Interview with Jose Ortega of Reyes Family Cigars

Stogie Spotlight5 Comments on Interview with Jose Ortega of Reyes Family Cigars

Interview with Jose Ortega of Reyes Family Cigars

For Independence day I thought it would be best to keep the post here on Stogie Review short and sweet. After all, I don’t want to keep you away from your Family, Cigars, Beer, and BBQ too long.

In place of my video review this week, I have an interview with Jose Ortega of Reyes Family Cigars to share with you. The video was recorded by our good friend Tom Adcock while at a Reyes Family Cigars event at Ed Nazare’s shop, St Pete Pipe and Cigar.

MP3 Version: Right Click > Save As

Enjoy the video and please
have a safe and happy Independence Day

enjoying cigars since 2005

5 thoughts on “Interview with Jose Ortega of Reyes Family Cigars

  1. What happened to the audio, it sounds all messed up.

    Not bad for his first interview, just try and relax and think of it as a conversation.

  2. Yea, long story with the audio trouble, basically a crappy portable mic. I have it remedied for the next time though.

    I agree, he was a bit uptight. The interview Anthony did with the Felipe Gregorio rep was very relaxed and unplanned. That was probably the key, he didn’t have time to think about it. This time around, he didn’t just ‘go for it’ like before.

    Now I know how his brain works. Off the cuff he’s a natural with a lot of energy. But with any planning, he get’s a bit up tight.

  3. The sound for me was fine but the video feed was awful. So distracting I lost interest in the entire video. Sorry to be so harsh, but the new guy from his porch has the same problem. All the rest of the critiques are so much better. I always look forward to a new one.

    Thanks again.

  4. Strange… I’ve had several emails but none mentioned video playback problems. I also tried it on 3 additional computers that I own (ranging from first gen P4’s to current dual core processors) with no problems other then the strange sounding audio (explained above).

    I suspect you were having buffering issues, or the problem lies elsewhere on your PC.

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