JFR Connecticut Super Toro

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JFR Connecticut Super Toro

A couple of weeks ago there was a social media update from Gilbertsville Cigar Factory letting us all know about the new product being introduced into the Humidor. This included three facings of the the budget-friendly JFR as well as a couple of other Aganorsa offerings.

While I haven’t had a JFR in years, some of the guys were all abuzz over the potential “Charter Oak Killer” – Better Price and Bigger Flavor they claimed. Who am I to argue, so I picked up a couple of each and began smoking my way through them.

In order to tell you my thoughts on this cigar, I’d like to tell you a hypothetical story that I think you’ll be able to relate to. My apologies – I find that I’m becoming less direct as I get older.

I’d like you to imagine coming home from work after a long day. You’re greeted at the door by excited children and a happy dog. Your significant other smiles at you and says “I’m making your favorite dinner”

You pick up your fork, mouth watering, and take that very first bite. Something isn’t quite right though. After a few more bites you muster up the courage and ask “Did you do something different with the recipe?”

You learn that while gathering up the ingredients – your pantry was missing a single item. Up until this very moment you never realized how important that one little ingredient was.

That, in a nutshell, is the JFR Connecticut Super Toro. The entire time I was smoking it, I kept thinking that something just wasn’t quite right – something was missing.

It turns out that the something was the Bready / Buttery / Toasty flavor that seems to come natural to Connecticuts. While it wasn’t a bad cigar, I couldn’t help but dwell on the absent flavor component.

And not to kick the cigar while it is down but I had difficulties keeping it burning properly. Numerous touch-ups were required along the way.

While I wouldn’t say that this is a bad cigar per-se, it is just something that I won’t be picking up again in the future. Compared to to the Charter Oak Connecticut, the JFR is a bit more full-bodied but for my taste it falls short in the flavor department.

Ask The Readers:
Have you tried the JFR Connecticut and how does it compare to your Go-To Connecticut?

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2 thoughts on “JFR Connecticut Super Toro

  1. Walts back!! Nice review I find the same thing across many aganorsa products for me big flavor but always seems to be missing something.

    1. Hey Marty,
      Its a shame because I’m a fan of Aganorsa and the price point is good – I really wanted to like it as a Budget-Friendly Go-To Cigar.

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