Vindicator by Oliva

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Vindicator by Oliva

Vindicator by Oliva - A Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive

Back in 2012, Famous Smoke Shop began to promote a new line of Oliva Produced House Blends. Brian and I were fortunate enough to get a few samples and we set out to record a couple of episodes of Herfin’ Heads. We reviewed both the Inferno and Vindicator favorably and I’ve been smoking them, off and on, ever since.

Having done a Short Ashes Review of the Inferno, last week, I thought it only made sense to revisit the Vindicator as well. Much like the Inferno, the Vindicator can be had for about $3.00 per stick (5 Pack Pricing) on Cigar Monster.

What you get for the money is a well-made medium bodied cigar. The flavor profile is a bit darker than the Inferno and produces tastes of Earth, Wood, and a little Pepper. The finish is ever so slightly dry but easy on the palate.

If you are a fan of Oliva cigars, I would suggest giving the Vindicator a try. Do yourself a favor though, wait until they are on sale through Cigar Monster (which happens a few times each week) to save yourself a couple of dollars. They also make good filler if you are tying to bulk up your order to qualify for freebies.

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  1. Walt, I’m kind of torn between the this one and the Inferno. The Vindicator to me is a little sweeter and not quite as deep in flavor, while the Inferno seems a bit more “serious”. The band on the Vindicator is somewhat of a turn-off for me as well, but at Monster prices, it’s not a deal breaker. I’ve seen 10 packs of the Inferno in robusto for as little as $24.95 (free shipping) lately.

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