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IPCPR 2016 Social Media Updates

For nearly a decade Stogie Review has been bringing you news and reviews from the IPCPR Trade Show Floor (Back then it was the RTDA). As the years have gone by our coverage has evolved. This year our dynamic duo – Brian and Ben are roaming the show floor with video cameras and smartphones. As […]

Stogie Talk

Out for a Walk with an Oliva Serie G Maduro

Several years ago our friend Craig of rolled out a feature on his blog in which he called “Take a Cigar for a Walk“. The premise was to incorporate a cigar into Craig’s fitness routine. I know, that sounds counterproductive but stick with me… Craig started a walking routine and used the cigar as […]

Stogie Talk

A Tale of Two Cigar Reps

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to to tell you a little story about two cigar reps. Actually, it isn’t much in the way of a story – I just need a lead-in to a question and I’m very interested in your input on the matter. Anyway, back to the point… I’d like you to take […]

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