IPCPR 2017: Xikar

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IPCPR 2017: Xikar

Kurt Van Keppel had a lot to show us in the Xikar booth at IPCPR 2017. To start off with, there are four new colors of the XO cutter, which debuted at last years trade show. The new colors are Black on Black, Orange, Gunmetal Honeycomb and Red. The Honeycomb finish is an interesting process that involves two layers of color, and laser engraving to reveal the lower color layer to create the pattern. Later in the video Kurt hints that the possibility of wood handles in future versions of the XO, but no thoughts yet on the Damascus steel blades.

Next we were off to see the new Xikar HP4, a quad-flame torch that’s part of the Xikar High Performance Package. Xikar also has a high performance butane that was designed specifically for use in high altitudes, but also happens to be good for older lighters that aren’t working as well as they used to.

Up next is the new spring-loaded Xikar VX2 cutter. The cutter has a deep V cutting blade and side handles make the cutter pop open when squeezed. Kurt makes a point to tell us that this black slices the cap of the cigar, instead of piercing it the way many V cutters do. The result is a cleaner, deeper cut.

On the next stop, we see more product in what Kurt calls “the high performance colors”. There’s the new Xikar Burnout Ashtray that resembles the wheel of a sports car. Joining last year’s blue and yellow travel humidors is the high performance red 10-count box.

The next product we had a look at in our Xikar booth tour was probably my favorite, the Damascus-bladed Xi3 cutter. The Damascus cutter was a huge hit last year (I can see why) so this year they released Xi3 Damascus with a black body. If that weren’t enough, it comes with a polished stingray sheath.

Then there’s the limited edition Avalanche Gift Set combo that includes an XO cutter and Volta lighter, both in striking white and black. That will start shipping in November in time for Christmas shopping.

We also take a look at the Xikar Cigar Locker which includes a new invention that’s a combination bottle opener, cutter stand and cigar rest. The complete set retails for $239. There’s a bullseye gift set that retails for $99 that includes a camouflage-patterned travel humidor, cutter and lighter. You’ll see it in September in time for hunting season. And there’s also a large travel humidor in gray that comes with a led flashlight, the Ultra cutter-lighter combo and a tactical pen.

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