Check this out – Week 3 (2008)

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Check this out – Week 3 (2008)

In keeping with the trend, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of recommended reading, listening, and watching. With that said, here is what Brian and I checked out this week.


Cigar Inspector:
Cigar Inspector checks out the very expensive Davidoff 2000 Tubo Corona

Cigar Jack:
Jesse continues on with his innovative idea to review manufacturer websites and gives us his opinion of the Camacho website.

Cigar Monkey:
Monkey Dan once again fights through highway traffic, this time with the addition of -5 degree temperatures and an Oliva Serie O

Keepers of the Flame:
Tom reviews the Padilla 1948 Torpedo and provides some very interesting insight to the significance of the “1948” branded cigar.

Stogie Guys:
George E. compiles a list of reviews which the Stogie Guys have given a perfect score.

Stogie Fresh:
While spending some time in the Dominican Republic, The Doc shot some video footage of how a cigar is born. It is by far one of the most informative, if not the most informative, videos on the subject that I have watched.

The Box Press:
Kevin posts a short article featuring his very own Chateau de Kevin Rothschild. While I doubt you’ll see these cigars hitting the shelves in your local shop anytime soon, I’m sure they are sitting on the top shelf of Kevin’s humidor. In all honesty, if I made my own cigar it would be the Masterpeice of my collection regardless of how good or bad it might be.

The Humidor of the Apokalypse:
St. Jimbob reviewed the Perdomo Reserve Maduro recently and has inspired me to give it a try. After smoking the Reserve Cameroon, Reserve Sungrown, and the Reserve Champaign I’ll have almost smoked the full set. At some point maybe I’ll fork over the cash for the Reserve Golf edition, but not being a golfer I’ve never had much of an interest in it.


Blowin’ Smoke:
The Burgh Herfers celebrate their annual Herf & Nog on Episode 53

Cigar Live Podcast:
TJ’s podcast this week features the happenings of Cigar Live for the weeks of 01/20/08 – 01/26/08

Dog Watch Cigar Radio:
Bob and Dale smoke the Las Memorias Cubana Gordo for Episode #150

Stogie Fresh 5:
The Doc smokes the la Aurora 1495 on Episode #101

Everything Else

Gary Manelski:
Gary tells us a little about the new Cruz Real Cigars, which are a new Rocky Patel blend made exclusively for Famous Smoke Shop.

This week our very own Brian found his way over to Twitter. With only a week into using the service I can start to see why it gets so addicting. Its been a convenient way to engage in some small talk between Jerry, Brian, Chris, and Jesse.

If you happen to come across some interesting reading, watching, or listening that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us with the particulars.

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