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That Cigar Shop is Dead to Me

As a customer, I have a tendency to be rather picky. In today’s fast paced internet world, buying products online is fast, easy, and typically cheaper than a physical location. With that said, if you want to earn my business and keep me coming to your store you need to provide a service and atmosphere […]

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Fox News Ruined My Cigar Shop

It seems like it was only yesterday that Kensington Tobacconist closed its doors for the last time. It has been a few years but I think fondly of the shop. I spent a great deal of time there over the years and die a little inside every time I see what it has become – […]

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Hit by a Wave of Uncertainty

Have you ever lit up a cigar then, half way through, regretted your decision? I’m not talking about a cigar that tastes bad. In this case we are talking about a tried and true stick that always seems to deliver what is expected of it. This morning I woke up earlier than usual. After a […]

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Shooting The Shit with Walt

Once upon a time I was a pretty big deal on Stogie Review. I would routinely sit down in my office, fire up my camcorder, and record detailed cigar reviews that went on for upwards of 30 minutes. It wasn’t everyone’s thing but I had a following and they enjoyed the format. As time went […]

Stogie Talk

Reminiscing About Old Cigars

Every now and then I’ll find myself sitting in the Private Lounge at Sir Stogies. Several of the guys will be sitting around and, on occasion, we’ll take a break from solving all the world’s problems and have a discussion about cigars. My favorite question is “Have you ever heard of…” or “Have you ever […]

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