Padilla Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco with Susana Aragon

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Padilla Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco with Susana Aragon

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Hello everyone and welcome to another event coverage post. This time Genuine Tobacco had Padilla Cigars brand ambassador Susana Aragon in the house along with Mike the Oliva rep. As most of you should know by now Ernesto Padilla has made a huge change from last year when he discontinued all of his old lines of cigars and joined forces with Oliva and Studio Tobac to create new cigars in more of a boutique form to cater to local brick and mortar shops. In this video you will hear about the cigars Ernesto Padilla has out right now and some that are coming out in the near future. I hope you enjoy this small little sit down I was fortunate to get with Susana and maybe you will get to meet her if she comes to a shop in your area.

And what is wrong with me? I talk to a beautiful young woman and I think of Lord of the Rings?

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I am just me.

7 thoughts on “Padilla Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco with Susana Aragon

  1. Way to go Mike! Excellent mini event video my friend! Glad to see that you’re still with us. Also glad that you remembered to wear your wedding ring on camera with Susanna. Boy oh boy if you neglected that detail, it could have prooved disastrous with the wife. Keep the great vids coming…

  2. By far the prettiest women I have seen smoking a cigar, knows her stuff to! Nice job mike, how did u get through that w/o druling on ur stick?

  3. Mike, I didn’t recognize you with your eyeballs on the floor. Nice interview – a very well spoken and fun woman (her, not you). I’m glad that you finally got a great local shop to hang out at, but now I need one. And don’t worry, you may think you’re old enough to be her father, but I KNOW I am, easily. :p BTW, no more La Terraza for Padilla? I love those budget sticks.

  4. Great job Mike! Still can’t understand that they are discontinuing such great cigar lines like the 1932 and 1948, but what do I know.

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