6th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day

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6th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day


We are two weeks away from the 6th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day. 6 years? The older you get, the faster time goes by. This is always a bitter sweet time of year. I find myself always looking forward to the camaraderie that we experience together but at the same time, dreading the emotional roller coaster it triggers. This year, with my brother committing suicide I expect the emotions to be even more raw. Separate events but same feeling of helplessness and tragedy. If you remember my post a few years ago about Three Things I Know to Be True (Cigars Edition) you will remember I wrote how cigars can be a band aid. I wrote:

When I’m in the dumps missing the Little Robusto. I’ll step outside, light a cigar and relive the million gracious smiles JJ blessed us with. Sarah Kay says she writes poems to figure things out…I smoke cigars to relive gone but not forgotten smiles. Cigars can be a band aid.

This time of year, is one of those “band aid” moments. With Gracie turning four soon and expressing her individuality I can’t help but wonder what JJ’s personality would be like. He’d be a first grader this fall. An actual first grader. Would he be a swimming pool kind of kid or like his sister, soaking up the sun on the beach while searching for seashells?

July 22nd is the 6th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day. The event is simple. Wherever/whenever you are on July 22nd join me by sparking up a DPG Series JJ and enjoy the time. If you don’t have a Series JJ, no worries. I’ll be thankful for any cigar smoked in JJ’s memory. This day isn’t about what we smoke, it is about who we share them with, it is about taking time and reflecting on memories, that may include a tear or two but ultimately, a smile. The loss of losing JJ is always with me. It will always be there. Noticing. Influencing. Changing. Guiding. It may not hurt in the way it once did but it will forever stay as a great marker for me and how I view the world.

Whether this is your first year, sixth year or somewhere in between…thank you for the band aid.


17 thoughts on “6th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day

  1. very well said! i have’em ready! always thinking about you and yours! be strong bro..

  2. Powerful words bro!:

    “The loss of losing JJ is always with me. It will always be there. Noticing. Influencing. Changing. Guiding. It may not hurt in the way it once did but it will forever stay as a great marker for me and how I view the world.”

  3. Will be smoking with you Jerry.
    After the first smoke a JJ for JJ, I bought a box and smoke one a year in honor of your little robusto. This year I’ll smoke another fine cigar offered up for your brother. Stay strong my friend.

  4. I bought some of those special edition JJ little robutos specifically for this occasion, Jerry. My thoughts are with you during these trying times. This year I’l enjoy 2. One for JJ & one for your brother.

  5. got my jj’s ready. not little robustos but theyre jj’s. will also be smoking a montecristo in memory of my father and one of my brothers

  6. Every time I see JJ’s pic, it reminds me of my nephew who passed some 10 or so years ago from spiral meningitis. I know (somewhat) of the pain of loosing a little guy… Stay strong Jerry, you have lots of friends and family here for you.

  7. When I saw your Instgram post I thought I missed it, glad to know I didn’t. It’s now marked on the calendar and you and your family will be in my thoughts when I light up!

  8. Luckily I bought quite a few of these and of course Ill
    smoke one on the day. I actually smoked one last week, and I
    usually have a rotation of at least 6 months until I get back to
    the same cigar ,smoke daily too…but I will break tradition
    ,thinking of you and yours…calender marked.

  9. DPG Series JJ Maduro in Robusto and Torpedo at the ready!! Bought a couple of boxes each a few years back. These have a bit of age on them courtesy of CDM in Countryside.

  10. My calendar is marked, and have a Little Robusto ready in remembrance of JJ, and another stick for your brother. My thoughts will be with you and your family.

  11. Well Jerry, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I don’t come around here as much as I used to but I remember the day I heard the news about JJ. I have a 6 year (almost 7) old son (so he was 1 at the time) and couldn’t imagine being without him. I bought 10 JJ’s for the little robusto’s first birthday and only smoke them on July 22nd them on that day so I still have some well aged ones left. Each year that cigar serves to remember your son and as a reminder to me of how lucky I am to still have mine. Out of all of the cigars in my humidors and I have smoked those are the ones that I remember the most.

  12. Jerry,
    A box of ‘Little Robusto’ is now 1 year 7 months 6 days old. Looking forward to joining this special tribute. I will be thinking about the little guy, you and your family.

    Take care!
    – Jay

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