Mike’s Cigarnival 2013 Diary

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Mike’s Cigarnival 2013 Diary

Cigarnival 2013 078 (600x400)

Welcome to this year’s little diary Walt and I do. Just some more of me blathering about Cigarnival, before and after.

Sorry for the big honking nose. Slapped a macro/wide angle lens on the flip and I cant pick one or the other so it macros the wide angle, hence the huge boogie shooter.

I heard through the grapevine that Famous is going to donate the above Ferrari to me for my hard work and dedication.

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I am just me.

3 thoughts on “Mike’s Cigarnival 2013 Diary

  1. Funny, I heard they were offering you the car if you would stay away. J/K!!

    Thanks for the updates, Mike!

  2. nice job mike…wish I was there!! looks like you guys had a good time thanks for the videos buddy!

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