

  • The goal of the event is to generate $100,000 for our legislative battles
  • Each ticket will include a pre-packaged assortment of select cigars purchased by the IPCPR from volunteer manufacturers, as well as a chance to walk the trade show floor to meet and interface with the individuals behind the brands in the industry.
  • This event will be limited to the first 500 consumers who purchase tickets (ticket price TBD based on cigar selections & cost)
  • The second event under consideration is a Roast. This will be an elaborate event featuring:

  • A celebrity comedian as the host, a panel of well-known industry “roasters,” and a carefully selected “roastee”
  • Tickets for the Roast will cost $ (TBD based on catering selections) and will include entry to the event, heavy hors d’ oeuvres and an open bar
  • Tables and sponsorship opportunities will be available for purchase
  • The roast will be open to the consumers who attended the consumer day as well as the industry and will make for a lighthearted conclusion to a busy week of work.
  • Naturally, some of us in the cigar blogging circle have started debating this which has led to many asking me, what do I think of this? Before this e-mail, I had some inclination of what was in the works. At a cigar event I covered in September, a couple manufacturers at the event asked me what I thought of the idea of opening the trade show up to consumers? I had my concerns like what would consumers get out of it, how it would it affect media members, etc,. Looking over the e-mail, I like the Consumer Day idea.

    If you’ve ever been to IPCPR, you will know, not much happens on that last halfday. Most manufacturers look endlessly at the clock dreading having to pack. Retailers have spent all their money and are usually at the pool. Media members, for the most part, are done covering the show. I know for Stogie Review, most of us are usually home, making amends with our wives for being gone, editing pictures and video by the time the last day rolls around. Doing the math, IPCPR wants to raise $100k and limit consumer attendance to 500. So that would mean, $200 per person to attend Consumer Day?

    I’ve been told that Consumer Day will have no effect on Media Members (bloggers). It has the support of manufacturers and retailers. Money from Consumer Day events will go towards funding the legislative agenda of IPCPR. So why not? I’d like to see Cigar Rights of America be involved in Consumer Day which I’m pretty sure by the time all the ‘i’s’ are dotted and the ‘t’s’ crossed, they will be. So yeah, speaking just for myself at Stogie Review, why not? It may even have me stay longer to enjoy Consumer Day. My advice to any who decide to give Consumer Day a go…wear comfy shoes…preferably crocs.


    11 thoughts on “Consumer Day? Why Not?

    1. “you will know, not much happens on that last halfday. Most manufacturers look endlessly at the clock dreading having to pack.” Why would anybody want to attend that? The chance to meet a cigar rep? Because you know Carlito, Rocky and Litto will be nowhere to be found that day. The last day of ANY trade show is bad. It doesn’t matter the industry, only the lackeys are in the booth. Usually putting.

    2. It’s a good idea. Plan a Consumer Day and then let a bunch of other places plan mega-herfs for the following days, etc. A great way for manufacturers to get new releases into consumers hands right away.

      As great as it is to have “new media” get ahold of products right away, I think it’s even better to allow a bunch of consumers to get them AS WELL (I’m thinking a discount rather than freebies galore). That way the cigar forums can be full of guys who’ve tried the products. Could be very good for certain manufacturers.

    3. You always bring lesser known cigars that are great finds to the forefront. Great job. Looking forward to trying them all.

    4. I love the idea. Putting it on the last day could actually get some of the bug guys to stick around. All the business is done by the last day but this would be more of a just for fun day.

      The only questions I have is why would IPCPR have to buy the cigars to give away. Companies give stuff to events all over the country all year long, because of who this is and what the money will go to I would think the companies would jump all over the idea with comps.

    5. So, I was all for this when I saw it. Then I read the article and concerned about vendors ditching out the last day and not giving the consumer the face time we were hoping for…

      I also see why IPCPR wouldn’t want to do it the first day. The point of the event is to sell cigars to the retailers and get the sticks on the shelves for us to buy. If consumer day was the first day, no vendor would be generous with stick handouts. They want to save them for the retailers. We could also see the same issue as the last day, non of the vendors show up to do meet and greets.

      It all comes down to the commitment of the vendors to stick around and meet the people that purchase their sticks in person. A few vendors already stand out as to the ones that will and the ones that won’t.

      We’ll all know after the first year they have consumer day and hear the feedback from all whom attended.


    6. Jerry, I think this is a smart idea and a brilliant marketing move. I would bet most manufactures stick around because they want advertising time with the consumer. What better way to generate interest in their brands then getting the end user excited about a cigar.

      My only thoughts would be it might be in the best interests to move it up a day so shop owners could see what the end consumer is excited about. It might steer shops to different buying decisions.

    7. I did a lot of business on the last day – While the big
      boys that everyone makes sure that they see won’t be affected – but
      with little exhibitors like myself, who need all the time we can
      with retailers, we need the extra time.

    8. Actually, I have taken advantage of the last day at the past couple of shows to get interviews with manufacturers who were too busy to talk before that. So there would be some media impact. But it could also turn out to be a positive thing for the organization and manufacturers, it’s hard to say.

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