Hit by a Wave of Uncertainty

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Hit by a Wave of Uncertainty

Guerrilla Warfare - 1

Have you ever lit up a cigar then, half way through, regretted your decision? I’m not talking about a cigar that tastes bad. In this case we are talking about a tried and true stick that always seems to deliver what is expected of it.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual. After a few minutes of staring at the time on my alarm clock, I got out of bed and decided to get a jump on the day. By the time I got myself ready for work it was still a bit early. Why not make the most of it – I’ll run down to the local convenience store, pick up a breakfast sandwich and a coffee, and smoke a cigar on the drive in to work.

After coming out of the store I hopped in my car, cranked up the radio, fired up a Guerrilla Warfare (the only short cigar I had on hand), and made my way into the office. If you haven’t had the Guerilla Warfare, it is a bit of a power bomb but a great smoke nonetheless. Anyway, I thought I’d be funny and post a picture to Cigar Noise to the effect that this cigar would “straighten out the short & curlies at 4:00am”. All in all, the morning was shaping up to be a good one.

About fifteen minutes into my commute and I still hadn’t touched my coffee. It was too hot to drink initially and I had forgotten about it. The breakfast sandwich went untouched as well – I planned to eat it at my desk before starting my day. I was caught in absolute surprise when it happened…

I’m struck by a wave of uncertainty. In an instant I’m hot and I can feel the sweat forcing its way through the skin on my forehead. There is a shift in my mid section and I don’t know if the trouble is going to be north or south. What could I do on a back country road? I turned down the radio and began giving myself the pep talk.

‘Don’t be a wuss, you’ve smoked these cigars this early before without turning green…’

I grabbed the cup of coffee and debated taking a sip. It would either help settle things or it would prime the pump. I was a long way from a safe place and didn’t know what else to do. The last thing I wanted was to pull over to throw up or, heaven forbid, be the guy squatting in a cut corn field as random passing headlights shined on my ass.

The coffee wound up doing the trick. After a tense couple of minutes I was back to puffing on my Guerrilla Warfare while cruising on down the road. The lesson to be learned here is that regardless of your tolerance for powerful cigars, sometimes you may push things a little too far.

The last time this happened to me was the night my daughter was born. When mom and baby were sleeping soundly I slipped away for an Opus X on an empty stomach. I should have learned my lesson 5 years ago.

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10 thoughts on “Hit by a Wave of Uncertainty

  1. Been there done that, I remember one Morning I was smoking an EPC around 5 am on an empty stomach while getting the grill ready to smoke a Turkey for the day. Well about 30 mins in I was laying on the porch swing trying to get my life in order. I went up stairs “purged” the system and all was right in the world. I hate turning Green from a smoke it ruins the whole experience.

  2. Walt, been there done that…….unfortunately was with a group of friends that made the experience that much more regretful.

  3. LOL. It happens to me from time to time too. I’ve burned some pretty hearty smokes on an empty stomach, even early in the day and had no problem. Other times, not so lucky. I think the worst case I had was the time I decided to smoke a Camacho Triple Maduro while I was taking the wife to a local farmers market. It’s been quite a while, because the Triple Maduro was new at the time. I don’t remember now if I was dehydrated or hadn’t eaten much or hungover (or all three), but we had to stop at a convenience store on the way. I didn’t want to move so the wife ran in and grabbed some lifesavers for me. I pulled it together and got us the rest of the way there. After sitting in the parking lot of the farmers market for 10 or 15 minutes, all was again well. But there were definitely a few moments of regret that day.

  4. The last time that happened to me was the second cigar I ever smoked in my life which was a Montecito. I thought it strange but when your first starting off gotta start off mile eh. Cohiba was my first ever cigar that’s why I thought it was strange that a Monte would make me feel Ill oh well. Was 10 yrs ago. Built up from mild to med-heavy as long as like the flavours I’m happy

  5. My experience was with a Padron 80 year. Sitting in the man cave enjoying the time, got up to refill my drink and it hit me like a truck….. Live and learn….

  6. Oh what fun it is…..I was last done in by an El Baton Gordo a year or so ago, started feeling it at the patio of the local cigar store right after I put the nub in the ash tray, then went home and laid on the floor for awhile until the head stopped spinning.

  7. Right when the Liga Privada #9 came out..years ago..I smoked a Liga # Double Corona in a VERY smoky lounge (30+ people smoking in a 15 capacity lounge), by the time I was finished with that cigar and stood up I about dropped to my knees. I had no idea what that much black tobacco and smoke had done to me til I stood up…it was like driving drunk trying to get home! The only other time that came close was when the Neanderthal first came out, a ROTT Neanderthal first thing in the morning is not recommended LOL

  8. I can relate bro even though I rarely smoke early in the morning. Your description made me laugh, as any long time smoker can attest to having his constitution tested at some point. Also, there are times when you regret pulling that particular cigar from your humidor, not because it is bad but because it just doesn’t match your desire at that time. But then you can always switch and get another one unlike the experience of being past the point of no return… Ha.

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