Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Another week closer to IPCPR 2013. The question has been asked, will we be there? Where else would we be? This year we needed some help getting there so we reached out and found a sponsor to help offset the costs of traveling. Flights to Las Vegas sure are more expensive than Orlando and Denny’s will replace IHOP as the official meal provider of Stogie Review. So when you have a chance, thank your Drew Estate rep and everyone at Drew Estate as they will be sponsoring our entire coverage this year! If you remember last year, we provided cigar enthusiasts with close to seven hours of quality, diverse, informative entertainment from the IPCPR show floor. 2013 won’t be any different and we have some tricks up our sleeve to keep things interesting so it is not the same type of coverage every year. Last year we asked The Blogger Question and this year we will have another question for manufacturers and brand owners to answer. If you have an idea, leave a comment. And don’t worry, the ever popular Women of IPCPR will be returning as well.

A little @tatuajecigars Brown Label Unicos before a late night conference call. Hopefully some stargazing after.

Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador Unicos – Well pronounced woody, mocha, earthy flavor with solid, consistent construction from beginning to end. Solid and stellar. It is hard to believe that Tatuaje is 10 years old. Seems like it was just yesterday Pete Johnson busted on the scene. Now that it has been 10 years; it is appropriate to say the Tatuaje Brown Label is a timeless classic.

A @illusione_cigars Rothchildes while waiting for my time on @kissmyashradio

Illusione Rothchildes – When people ask me what I’ve been smoking a lot of lately the Illusione Rothchildes is the first cigar I reply with. I like to think it is my glowing recommendation that is responsible for them becoming increasingly harder and harder to find locally but, the reality is a good cigar will sell itself and a great cigar will sellout. Dion has made a great cigar.

A little @eddieor Serie D Maduro Lancero and enjoying a family outing.

Ortega Series D Maduro Lancero – Not far behind the above Illusione Rothchildes is the Ortega Series D Maduro. Chock full of dark, earthy, mollasses, oak flavors that saturate you palate. Glad that the lancero will be part of the regular Serie D lineup.

Smoking a fresh rolled @herreraesteli

Herrera Esteli Fresh Rolled – Nothing like a freshly rolled cigar. If you have never had a freshly rolled cigar, its an experience. Recently Willy Herrera was in the area for an event. When Willy needed a break from rolling I stepped in and tried to pass myself off as Willy. Surprisingly, no one was convinced. I mean come on, me and Willy are basically twins! By the way, for those of you who know Dave Lafferty (Regional Sales Manager for Drew Estate) ever realize the resemblance between him and Tackleberry from the Police Academy movies? LOL – Thanks @humidormuse

A little el Titan de bronze redemption Maduro @herreraesteli

El Titan De Bronze Redemption Maduro – Before Willy Herrera and Herrera Esteli, Willy was known for his work at El Titan De Bronze. It was a treat to find the Redemption Maduro. The Redemption Maduro is a cigar that was probably ahead of its time with its use of a Mexican San Andreas wrapper. Like I said, this was a treat to experience this rich, creamy, spicy, coffee flavor profile. Solid medium body that ages nicely. If you seem them, pick em up, stash em away for a bit and then smoke em till they are all gone!

A little El Centurion action for the afternoon. @jannygarcia @gracesotolongo

El Centurion by My Father Cigars – Back in the early days of Stogie Review we reviewed the original, limited edition El Centurion. Looking back it was a cigar that I should’ve bought up and tucked away. Amazing cigar and equally amazing is the reincarnated El Centurion that has started showing up on humidor shelves the past month. Bolder and richer than its original counterpart but like I said, equally amazing flavor profile. Impeccable construction and a beautiful flavor profile.

Time to unwind with a @espinosacigars 601 La Bomba and some blackberry moonshine

601 La Bomba by Espinosa Cigars – The last time I smoked a La Bomba it put me on my ass. This time I decided to have some blackberry moonshine on hand in the hopes that the sweetness would temper the nicotine strength of the La Bomba. Thank God for that moonshine. As powerful as ever. Sometimes after a long, hard exhausting day you need cigar with some power to wash the day away. That day, a La Bomba was exactly what I needed!

A little @sammyeleven black action during an evening conference call.

Leccia Tobacco BlackLast episode of Week in Smoke, I praised the Leccia Tobacco White. I have to say it, I had my doubts but Sam Leccia probably has one of the hottest brands. Like I said I had my doubts whether there would be too much rust to recapture his previous glory but what the fuck do I know. Like the White, the Leccia Tobacco Black is impressively unique. Solid medium body but man, the uniqueness and diversity of flavors is amazing. I didn’t know there could be such an assortment of smokey flavors. And the way that the Black melds the aroma and taste together is just hard to describe in words alone.

A little Jameson and a Davidoff Club House

Davidoff Club House – You didn’t think you would escape an episode of Week in Smoke without some Davidoff love did you? One of the newest offerings from Davidoff is the limited Club House. Now I’m sure Davidoff intends for this to be the perfect companion playing 18 holes and not on the back porch of Stogie Review Studios. Perfect construction that you have come to expect from something that bears the Davidoff name. The Club House burns slow and the flavor profile takes patience to develop. Like any good putt, you have to take your time, set it up and not just start swinging Happy Gilmore style. If you take your time, line things up and you are rewarded with a rare hole in one. While you get a lot of classic Davidoff earthy tones you also have a delightful, subtle sweet almost caramel note to it. Nice job Davidoff!

You were on my mind today...miss you bro. Hope you are resting easy.

Father’s Day Note – This past weekend was Father’s Day. I spent it with my family along with my brother’s family at my parents house. The house we grew up in. I didn’t expect it to be an emotional day until I took my nieces and nephew to see their dad. You can see it in their eyes and the lost look on their precious young faces that it hasn’t hit them yet or for the youngest, doesn’t really understand. I can relate. I’m not sure it has hit me and there are plenty of times I don’t understand myself. At one point, the youngest asked me if her dad was alone in heaven? I wasn’t prepared but luckily her brother said, “no stupid, he’s there with JJ looking out for all of us” which prompted Gracie to say “JJ! I know him!”


9 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Jerry glad to see you back smoking at previous levels! Wonderful Week in Smoke!

    I think I said this last year but you shouldn’t need a sponsor. The IPCPR should be paying you guys to come and cover the show! But I am glad to hear that Drew Estate is sponsoring the coverage! I’m sure if it was another manufacturer they would try and tie your hands on who you can cover and who you couldn’t. Jonathan Drew doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. Looking forward to your coverage again!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you on the Sam Leccia stuff. The black is amazing!

    Really sorry about your brother! Kids say the sweetest things don’t they? My girlfriend and I are expecting a child this fall and I can’t wait to be a father to this little guy. I hope I can be half as good of a father that you are.

  3. Only one thing can interrupt Game 7 and thats Week in Smoke!

    +1 on Illusione Rothchildes

    I will have to try and find those ETdB Redemption Maduro, sounds delicious!

  4. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    Halfwheel guys had a different opinion on the Davidoff Club House but I think you have a better palate than those jokers. Not sure why I waste my time over there; its hard to relate to their style.

    Old Smokey moonshine? Have you tried their cherries?

  5. Did your centurion die on you in the last third flavor wise? I was loving mine so much I was contemplating how many boxes I should buy, then in the last third it changed in on puff and lost all flavor except for what I can only describe as hit paper. Super weird. And I have heard that happening to others after it happened to me, but others had great experiences and I haven’t seen a review that ha mentioned it. I’m going to have to grab a couple more o see what’s up, because I really loved the first 70% of the smoke.

  6. Another great Week in Smoke! Dion’s latest is currently my go to stick. I absolutely love that cigar. Looking forward to SR’s always superb show coverage.

  7. I smmoked illusione, leccia, and centurion this week. Leccia was great but a bit tight, illusione just rocked and centurion was ok for me.I am going to vegas…..my first show can’t wait.

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