Cigar Desktop Images

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Cigar Desktop Images

As of late, I have been trying to add a sort of fun and artistic cigar photo to each review. The idea is to break the monotony that is the same simple picture of the band, over and over again. While taking some of these fun photos I came up with some that I really like and use as a desktop background on a few computers. Feel free to do the same.

All pictures were taken with a small point and shoot (nothing fancy) so the resolution on the larger image is the best I can do. Click the picture to enlarge.

Padron 1964 MaduroPadron 1964 Maduro - Small

Top Shelf Signature Select – Black labelTop Shelf Signature Select Black Label - Small

Oliva Serie V Lancero – Photo 1Oliva Serie V Lancero - 1

Oliva Serie V Lancero – Photo 2Oliva Serie V Lancero - 2

Oliva Serie V Lancero – Photo 3Oliva Serie V Lancero - 4

Nub 460 CameroonNub 460 Cameroon

Nub 464 Habano Torpedo – Photo 1Nub 464 Habano

Nub 464 Habano Torpedo – Photo 2Nub 464 Habano - 2

Nub 464 Habano Torpedo – Photo 3Nub 464 Habano - 3

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12 thoughts on “Cigar Desktop Images

  1. I have noticed the neat pictures. I think it does add a little to the review, if only on entertainment. I don’t remember seeing the NUB doing a handstand (ashstand?). But it’s cool. Keep it up.

  2. I see a contest. How about best pic (creative, beautiful, artistic, etc.) as judged by Walt wins some sort of schwag. Would be fun to see what everyone comes up with and see different styles and beautiful sticks.


  3. Excellent! This is one of the many reasons why you guys are number 1. Been a subscriber of your videos since the beginning (25box) I look forward to seeing what you guys will do next. Keep it up!

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