Charlie’s Top Cigars of 2012 (plus giveaway)

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Charlie’s Top Cigars of 2012 (plus giveaway)

It’s that time of year again. So exciting. So suspenseful. So controversial. It can only mean one thing: everyone with a blog is publishing their highly-opinionated list of top cigars for the year, and everyone else is having fun arguing over which cigars were overlooked and which were overrated. Allow me to add my inflation-adjusted two cents to the equation with my own list of Top Cigars of 2012…

I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about how I’ll approach my cigars of the year (COTY) list for 2012. I have to agree with Jerry that many of the new cigars released this year were a tad… underwhelming. So, I’ve decided to do something different.

One thing I noticed is that several of the cigars that I really enjoyed this year are technically ineligible to appear in my 2012 list — I either smoked only one or two pre-release samples of a cigar scheduled to come out in 2013, or the cigar really only hit the market in the final weeks of December (so they’ll really have more of an impact on the 2013 scene). So what I’ve done is split things up into two lists: my top 5 cigars of 2012, and another list of 5 cigars I think you should look for in 2013 based on my initial impressions. I’m sure some folks will have a problem with it, but I think this is the best way to cover all the ground I’d like to include in a COTY list. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: if your favorite cigar of 2012 doesn’t appear on this list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t like it. I can’t possibly smoke every cigar released each year, and there’s always the possibility that I only smoked one sample, didn’t care for it, and didn’t give it a second chance. Please don’t hold it against me.

Another Disclaimer: both of these lists are presented IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. That’s why there are no numbers attached to any of the honorees. Yes, that’s another cop out, but this is my list and I do what I want.

Hey! Don’t forget to enter to win the giveaway at the end of this post!


These cigars really “Wowed!” me this year, and I definitely recommend trying them if you haven’t already.

Cuenca y Blanco

CyB by Joya de Nicaragua – Formerly known as “Cuenca y Blanco,” this gem was the standout smoke for me at IPCPR. Despite suffering from severe palate fatigue, the flavors from the first CyB I tried shined through at the end of a long day in Orlando. Whatever you want to call it or however you want to pronounce it (“see eee bee” or “see why bee” ??), it’s a winner.

Intemperance BA XXI

Intemperance BA XXI by RoMa Craft Tobac – Skip and Mike at RoMa Craft are doing great things. The CroMagnon Knuckle Dragger made my top 5 list last year, and Jerry’s top cigars list in back-to-back years. The Brazil Aripiraca-wrapped Intemperance BA XXI is no slouch either. One thing it has over the CroMagnon is versatility: the medium-bodied BA XXI can be enjoyed at any time of day, while the CroMagnon will punish you if your blood sugar is running low.

EPC Cardinal Maduro

E.P. Carrillo Cardinal Maduro – Although Ben reviewed the natural version, we haven’t had a featured full review of the E.P. Carrillo Cardinal Maduro. Irrespective of that oversight, however, it’s appeared in multiple week in smoke posts, and both Jerry and Walt also saw fit to include it in their COTY lists. That’s quite a lot of coverage as things go here at the Stogie Review, and with good reason. It’s a terrific full-bodied, full-flavored smoke.

Partagas 1845

Partagas 1845 – The folks at General Cigar had a very busy year, with lots of new lines hitting the market. My favorite was the 1845, a new breed of Partagas. It made it into my Month in Smoke series not once, but twice, and deservedly so. Great construction, sweet chocolately flavors, a nice medium-full body, and a very wallet-friendly price point. I liked it so much, I bought a box for all to enjoy at my friend’s wedding.

Ortega Serie D Maduro

Ortega Serie D Maduro – Truly a great cigar. Rich pre-light aromas of earth and chocolate. Dense, syrupy smoke loaded with molasses, leather, and baking spice. Transition into meaty, chocolate sweetness with charred oak. Excellent construction. Eddie Ortega clearly knows what he’s doing.


Tatuaje Mini Mum

Tatuaje Little Monsters – The Little Monsters collection wins the award for “best idea of 2012” in my book. It was an incredible treat for people who missed out on the earlier releases in the Tatuaje Halloween series (or wanted to reminisce), plus the Mini Mum offered an advance look at the new full-sized Mummy before it hit retailer shelves. Also, I generally prefer smaller cigars, so the corona-ish sizes of the Little Monsters were right in my sweet spot. I enjoyed all five cigars in the collection, though Frank Jr. was probably the best.


Nothing beats a good first impression, and if these cigars live up to their samples, you’re going to want to hunt them down in 2013.

La Musa Melete by Emilio Cigars

La Musa Melete by Emilio Cigars – To say this cigar blew me away would be an understatement. The Melete is packed with incredible flavors and smokes like a dream. No question about it, this will be my first box purchase of 2013. Gary Griffith is truly on a roll.

Liga Privada Papas Fritas

Liga Privada Papas Fritas by Drew Estate – Problem A: Liga Privadas cigars are great, but pricey. Problem B: I don’t always have 2 hours to smoke a toro. Problem 3: a lot of top-quality tobacco goes to waste in trimmings when making a premium hand-rolled cigar. Solution to all 3 problems: Papas Fritas. This is the best short-filler cigar I’ve ever smoked. Period.

Dona Flor Puro Mata Fina

Dona Flor Puro Mata Fina – This one really caught me by surprise. The folks at Dona Flor USA contacted me out of the blue asking if I’d be interested in some samples. I said sure, I’d love to become more acquainted with Brazilian tobacco. In the sampler pack they sent me, there was a Puro Mata Fina that knocked my socks off. I’m a big fan of coconut flavor — something I’ve not encountered in a cigar before — but this one was full of it! Definitely on my shopping list for 2013.

Headley Grange by Crowned Heads

Headley Grange by The Crowned Heads – The latest cigar to run into naming challenges, the Estupendos size of the Headley Grange is a sneak peak vitola ahead of the full release in 2013. This Ecuadorian Sumatra-wrapped beauty packs a lot of complex flavors into a medium-bodied package. The sophomore effort from The Crowned Heads is sure to make a big splash when the entire line hits retailers next year.

Miami Anoranzas

Añoranzas by Miami Cigar & Co. – Miami Cigar also had a big year, and put out several new cigars. In my opinion, the highlight of their releases was the Añoranzas. Arguably, this cigar has been out the longest of those on my 2013 “watch list,” but I’ve only had the opportunity to smoke a couple so far and haven’t seen them widely available at retailers just yet. Maybe it’s because they keep selling so fast, no one can keep them in stock. In any event, with the great flavors I found in the samples, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these in the new year.


Any COTY list from me wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway. While I’m not in a position to do something as awesome as last year, I’ve got a nice little prize pack put together that I think you’ll enjoy. I’ve added a bit of mystery into the mix as well…

This year, my COTY giveaway prize pack will include the following (at a minimum):

  • A 4-pack of of one of the cigars featured in this year’s list
  • A single stick of another cigar listed herein
  • A few items of cigar-related swag that I’ve accumulated over the years

I might even toss in a few more surprises for good measure.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below either unfairly criticizing me for an inexcusably inadequate COTY list, or congratulating me for being a terribly nice fellow (and charmingly handsome to boot). I’ll select one lucky winner at random on January 15, 2013. Residents of the US & Canada only; must be 19 or older.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Charlie has been enjoying cigars since 2000 and generally prefers a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. A USAF vet, he currently works as a data scientist focusing on natural language processing and is pursuing a PhD in computer science in his spare time. Originally from Connecticut and now residing in Northern Virginia, Charlie is also a fan of football, science fiction, political philosophy, and single malt scotch. You can contact Charlie on Twitter @greenbacker.

209 thoughts on “Charlie’s Top Cigars of 2012 (plus giveaway)

  1. Charlie;
    Every cigar on your list (including) the 2013 look-outs, all have me salivating at the mouth! I’d love to be randomly chosen as the winner; because it’s more likely than not, the only way I’ll get to sample some of the cigars that I have w_t dreams about trying… pick me, pick me, pick me!

    1. Great choices! I have had a few, and that La Musa is one that I really want to try. I have a 1/2 dozen or so of the Grimalkins stewing in my humi, and hope that this renaming has not touched this magical cigar. Keep up the great work, you good looking, well spoken cigar critic!! (yes, this is called kissing some ass for a chance to win some cigars!)

  2. Interesting list. The Emilio cigars haven’t made it to us in NC yet that I’m aware of. I’d have to add the 262 Revere in however. Ill be on the lookout for the Partagas you mentioned.

  3. Thank you very much for calling out the Intemperance BA XXI. This has been a very busy year for Mike and I, most of the work has been focused on building a solid foundation to ensure that we can produce the Intemperance, CroMagnon and Aquitaine year after year for the long term.

    Thanks again.

  4. CyB has shown up on a ton of top 2012 lists! Gotta pick one up. I agree with the EP Maduro, but where is the La Palina on the list!?

  5. I appreciate your reviews and the style in which you do them in which is emphatically unapologetic. You’ve stated many times before that you guys review hard to find cigars. For those that don’t get that concept, they need to follow another blog and stop complaining about it.

    As for your top cigar list, the only one I’m interested in is the Papas Fritas. Great concept and perfect for my travels where I often dont have a lot of time in between Flights. Happy New Year.

  6. Smoked a Partagas 1845 today by chance. Wonderful aroma, smooth, little spice, oak. For sure will try again …
    Series D is an insane great smoke. ! I hide them from friends and family in secret humidor in closet.. Shhhh
    Great list, thanks

  7. I have heard a lot about the Ortega and will be trying some soon. I believe Herrera Esteli will be one to watch in 2013.

  8. Hey Charlie. I consider your innovative approach to the COTY list to be refreshingly original – who wants to colour within the lines?!? Always appreciate your reviews. Thanks!

  9. Great idea to split up the list in the way you did. Unfortunate that I have not had a single one from your “watch list”. Thanks for all the work you put in this year, with all the other things going on in your life.

  10. charlie nice list. many of the same smokes i have enjoyed this year. i am excited to try the mousa melete as my b&m has recently began to bring in emilio cigars.

  11. New to the site but very impressed with your list. Have given me a list of things to try and things to look out for. Nice work and keep smoking what you enjoy. Happy New Years.

  12. The great thing about COTY reviews. Everybody has a little different taste and appetite for cigars. Reviews open up my window to new adventures. Thanks

  13. Thanks for being a down to earth person when reviewing the cigars. I feel like you would say the same thing sitting around with your buddies talking about the sticks that you say in your blogs.

  14. Great post Charlie. I’ve been able to procure 3 or 4 at my local B&M’s and look forward to trying the rest when available. I recently bought a couple of Cardinals look forward to smoking them. Happy New Year.

  15. Not a bad list at all. I suppose the only way I can “unfairly” criticize the list is that you had the AUDACITY to include a short-filler cigar on your COTY list. I’m such a cigar “snob” that I’m willing to say it out loud and in public–here it goes–short-filler cigars never, ever, never ever, belong on such an esteemed list as this…and I even love Drew Estate’s work. Let me also state that I do love the Consumer Day idea…we all need a major over-the-top cigar festival to attend, so it needs to be huge!

  16. Your COTY list meets or exceeds and your top picks i look forward to trying for myself! My humi would be bland and boring if it were not for all of SR’s reviewers Top 10 lists that showcase the plethora of brands and styles available.
    Thanks Charlie and Happy New Yeay!

  17. What!!?? The audacity to pair such the lowly Tatuaje with a well aged, pumpkin wheat beverage is “shocking” indeed! Good God man, what next – short filler tobacco in a Liga Privada line?

  18. Well done Charlie I can’t disagree with any of the cigars on your list, including the ones to watch in 2013. I think everyone has the EP Carrillo Cardinal Maduro on their lists but who can blame them. It’s an awesome cigar and one of my favorites. I’ve already gone through a box. Keep up the great work and have a great 2013

  19. Craig, tell all these naysayers to bugger off. I like your list, but I have only had the Partagas. My opinion (and it doesn’t count for much!) differs from yours. I thought it was ok, meh. Happy New Year to you and yours and here’s hoping I can score some of these in the new year.

  20. Had only the CyB and Cardinal Maduro on your list. They are both great smokes and will try to find some more of the ones you mentioned. Thanks for the list and have a happy 2013!

  21. Congrats on a big yr. love all the lists. Got a box of cyb on the way. Thanks for the efforts as a fellow father, gotta be hard to find the time

  22. Great list, most of these I’m still trying to get my hands on. Problems living 2 hours away from a B&M and still refusing to buy form the online discounters.

  23. A decent list. I’m definitely with you on the CyB and and series D. I haven’t had the chance to try any of the others on your list though.

  24. Huge oversight on Viaje’s Excluviso robusto and L’Atelier, which were the cigars of the year. However, you did redeem yourself with Headley Grange and your striking good looks.

  25. Great reviews and I found a few new sticks ( as well as a couple that I have but haven’t tried yet ) that I need to smoke. Thanks again.

  26. The only thing that I got a chance to try from your list was the little monsters. They were really tasty. The only two that I was able to compare to the larger formats were the wolfman and mummy. I preferred the wolfman to the wolfie, but I liked the lil mum over the mummy.

  27. One thing Ive figured out with all the best of lists out is that I really have to try the Ortega Serie D. It is on every list I have looked at. Thanks for the contest!

  28. Recently had the chance to smoke the CyB and I couldn’t agree more. Glad to see this on the list. I wasn’t as giddy about the Ortega, but it was still a solid smoke. Looking forward to getting my hands on the intemperance sometime soon though.

  29. I’m always amazed at what you find in a cigar as flavors! About the only thing I haven’t seen is banana?

  30. As a noob to the cigar world I am soaking up as much info as I can. Nice reviews that were not overly detailed. I look forward to trying some 2013’s.

  31. Charlie out of all the guys here i wouldn’t expect this from you. Your a father now you have to be able to make concrete decisions and who cares what everyone else thinks. It is your (COTY) list be a MAN list them 1-10 and then add an additional list of what to look out for in the year to come. With that being said another great job in the past year i enjoy coming to this site and i love the recommendations. Ep carillo killed it this year and i have became a enormous fan starting with the DARK RITUALS what a great smoke. The maduro cardinal series another great smoke. Thanks for a great year men and i look forward to the year to come. KEEP SMOKING and keep giving us great suggestions. You guys should start a stogie review annual smoke inn all of us(the readers) could make a donation to a cancer organization or something and have vendors cigar owners etc there and have it every year. THE ANNUAL STOGIE REVIEW SMOKE OUT…. THanks men 2013 here we come.

  32. I think this list is about the best I’ve seen. The ortega maduro is the definite best of 2012 IMO. Thank you for the contest!

  33. I find no faults with your five choices! There are other great cigars that should be mentioned, Maybe next year you can increase your COTY to ten!!

  34. The only smoke I tried in this list was the EP Carillo Maduro and to be honest I thought it was very dull and lacked any distinctive flavour. I will have to try another one I guess..

    Anyways, great list. Thanks

  35. Nice list, Charlie. Of the sticks I’ve smoked, the Ortega Serie D Maduro would be tops followed by the CyB.

  36. Only one I haven’t tried is the INTEMPERANCE BA XXI and now I have some shopping to do. Even had the honorable mention and 2 of the To Watch For.
    Can’t argue with any of your choices, but maybe a question. I love the AF Anejo #77 Shark. Am I the only person that does likes any Anejo or Opus X? Never see them on any list. How abut Padrons?
    Thanks and do think your picks are great.

  37. Overall a good list. Agree with Anoranzas. Smoked the robusto and loved it. In terms of 2012 the Tatuaje Black Lancero should be there. Absolut flavor bomb in the a great and very under appreciated size.

  38. Nice list, Charlie. There are three sticks in your list that I really want to try: Headley Grange, Papas Fritas and the Ortega Serie D Maduro. Hopefully I’ll win and you’ll send me a few!

  39. I have been lucky enough to have smoked most of your top cigars. And you are right on the money.
    I think it’s time to try a Headley Grange.

  40. Hey Charlie, I am recovering from hip replacement surgery and my cigar smoking has been very limited the last couple months. Reading your reviews made me feel like I was smoking these cigars. Very well done!
    Happy new year! Christopher

  41. Charlie,
    Good looking list you have there. I especially like the Ortega Serie D. As for sticks to look out for, I am definitely curious about the HG. Thanks for the contest!

  42. This is a great list but u left off the tatuaje cojonu 2012 broad leaf. One of my favorite cigars this year. This list is not complete without it

  43. Great list. Have smoked several on your list, but look forward to trying the ones I have not smoked yet, especially the Dona Flor and the 1845.

  44. Excellent list. I share your sentiments on several- still need to try the headly (a couple resting in the humi), and the emilio and intemperance sound great- need to track those down 🙂

  45. Great list Charlie! I’ve only had a few from your list but I’d like to try them all. I’m surprised the San Lotano Oval hasn’t made it to the list…that is my standout winner of 2012. Keep up the good work!

  46. Very surprised I didn’t see my #1 cigar of 2012: La Duena in your list, but I am impressed that CyB made it…also surprised that Añoranzas made it, I was luck to get a few of these from Mr. Miranda himself in Novemeber, these are very good cigars.

    Thanks for the contest.

  47. Good list, and I’ll be looking to pick up the sticks I haven’t tried yet to test myself. I am a little surprised that the Olive Melenia in there at all, I’m curious what you think of it. Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to an email January 15 (hopefully)

  48. I can’t comment on your brilliance (or lack thereof) because I’ve literally smoked NONE of the Top 5 you listed here! Sad, I know. Rest assured they are all on the “smoke it soon” list.

  49. Nice job Charlie, you do good! Have not tried the Cardinal Maduro, but really enjoy the EP Carrillo’s. Nice contest, thanks.

  50. I love the list and love the reviews. I’ve only had about a third of the cigars on there so now I’m anxious to try more! Thanks for the contest!

  51. While its hard to argue with any of the cigars on your list, I am surprised to not find the Emilio Draig K or Crowned Heads Four Kicks, etc on the list.

  52. Nice list Charlie! Thanks for opening my eyes to more interesting cigars I might not know about otherwise.

  53. I’m knowing that you are on a new job and new city. There are many good new cigars on the market than on your favorite cigar list. Try Villiger, Colorado cigar in the toro size…….

  54. I liked the idea of 2 lists. The CYB and the intemperance are two of my favorites and the Papas Fritas has to go on the must try list.

  55. Thanks for the list, I found that my top five would be the five little monsters from tatuaje since its an amazing idea and they are amazing smokes

  56. I liked your layout for the end of the year discussion about cigars you have a high opinion about. Sometimes it’s good to change things up and I think you did a great job of keeping it original. Happy Holidays to all and have a safe new year.

  57. Some good ones I think the headley grange is really going to shine in some different formats even tho it already does and also can’t wait to try the papa’s thanks again zensmoker222

  58. Great list’s. I could not agree more with your choices. I have tried about half of the sticks on your list’s and have to say I pretty much enjoy every cigar you have picked so far.
    By the way have I told you how handsome you are?!

  59. i haven’t tried any of these cigars but looking forward too if i can put my hand on them in my area and if they are affordable ,things are getting tight can’t pay for the high dollar stuff any more.

  60. I’m going to have to track down the E.P. Carrillo Cardinal. Seems it made everyone’s list in 2012. I like the absence of numbers in your list.

  61. Handsome…… um…… yeah…. haha Charlie hope your New year was great, and I’m glad to see you did a COTY list of sticks us everyday people can find, I always hate those these would be great if you can find them lists. Keep up the great work.

  62. Glad to see that CyB made it onto the list! Surprised the L’Atelier core line didn’t make it, but it’s receiving enough accolades elsewhere. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do with the website!

  63. Solid list. Even though putting in order can be like choosing which child you love more, it always sparks a good discussion. I’ve got to find the Añoranzas and give it a try – only one on the list I haven’t gotten my hands on. Had major draw issues on the one Headly I tried, but flavors were fantastic so due for a second chance. Keep up the great work.

  64. It seems a COTY list just wouldn’t be complete without the Cardinal Maduro or the CyB. Personally, I thought the Cardinal was an absolutely great smoke, though I did find the CyB to fall a bit flat…possibly due to high expectations created by the high praise that many bloggers/reviewers had given it. Personally, I would replace the Partagas 1845 with the Benji Menendez Partagas 2012, which I think is even better than the original, despite my initial disappointment with the vitola chosen this time around (preferred the narrower ring gauge). Welp, those are my thoughts. The list was a goodie.

  65. Love the COTY list’s you and the crew have put out I’ve smoked some of these already and my New Years Resolution is now to smoke all of the cigars on the the list’s before the years over and a terribly nice fellow
    like you would help me get off to a wonderful start on my quest by drawing my post as a winner.
    Keep up the great reviews.

  66. Nice to see the Partagas 1845 on your list I bought a few of these because I thought the wrapper looked delicious. After trying out a few I quickly bought a box

  67. Charlie

    Great List….cant stop smoking Eddie Ortega’s Series D, by far, my num. one this year….but dying to try the paps fritas. If u say its better than Petes series P, then i cant wait to get my hands on them….thnaks again

  68. Great list, I’ve had a few of these already and I’ll be on the hunt for the others I haven’t tried yet. Thanks for the list.

  69. It isn’t easy picking top cigars every year. Mostly since there are so many great cigars released yearly, but you have to face critique of everyone reading your list. You have put together a very solid list and I would be interested in seeing your top ten. Thanks for sharing

  70. I like you list. Can’t wait to try those I haven’t smoked yet. Thanks for including the sticks to watch in 2013.
    I really love the Headley Grange. I picked one up at the local B&M and after smoking it in the lounge bought the last 3 in the box. Also looking forward to the Papas Fritas.

  71. I liked the CyB and LOVED the Headley Grange. I have the Ortega sitting in the humi waiting for a test run. I would have added the Mule Kick to the list for sure but otherwise it’s pretty solid stuff brother.

  72. HANDSOME! HUH! Your the best looking cigars smoker ever. OK now that, that’s over with. ( I feel a little dirty now) You are right on with my flavor palate and I can’t wait to try the 2013 releases. Thanks

  73. Always nice to read your reviews and also is good to see a list on which I have only had one cigar. Looking forward to the other nine.

  74. Nice listing Charlie. I’ve been lucky enough to smoke almost of all of them, and plan on snagging the ones I’ve missed so far.


  75. I think you are a wonderful wonderful man thank you for the great giveaway. I would love to win this pack. Hope you have a great new year.

  76. Great list. I read Stogie Review all the time but rarely leave comments, maybe that will change in 2013. Love the week in smokes. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

  77. Great list – gives some food for thought on some off the beaten path cigars… looking forward to trying a few of them!

  78. Very interesting list. Too bad so many either aren’t available at any B&M near me, or even online in a sampler to try. But, I plan to look them all up this year and try them!

  79. Great Reviews…I have smoked three of the listed cigars. I will put the rest on my cigar bucket list for the future. Keep up the good work!!!

  80. As a newbie, deciding which cigars to try is completely random. Thanks to your thorough reviews for COTY 2012 I now have a good starting point.

  81. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying any of the cigars on your list. Thankfully, I now have this list to go off of for future purchases…

  82. Nice list. I also really liked the Papa Fritas. I’ve smoked 3 or 4 and it’s the only short-fill I can think of where I didn’t get small bits of tobacco in my mouth. That first inch may me as powerful a punch as you’ll get from any cigar out there.

  83. Great choices, I have smoked three of your picks….bought my first box of cigars Ortega series D…mmmmm mmmm good. Keep up the good work!

  84. Interesting list, I will have to try some this year, though I was surprised that one of the Tatuaje Conoju 2012s wasn’t on your list

  85. Thanks for all you do.

    I am a newbie to cigars and your reviews have been a go to resource for me on what i should be tasting in the cigar. it has helped me identify flavors that i think i am tasting, but i am not totally sure what it is.

    keep up the good work

  86. Great list, Charlie. I missed the Knuckle Dragger CroMagnon from last year’s list, but the Little Monsters photo with a ShockTop ale more than accommodated! Personal favorites from the list are the Partagas, E.P. Carrillo, and the Ortega Maduro. A USAF vet, huh? Thanks for all you do, and for your service, sir! Have a great 2013!!!

  87. What an incredibly insightful list of cigars – your mother must be proud!
    Yes, I’ll say anything to get 5 great smokes………
    Seriously, though, good short list of must-have cigars.

  88. Great list . I am so glad you included the Intemperance. Chief and the gang have done a tremendous job with their blends in the last couple years. My favorite smoke right now is the Aquitaine- fantastic!!

  89. Great list. I definitely agree but have to say the CYB Lonsdale is the cigar that has wow’d me the most.

    Keep up the good work!

  90. I love all these cigars!!!!! Just can’t seem to find most of them!!!!! Please pick me for this contest!!!!!

    Thanks! 🙂

  91. Have been lucky enough to try all but the Intemperance from
    your top 5 and agree completely. Working on getting the RoMa Craft.
    As far as the cigar to watch, the Melete and Melete I have not yet
    had the pleasure.. Great list and awesome smokes..

  92. Great contest. Actually haven’t had any of your COTY, it would be great to win for that fact. But, have had most of the honorable mention. All good sticks as well. Nice list. I have heard good things about all of them.

  93. Incredible list bro and a fantastic line up of creators! You and I have similar pallets when it comes to cigar appreciation! Well done, great selection and awesome contest! Early Congrats to the lucky Winner!

  94. Great list Charlie. A few of your picks were the same as I, and there’s a couple on there that I still haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet. Great work as always! Cheers!

  95. Although I haven’t tried all of the cigars on your list, I have tried many. Based on that I like the fact that the cigars you picked aren’t the “usual suspects” and that I would agree with the ones that I have enjoyed.

  96. I just picked up some papas fritas, I’m anxious to try them! Great list, sir. I’ll be sure to check out some of the ones I’m not familiar with!

  97. I like the split-list concept and am looking forward to trying a few of those.
    And Thanks to Stogie Review for all that you do for all of us.

  98. Nice list. As long as Liga and Tat made it on your list…. its a good list in my book. Cheers to 2013.

  99. I find your list to be a really good representation of the best of 2012, and those technically more suited for the 2013 best of list, it gives us something to keep our eyes open for in the coming year, great job.

  100. Nice list Charlie. I like EPC maduros, haven’t had anything else on the list but heard good things.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Hey Charlie

    Great list and keep up the good work! Decided to post since I never seem to win any of the give aways but hey it’s worth a shot !

  102. Thanks for all the great reviews and insight. As for the COTY selections – I missed anything by La Gloria Cubana; R+J Edicion Limitada 2012; Montecristo Epic. I do know that no matter what you list, someone is going to say you missed something. Keep up the good work, and greetings from Mobile, Alabama.

  103. I unfortunately haven’t gotten to try a lot on your list. You put some very good notes out and I look forward to trying as many of these as I can. Just a few months ago I was new to the cigar business and now I am considered an aficionado by friends and acquaintances. I work at my local shop in my small town and have helped the business grow. If I try out these cigars and think they’re good I’ll have my boss pick them out and sell them to others! Hope I get the chance!

  104. Unlike other annual reviews, yours features some unusual smokes, which I appreciate. One to add to your list is the CLE Corojo corona — a fine corojo stick at a good pricepoint from one of the first promoters of that wrapper. And one more, the Kamakubi Darumi from Matt Booth.. The lancero has a bevy of different flavors and changes profiles as you smoke one, making this one of the more interesting new smokes out there. Thanks for the worthy list!

  105. After reading your write up on the CyB, I picked up a five pack of the lonsdales, a new size for me. From the first puff I knew I was going to love it. And I totally agree with your review. Your credibility rating just shot up to at least a 27 on a scale of 100. 😉 Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  106. Good list, I have tried the 1845 and will purchase again. I thought it was a good cigar for the money.


  108. Ok, here is the insult:

    You Somnambulist! How could you leave Herrera Esteli out of the list of cigars you are excited about this year!

  109. I’m new to smoking cigars don’t know that much about them but I am so amazed at all the different taste and I always can’t wait to smoke a cigar I haven’t tired. I have found some cigars that I just love and some I really didnt care to smoke again but I have yet to find a cigar that I didn’t like at all. Thanks everybody for all the comments about cigars. It is like a whole new world I have fallen into.

  110. My absolute favorite regular smoke is the Nestor Reserve Maduro. Dark oily thing that starts out flavorful but smooth and stays that way. Beats cigars that cost 4-5 times as much.

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