Contest: Win a box of Jameson Petit Corona Cigars

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Contest: Win a box of Jameson Petit Corona Cigars

For the month of April, we will be running an easy contest to give away a box of Jameson Cigar Company Petit Corona.

Jameson Cigar Company - Petit Corona

To enter, head on over to the Stogie Review Herfspace Page and leave a comment on the contest announcement.

Contest runs until Wednesday, April 30th 2008. A winner will be draw at random and announced shortly after.

Good luck and thanks for entering.

Happy Smoking

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23 thoughts on “Contest: Win a box of Jameson Petit Corona Cigars

  1. OK registered. Lady Luck be with me; or is that Luck Be a Lady Tonight?
    Hmmm…, either way, I wanna get lucky.

  2. ohh, I registerd and I have to admit, the Jameson sounds very good. I love Sumatra wrappers. I may have to buy the torpedo sampler heh. Not sure I can leave my fate to a random chance of winning hahahaha.

    By the way, whooot!!! Glad to see you Jerry!!! Watched your video last night on the Grand Pru. I was curious about the whole Vintage JR thing. Great timing on the review.

    Dave, aka Weelok on Herfspace

  3. Jerry –
    Just wear one of the French tams with the pickle stem (mushroom hat) and I don’t think you would be recognized. Take it one step further and wear a pencil line mustache. You would definately be incognito.

  4. Dave H – Its great to be back! Thanks for the welcome back!

    LOL @ Paul…”rubber raft on top of a pyramid”.

    Good luck everyone!

  5. All in fun Jerry.
    You were the first cigar review I saw sometime back when I Googled cigar reviews. That’s what brought me to this site. I believe you had your brother in the video.

    Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.

  6. Hi, guys. Registered. Great idea for the contest. Thanks for the reviews, been folowing you guys on RSS. Be blogging about this contest too in my new site – How To Smoke A Cigar. Already have an RSS reader ft. Stogie Review in there. Thanks again.

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