IPCPR 2018: J.C. Newman

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IPCPR 2018: J.C. Newman

IPCPR 2018: J.C. Newman - The American

It’s always fun to walk through the booth J.C. Newman shares with Arturo Fuente and look at the eye candy. It’s not a huge booth, but it takes a while to drink it all in. Though there is a lot to see, and plenty to talk about, Drew Newman wanted to focus our attention on the forthcoming The American project he’s been working on. The American is actually the name of the first brand ever rolled in J.C. Newman’s El Reloj factory when it opened in 1910. To honor American cigar tradition, and family history, the new blend features all American tobacco, and it rolled in the U.S. Equally noteworthy is The American will be the first cigar to feature Florida Sun Grown tobacco as the wrapper leaf. It’s an interesting cigar concept and good story, definitely worth a watch. We’re looking forward to checking it out later this year.

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