Rocky Patel Fusion

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Rocky Patel Fusion

Video is a bit different this time and runs 18:22. I did a dry run of using to stream a live video of me reviewing the Rocky Patel Fusion. Thanks to Bernard and Richard from the Stogie Fan Forum for participating. It was a lot of fun and I think this has a lot of potential once some additional planning and logistics are worked out.

This Rocky Patel Fusion really threw me for a loop and really stresses the importance of smoking more than one (preferably 2-3 is my opinion) of a cigar to give it a fair thumbs up or thumbs down. Which by the way, before I go any further I need to thank my floatie supplier, Mike from WV for sending me this Rocky Patel Fusion in his care package that he sent when my son JJ was born. Thanks again Mike!

I’d really like your feedback here, is my assumption in the video, that most folks (51%) who enjoy the Rocky Patel Vintage Series like one or the other? I like to think most people are like me and like either the 1990 or the 1992 and not both. I’m sure there are people who do like both but I think the majority choose one. Am I right or way off base? I guess that’s where I got confused. I can taste qualities from both the 1990 and the 1992 so Rocky Patel & Cigars International (the only place you can get these…this size runs $40 for a fiver) accomplished that. You get that lovely rich natural tobacco taste from the 1990’s and then you get the creamy/nutty flavors from the 1992’s in the finish.

Can you see how this threw me for a loop? It’s like two cigars in one (which I figure why the name Fusion applies) but I just don’t see the point since I’m of the opinion that most (again 51%) only like one of the Series and not both. So I enjoyed the 1990 flavors and then was thrown for a loop to have the 1992 flavors mixed in. I’m reserving judgement on the Rocky Patel Fusion because I want to see if I’m off base in my assumption of liking one of the Vintage Series and also to smoke a few more of the Fusion for fairness.

All-in-all the Rocky Patel Fusion is a truly interesting and unique cigar that really deserves a more in-depth and fair review, so Mike, you have your assignment. Send me more!

P.S. – I hope everyone enjoys the extended weekend here in the US for Labor Day. Be safe on the roads or on the water, enjoy a dozen or two cigars and most of all, long ashes.


20 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Fusion

  1. Interesting review Jerry. I think you’re a bit off on your presumption there. I understand what you mean that the 90’s & 92’s each have their own following but I think since they are both different smokes with different flavors that people tend to enjoy them both more than having to chose one or another.

  2. I like both as well. I like alot of his stuff, and there are times when you feel like have a 90 and other times when you feel like having a 92. I am not sure about this cigar though… does it marry the flavors well?

  3. stogielover – thats my dilema…I’m not sure if the flavors marry well. I mean, you definitely can distinguish the two flavors so RP & CI accomplished fusing them but I’m not sure if thats a good thing since both have such a distinct taste.

  4. Its hard to say. Based on this one review and based on my personal feelings, I don’t think I would recommend it. I understand what RP & CI were trying to accomplish but I think they missed the boat on this one. But I do reserve the right to change my opinion once I smoke another or two.

  5. I smoked this cigar a while back and I was not impressed. I like both the 90 and 92 but this cigar just didn’t do it for me. On paper the concept seemed great (marry two really good cigars) but in reality it just didn’t work. The Fusion was certainly not as good as its components. With that said, I have another resting in my humidor and maybe it will get better, but after my first Fusion I could not reccomend this either.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Jerry. I like many Rocky Patel cigars and I noticed you have stated on more than one occasion that you like the RP connecticut. I would recommend the RP American Market Select for you. It’s a nice mild to medium cigar and it is fairly priced. I think it is only available at Famous, but I’m not 100% sure of that. Great review man… keep em coming and best wishes to the newest addition to the family.

  7. I have to completely agree with Irish Mike. I like the 90’s and the 92’s. I like them a lot matter of fact. Different cigars for different moods I’m in.

    The fusion really did not work for me. I had high hopes based upon what CI said and I was really dissappointed 🙁 I universally love RP cigars but I’m going to have to say the Fusion is a flop. Doesn’t taste like the 90 or 92 in any way shape or form. I’m not sure I believe CI that it has the same wrappers or binders??? It might have similiar tabacco but the blend is way off in my opinion.
    From CI:

    Vintage 1990 is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero draped in a tantalizing natural Broadleaf wrapper from Honduras. It’s medium-bodied with a really enjoyable, complex smooth-rich flavor.

    Vintage 1992 offers the identical fillers and binder as the 1990, with the variation being very dark 10 year old Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. It’s medium-bodied with a creamy, nutty, and full flavor.

    ‘RP Fusion’ is a luxurious, multi-layered blend with a heady Cuban-esque character. A lovely, chestnut-hued, oily Habano wrapper on the outside conceals a truly flawless Connecticut leaf underneath.
    Ok, now how is a Habano wrapper anything like a Sumatra wrapper? And what about the blend? I think this is just a hyped up marketing cigar and I’m really dissappointed in RP and CI for making this. Call it the RP Habanicut or something.


  8. Interesting review Jerry….I’ve yet to try anything from the Patel line. I think i’ll try the 90 or 92 Vintage first as they seem to be the most talked about…next to the Edge. Just out of curiousity, who’d the person walking behind you at the end of the review? It looked a little ghostly the way they appeared and disappeared.

  9. My first Fusion wasn’t a memorable experience. But after smoking a few, I’ve come to enjoy this smoke a lot. I keep a few on hand at all times.
    As for the 90 or 92’s, I keep quite a few on hand and enjoy them equally. They are kind of my “Go to” cigar if I’m having trouble deciding what to smoke.

    Jerry-I enjoyed the review. It’s good to see you back on the site.

  10. I’ll be smoking my very first “dark side” cigar this weekend. I’m pretty excited, can’t wait. Have a good weekend everyone!

  11. Just watched the review and I thought it was pretty interesting, it was like a live experiment.

    2 questions for you

    where do you live man? Sounds like Jurassic Park in the background, I thought I heard a screeching terradactyl in the background

    who’s that dude walking in the background right as you finished your video?

  12. Jerry,,i didnt like the cigar the first time i had it either,,,and im almost completely filled with RP smokes in my humidor,,,after a 5 pack ive begun to like them alot,,not an 8 dollar smoke by any means but if you can bid on them on other websites they are an enjoyable smoke,,,dont give up on them yet!

  13. david23 – Its my backyard facing a common alley. I’m not sure who that was, probably one of the many neighbors in my townhouse community. I got a good laugh at your Jurasic Park reference. I loved Part 1 and Part 3. Part 2 was a bit of stretch and just seemed like leftover Part 1 footage.

    Mike E. – I’m seriously going to give the Fusion another chance. Thats the only fair thing to do. Its just a very confusing cigar.

    Others – It looks like my assumption was wrong about folks just picking one of the Vintage series. Thanks for setting the record and me straight. Its does the soul good to be wrong every now and then.

  14. Interesting to see the mixed reviews of this cigar.

    To date, this is one of my favorite cigars. It is more mild than the 90 and 92 and is a little less complex. It perfectly fills the gap for those that are looking for a medium cigar with good flavors and are not in the mood for a full.

    I’ve smoked quite a few and this cigar never lets down. It is a “worry free” good smoking time.

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