IPCPR 2017: Crux

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IPCPR 2017: Crux

As someone who has gone and Crux’d myself in the past (as directed by their motto, and usually with Crux Passport), I welcomed the opportunity to talk Casey Haugen about the latest Crux cigar developments at IPCPR 2017. This is the first time we’ve included them in our trade show coverage, so we quickly cover some company background and the core lines (Bull and Bear, Classic, Passport, Ninfamanaic, Sports and Skeeters) to make sure everyone’s up to speed.

With the groundwork laid, we move on to the newer stuff. Casey shows us the fuller-bodied Guild, the Du Connoisseur lancero and the latest release, the Epicure. With all the running from appointment to appointment, I didn’t get to smoke all that many cigars on the trade show floor, but I did smoke the Crux Epicure on the floor and enjoyed it. It features a small lot Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, and will run from around $9.25 to $11.50 plus applicable local taxes.

In between the Epicure and the limited releases, we get Casey’s take on the FDA situation. They’re in a tough spot, as they started in 2014, but he believes they’ll be able to use reference older blends made by Plasencia in order to file for substantial equivalence.

Last but not least we take a look at the Crux limited releases. The Limitada PB5 is back again this year, only 1000 boxes have been produced. The blend is the same as before, it’s just another year older. And retailers that attended the trade show, have an opportunity to pick up the Limitada IPCPR 2017 which features the same Engañoso wrapper used on the Limitada PB5.

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