IPCPR 2017: Peterson of Dublin

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IPCPR 2017: Peterson of Dublin

We deal mainly with cigars on Stogie Review, but many of our readers (and some of our reviewers) also enjoy a good pipe from time to time, so we try to mix a little of that into our trade show coverage. This year we talked to Tom Palmer of Peterson of Dublin about what’s new in the world of pipes. He gave us a guided tour through the impressive selection of products he had on display in a large section of the Ashton booth.

Tom gets us started with a little background on Peterson of Dublin. They’ve been making pipes continuously for 152 years (since 1865) and sell them in 59 countries around the world. They started selling pipes in the United States in the 1920’s, so you could say they’re well established here. And they’ve seen an evolution of pipe smokers from those focused on function to the modern appreciation of history and craft.

Tom then shows us the new seasonal, limited edition and high grade pipes being sold at the trade show this year. The first is the St. Patricks Day pipe, followed by a high grade pipe made with a real amber mouth piece (they were sold out the first day). The amber mouthpieces were produced around 1938 or earlier and were forgotten about somehow. We also had a look at the deep red and white Christmas pipes for 2017. There are quite a few pipes to look at beyond those highlights and look we do.

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