Contest: Win a box of Nub Cameroon Box Pressed Torpedos

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Contest: Win a box of Nub Cameroon Box Pressed Torpedos

For the month of July we will be running an easy contest
The prize is a box of Nub Box Pressed Torpedos.
Courtesy of RGianelli

Nub Cameroon 466 Box Pressed Torpedo

This contest is even simpler than last months Fumee World contest. All you have to do to enter is simply tell me what you are smoking (or were smoking). One contest entry per person, per day. Contest ends on July 31, 2008. A winner will be selected at random early in the month of August and announced here on Stogie Review.

Good luck

I’d love to see the comments climb on this one
so don’t be bashful and enter every day!

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1,328 thoughts on “Contest: Win a box of Nub Cameroon Box Pressed Torpedos

  1. Recently smoked a Nub Conn. Torpedo and Nording Torpedo. Have an Opus X and an Edge Maduro waiting in the wings to be smoked over the weekend.

  2. Today I’m starting off with a VS 10th anniv.. I have a Camacho 10th anniv. lined up for lunch and a Camacho Triple ready for dinner.

  3. Just smoked a Oliva Serie G Maduro yesterday, im starting the day with a CAO gold

  4. Nub Cameroon 460 is my latest flavor of the week. Not only is it a tasty cigar, but it reminds me of my beginning days when I thought “the fatter the better” is how you judge a cigar. It was great to share the new style with a few of my friends who I have recently recruited to the cigar world.

  5. Smoked a CAO America followed by a Camacho Liberty 2006 last night for the 4th. I plan on smoking a CG4 today followed by ???

  6. Yesterday I had a Romeo y Julieta Bully and a Sancho Panza Double Maduro La Mancha.

  7. Yesterday my last smoke was Black Pearl Morado.. today I have no idea what to smoke yet.. one of the nubs would be nice.. 🙂

  8. Cupido doble was the smoke of choice yesterday as I watched my neighbors try to blow up the neighborhood.

  9. just smoked an Oliva series G cameroon on the 4th, smoking a nub connecticut 460 today and I have a Rocky Patel Decades torpedo lined up for my son’s 1st birthday Sunday.

  10. Yesterday I smoked a Miranda Tabacos Maximilliano cigar. It’s extremely rare cigar and it’s a all Mexican tobacco and it is made in Mexico.

  11. Smoke a Camacho Liberty 2007 last night and started off the morning with a Oliva Serie O Natural.

  12. I started the day off with a Tatuaje Serie P and coffee. A breakfast of champions.

  13. Last night I smoked a Felipe Gregorio Power, but started today with a Don Pepin Garcia – Blue Label

  14. The 4th was a special treat day, so I went with a Padron 1926 #6 natural, then an Oliva Master Blend 2 robusto. Both were incredibly delicious, but I’d have to say that I enjoyed the MB2 better.

  15. For the 4th I had a Montecristo Platinum; it looked good and burned well but it did not like the taste.

  16. I useualy smoke two to three cigars A day.I start off with A hoyo de Monterey rothchild,with A double espresso.After work and diner I ‘ll have A CAO pirana,or something along those lines.Then on the weekend I’ll have something like an Olivia V,or something by Pepin Garcia.

  17. Currently smoking a lot. Mornings are usually Don Kiki Red label. Afternoons are now corona sized like Padron, Tatuaje or Illusione …mmm, those illusiones are tasty

  18. Smoking a Vibe Corojo Robusto right now. Finding it a bit harsh, but with really strong coffee flavor. Probably will let them rest a while longer.

  19. This month I’m smoking the following: 1) CAO Black, 2) Nub Habano and 3) Oliva Serie G Maduro.

  20. Recently I smoked a Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee Maduro. This was on the 4th of July

  21. I Just finished off my second Oliva Serie V and it was epic! I smoked that thing till it burned my lips! Happy smoking ya’ll

  22. Just smoked a Rocky Patel Decade. Decent smoke, great burn, and the first cigar I’ve ever had that NEVER got hot towards the end.

  23. I just got done smoking a Padron 1926 Serie No. 6. Great cigar! The burn was perfect!

  24. Yesterday (4th of July) I smoked a 5Vegas Gold, an RP Factory Select, and a large dark Gurkha Torpedo. I also had a variety of PNW microbrews and some Dalmore Cigar Malt, which is why I can’t be more specific about the Gurkha. No cigars so far today but the day is young, unlike me.


  25. I smoke two cigars on the fourth, an Asthon Aged Maduro and a TNT BP Padron Anniversary Alternative (note, it’s not even close to a Padron but I was bbqueing and it’s good for that).

    Today it’s a real Padron 1926 Anniversary No. 9 – oh yeah.

  26. I celebrated the day after the 4th today with an enjoyable CAO America Monument. Good flavor!

  27. I’m getting over a cold, so nothing on the 4th. My next one will probably be a Don Kiki white label. Unless some of my friends come to town. Then It will likely be a Graycliff 1666.

  28. Had 2 partagas 160’s last night and I’m planning to have at least one, possibly 2 cao america’s tonight.

  29. I ain’t trying to enter but I love the Nub Connecticut…my favorite of all the Nubs.

    Anyway, yesterday I smoked a Camacho Liberty, Nording by Rocky Patel and a Punch Rare Corojo from 2006.

  30. Camacho Triple Maduro — dark chocolate, plumes of blue smoke, superb burn — loved it —

  31. I smoked a nub today. Why, because it’s just the right smoke for sitting on my back porch, studying for the Architectural Registration Exam.

  32. Yesterday for the 4th I started the day off with a Nub Connecticut Torpedo.

  33. Today’s smokes are Indian Tabac Cameroon Maduro Gorilla, Vega Talanga Azul Robusto, and a Montecristo Media Noche Torpedo. Life is good.

  34. Well, since Walt weighed in on this (are Stogie Review staff eligible to win? LOL) I’m smoking a Gurkha Regent Torpedo Solid was kind enough send me a week or so ago. Yesterday was all about the CAO America and I’m tomorrow I’m hoping I have the time to light up that Padron 80th….

  35. Haven’t quite made up my mind yet, but I’m leaning towards smoking a 601 black label robusto tonight.

  36. My 1st CAO America, a toro sized one.
    And surprisingly, it’s really good.

  37. I’m smoking a Partagas Black Label Clasico. Had a couple of Nub Habanos recently & loved em.

  38. This is insane lol. I smoked a Perdomo Lot 23 last night. It was nasty! The flavors were OK for the first 1/4, but then it got disgusting with grassy/hay flavors. Bleh.

  39. I’m smoking a Rockey Patel Fusion MM Torpedo from’s Cigar of the Month Club deal.

  40. A Camacho Coyolar Rothschilde. Kicked my butt! Don’t smoke this on an empty stomach.

  41. I had Tatuaje Cojonu 2006 torpedo this morning and a San Cristobal this evening while floating in the pool with a frozen mug of Heineken. Both are Don Pepin Garcia blends and are consistant smokes like all his stuff. The flavor of his blends is consistantly smooth and silky and the construction and burn are flawless.

  42. Currently i’am smoking a partagas black label bravo,
    anf perdomo reserve champage,

  43. Early this morning I was smoking a CC Sancho Panza CORONA (2000 VINTAGE).
    Later Oliva serie V double toro.

  44. Just finished an AVO Domain and it went perfect with ‘Boondock Saints.”

  45. Today i started with a flor de oliva gold torpedo, followed by a padron 4000 maduro and finished with an oliva serie v torpedo

  46. I’ve really gotten into Cameroons lately, smoking the CAO Cameroon (my favorite), Oliva Serie G, La Flor Dominica, and most recently the Nub Cameroon, which I very much enjoyed not less than an hour ago (about 4am cst). I also received a Gurkha Ancient Warrior which was surprisingly very rich and smooth, as I expected it to have a little too much body for me to handle. Looking forward to my Nub Habano, CAO Brazilia, La Glora Cubano Serie R, Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Cedros Deluxe No. 1. I also recently enjoyed an Oliva Family Master Blend No. 3, I believe it was. My 4th of July smokes were as follows: Cohiba Esplendidos early in the day, followed by a Cohiba Especiales, and finished the day with a nice CAO Gold Torpedo and some delicious Weihenstephaner Orignal German Brew

  47. Last night I smoked a CAO black mosaic, Joya de Nicaragua Atano 1970, and Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto, All were good, but lately I just can’t get enough of the Joya de Nicaragua.

  48. Last night I smoked a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel. This is one if my all time favorites. This time I tried pinching the cap, rather than cutting, as suggested by Rush Limbaugh. Pinching cracks the cap and cuttting or punching are not necessary. I also smoked it with the chisel up and down which keeps it open and really focuses the flavor.

  49. I had a Rocky Patel Signature series yesterday and will be chillin with a Tatuaje Havana VI churchill

  50. I smoked a CAO Americana yesterday. First one not to impressed with the cigar, but will try one more after it ages.

  51. Last night had a R & J Viejo “B”,. Started the day this morning with a CAO Gold. Will have an Excalibur #3 Maduro later this afternoon.

  52. On the 4th is was a Edge Corojo, which was awesome till the wrapper split. None yesterday, but tonight it will be a San Cristobal.

  53. started the morning with a flor de oliva gold with my coffee… this afternoon features a serie V lancero and this evening will hopefully bring a tatuaje black

  54. starting off today with a gran habano corojo #5, then will smoke a felipe gregorio icon..

  55. I just had a Cohiba Coronas Especiales Cuban absolutely wonderful 6″ x 38 ring. I’d love to try the Nub it looks very interesting. Great Web-site… Thank you for all the Great Cigar info.

  56. I don’t smoke that much, so the Don Kiki white label is still on the agenda. I do have some Tatuaje JJ’s on the way though.

  57. Smoked a Montecristo Afrique in the afternoon today. Good example of a Cameroon cigar. Was rolled a little tight but still very smokable. Got it two weeks ago so probably needed more drying time in my humidors.

    That being said, it’s a solid Med despite the claim it’s Med to Full. I prefer the Perdoma Cameroon over this but in general, I’d say it’s a good solid cigar as I’d expect from a Montecristo. It’s a Yes to smoke again and yes to buy again. Matter of fact, I’ll probably pick up a five pack to put money where my mouth is 😉

  58. I’m smoking some class as I write this one. It is a Diamond Crown! I don’t smoke many of them, but I was at a cigar shop the other day and saw one with a maduro wrapper and thought, Hmmm I haven’t had one of those yet. I just lit it up so I can’t give you much of a review.

    I hope I win!

  59. Smoked a Nub Habano 464, 3rd one I’ve had. Best one too. I tend to smoke them too fast but tonight I just took my time.

  60. Just finished off a Davidoff Limited Edition 20th Anniversary. Very nice cigar, but as with all Davidoffs, a bit over priced.

  61. I’m currently smoking Vengeance Robusto. Vengeance is a maduro made by Rocky Patel. It is one of my current favorites. The blend of tobacco is from 4 countries: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. The wrapper is an aged maduro tobacco from Brazil.

  62. I am currently smoking an Oliva Serie V Belicoso. Great smoke but not quite as great as the Ashton VSG Wizard I burned on the 4th.

  63. I just finished my midnight snack.
    A Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Cedros Deluxe No. 1
    I am fairly new to cigars and am still trying to find my tasting/palette ability, but It seemed to start with some nice peppery spice with a fairly nutty after taste with a hint of some chocolatey goodness mixed in there. It was a good 1 hour and 10 minute orgiastic feast for the senses. I liked it. I had a Romeo y Julieta a number of years back and wasn’t diggin’ it then, but I can see enjoying more in the future.

  64. I just smoked my first Oliva Serie O. the cigars tasted great but the wrapper split multiple times… I believe the same thing happened in your review… huh…
    Night ya’ll

  65. I smoked about half of a Famous Nicaraguan 3000 on the fourth!

    While walking on a grated outdoor sidewalk, the 2nd half fell out of my mouth and through the grating!! Doh! I’m a beginner cigar smoker and this was my first cigar outside of the mild realm and it was utterly fantastic!!! Best I had yet in fact!

    Double doh! famous now out of stock! I would easily buy a box if it were available!

  66. Last evening I enjoyed a CAO Criollo and this morning an Oliva Series G Maduro

  67. On The 4TH Of July I Smoked A La Flor Dominicana Lancero Ligero After A Fire Work Show With My Family, Me and MY Brother Smoked And Laughed Like Some Fools Watching Training Day…….

  68. On the 4th I had a NUB Conn. to start off, then an Aroma de Cuba and finished off with a CAO Brazilia box pressed. On the 5th I had 2 RP Vintage 1992. On the 6th I had an Arturo Fuente Churchill and 2 Gurkha Shaggys. Today I started with a Davidoff No.2 for lunch I’ll probably have a CAO Italia Novella.

  69. Found some Opus X this weekend & Illusione Cg:4s…
    Last cigar I smoked was a Oliva V Torpedo last night.
    (ps- I did have a cameroon torpedo NUB this weekend – Very good!)

  70. Today I am smoking an ITC 10th Anniversary Edition. Very…..interesting smoke.

  71. At the moment I’m smoking a fatty Perdomo Inmenso, and planning out what sticks to take to a bachelor party this weekend.

  72. Unfortunately I’m not smoking anything at the moment. Last night I had a La Flor Dominicana DL-700.

  73. At this time I am not smoking anything, tonight will will be trying the NUB Connecticut 464 Torpedo that was just reviewed. Yesterdays cigar of choice was a Montecristo, the exact one my not sure. Have to look at my journal which is not on me at this time.

    I am a new Smoker so I’m always trying different ones and I find these reviews extremely helpful!

  74. Today I started with a CAO Gold Maduro. Later I’ll probably have a Padron 1964 Diplimatico.

  75. barely any cubans posted=(….
    I started my day with an hoyo de monterey epicure no.1, for lunch i had a partages serie D no.3 (edicion limitada 2003) and im finishing off a large cohiba esplendido for dinner which is going great and hase loads of rich cocao and ceadar flavours….
    now thats a healthy cigar diet

  76. n by the way it may show 11:am in america, but im posting all the way from australia n its like 2 in da mornin….
    anywaiiz keep up the good work, ive been tuning in 2 ur reviews since u guyz started, n ur gettin heard all the way from australia….
    so dats a sign that u guyz r doin a grate job…
    cheers mate tc

  77. just got done smoking a Montecristo No:2 I’ve been aging in my humidor. AMAZING smoke.

  78. Just a quick San Cristobal pc this morning. These things are packed full of flavor and I’ll buy another box to have around for sure.

  79. My personal favorite, Hoyo Dark Sumatra. Hopefully a box of Nubs pretty soon.

  80. I’ve had a nub connecticut 464T Today. i may try a rocky patel sungrown torpedo later on..

  81. Smoking a Tatuaje Series P and eying a Diamond Crown Maximus sitting in my humi

  82. an el mejor emerald.. corojo beauty with a shaggy foot and a curly head. very tasty..

  83. Smoked a AF Best Seller at lunch and plan on smoking a Tat when I get home.

  84. Currently a RP Edge LIte.. last night.. CAO black…tonight will be a Nub conn. for starts.

  85. Let’s see. On July 4, an R&J Reserva Real. On the 5th, on Oliva Serie G. On the 6th, a Nub Connecticut 464 (boxed pressed torpedo) and later, a Punch Champion. Today is still young, but I’m at work!

  86. This AM, a Casa Torano robusto with a cup of coffee. This afternoon, a Don Tuto habano colorado toro with a beautiful draw and aroma. Full flavor without a nicotine knockout….

  87. Just smoked a Rocky Patel Sun Grown. Amazing smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite Rocky Patel by far.

  88. I am smoking a MAXX Fix right now while lounging by the pool. I love these smokes and your Website.

  89. Last night I smoked a Don Pepin Garcia Blue Lable. This morning I enjoyed a Perdomo vintage 1991 (tubo). Tonight I will relax with a CAO American.
    Till the morning …Peace

  90. Top of the list right now is Oliva Serie V and La Gloria Serie R natural… Great smokes.

  91. I bought a box of Auturo Fuente Hemingway Signature, It’s 10pm and I am on my third one of the day. Absolutely Great Smoke.

  92. Just smoked a CAO Criollo. Have not tried the Nub yet, but have wanted to and will not turn down a box.

  93. today i had a flor de oliva gold, a la aroma de cuba and an oliva serie v. breakfast lunch and dinner

  94. Jerry’s video has gotten me curious about the NUB Connecticut.

    Most recent smoke however….my current fave cigar, the Tatuaje Brown Label Noella!

  95. On my Cameroon kick, I just finished smoking a La Aurora 1495 Vintage 94. Fantastic cigar. Smoked it for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Quite a bit longer then I thought it would be. Very oily, plenty of smoke and fantastic construction. Similiar in taste to the other 1495 cigars so not sure I’d pay the price to buy more since a regular 1495 is just as good in my opinion. Makes me want to get smaller ring guage 1495 cigars though 🙂

  96. I’ve decided to boycott my sticks until somebody else wins the Nubs. Because this is a month-long contest, I may quit altogether.

  97. Last night, I had a Don Lino 1989 maduro churchill. It was good, behaved well. I cant remember what I paid for it so dont know if I would smoke it again.

  98. smoked a cabaiguan torpedo this morning, I’m about to light up a nub habano after lunch

  99. Thanks Ace for taking one for the team. If I win, I’ll send you some Nubs out of gratitude for your sacrifice.


  100. Carlos Torano Virtuoso… Slow smoke.great burn with a tight ash. I’m going to put on a pot of coffee as I think the combo will be great.

  101. I had a Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Churchill on the golf course yesterday.

  102. Just hit my B&O Yesterday and picked up a Nub 460 conneticut, Oliva serie G special G and Fuente Curlyhead!

    Looking forward to smoking the Serie G hopefully by tomorrow, in direct response to the latest American front porch review!

  103. Today has been an unnamed, unbranded cigar I laid up for nearly 4 years (rolled onsite at a corporate party – not bad!), Thomas Hinds Vintage Reserve (not bad, but needs a few months aging), and later, a Fonseca Habana Seleccion Dark Prince. (I can see why they call the abnormally long one a “Dark Prince”. I just can’t believe how much I enjoy having it in my mouth for a couple of hours…)

  104. Part of today’s lunch included an Oliva Serie G Maduro – Special G. Nice little smoke while at work.

  105. Today I started with a 5Vegas Shorty followed by a Nording by Rocky Patel.

  106. Lately I have been having the CAO Brazilia (Piranha) on my lunch break. Over the weekend I had a Playboy by Don Diego Lonsdale and a Don Diego Privada #1 maduro.

  107. Smoked a Gurkha Legend Chuchill on the 4th of July with 2 of my friends after a big cookout and it was very enjoyable.

  108. This morning started with a Oliva G serie. Tonight I enjoyed a 5 Vegas Classic out on the back deck.

  109. 10 puffs in to a 601 Green Label robusto. The perfect example of a Pepin blend mellowing out just when you start to wonder if you’ll be able to handle the spice and power until the nub.

  110. Today I smoked a Liga Privada #9 by Drew Estate. I was very surprised and very impressed with this smoke. Very rich, flavorful and well balanced.

    I guess I wasn’t expecting too much, but this was really quite good. I’ll look for more soon.

  111. Just stepped inside from a nice hour spent with a fresh cup of java and a Padron 3000 Maduro. Always a good combo in my book…

  112. I just had a Short Story by Fuente.
    Nice construction, burn, draw….all was flawless,off the bat.

  113. non-Cuban Trinidad maduro…meh. Glad this was a gift because it’s doing nothing for me.

  114. Just finished my late night sitdown with a CAO Brizilia torpedo. Never lets me down.

  115. Since Ace has given up smoking for this month, I’ll try and pick up the pace. Smoking a RP Vintage 92 that’s been in my humidor for over a year. Wow, very nice cigar and great example of a Sumatra wrapper. After that, hmmm, probably stick with my Cameroon theme and smoke a CAO L’Anniversaire Cameroon. Now that’s a nice cigar too!!!!

    Ace, your bad for my budget but I love the cigars I’m smoking in your absence!!

    You should recommend 5 I should smoke in your honor (US purchasable) lame to good and I’ll see if I can find them heh.


  116. for the exception of this mornins cigar, a cohiba siglo II
    all my others have been non-cubans…..
    n boi they were a treat….
    for lunch i had a padron 1964 exclusivo….
    n 4 dinner i saved myself an OPUS X FORBIDDEN X that was gifted 2 me along with a cutter n a fuente cigar DVD…
    overall my cigar deit for the day was like an all you can eat buffet… not very healthy

  117. On July 4th, I smoked a Flor de Filipinas Robusto. For what I paid for($0.55 ea.)it isn’t bad at all. It’s a mild, consistent, easy smoke.

  118. Drew Estates La Vieja Habano Corojo Belecoso D.
    It has a Nicaraguan mixed filler with a Corojo wrapper, natural tobacco not infused.

  119. I just got home. Por Larragana Petite Corona (c). MAN! The website says light-medium… I swear it’s stronger than that.

    To quote me friend Nate, “This cigar is so good, I can’t feel my face!”

    Really, really nice cigar.

  120. Dave,

    I submit the following, none of them lame, all of them good, and all can be purchased stateside:

    Perdomo ESV 1991 Maduro
    Illusione, any size, all great
    Padilla Signature 1932 Robusto
    El Rico Habano Torpedo Maduro
    Camacho Scorpion

    There you are. I enjoyed them just by typing their names, and the per stick price was great!

  121. Goin with the Oliva Series G this morning and will round out the day with an Illusione 888

  122. Yesterday I had a new Cusano LXI Habano Sun Grown which drew perfectly & had a nice rich flavor that reminded me of the red EO 601 – I’ll have to do a side-by-side comp! In the evening I enjoyed a Cuesta Rey SG #11 over ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ – great draw, burn & flavor… Just a sun-grown kinda’ day…

  123. Yesterday was a La Riqueza No. 2 followed by a CAO America from the Four for the Fourth pack.

    Today I’m thinking Illusione Holy Lance and a Padron 1964 Maduro.

  124. Yesterday = Camacho Triple Maduro
    Today = La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero
    Tomorrow = Perdomo Edicion d’Silvio Maduro

  125. had a Hemingway untold story this morning, excellent smoke, after lunch I’m smoking a CAO Italia gondola

  126. Last night I had a Gurkha legend, Rocky Patel Edge, and a NUb Connecticut 464. I had some burn problems with the Gurkha, but the other two smoked flawlessly. Burn problems aside all of the smokes were enjoyable.

  127. I was in college – on spring break down in Florida many, many years ago. A buddy and I had just started smoking cigars, and were trying to find that smooth cigar we could count on. Fate lead me to a box of Cuban seeded, Dominican grown cigars named Santa Damaina. They had a blue label, and were amazing cigars. Smooth, burned great, beautiful smoke. Living in the midwest, I haven’t been able to find any since then. You will always have a place in my heart Santa Damaina….

  128. This things sure getting long.

    I’ll be lighting up a Partagas Short later in the day.

  129. this morning i sparked up a gran habano corojo #5. 108 degrees today here in sacramento, ca.. just too damn hot to enjoy a cigar…

  130. Over July 4th weekend, had a CAO black, RP Connecticut, RYJ Vintage, and Jose Seijas Signature. For tonight, gonna light up a HDM Certified Vintage.

  131. LGC Series S #4, thas thee one i’m gonna be smoking the minute i get to may home, With some Johnny Red over ice.

  132. This last weekend, I smoked a Gurkha Class Regent Churchill. Friends are coming over Friday and I’ll be smoking 2 or 3 stogies then. I’ll enter those in future days with future entries. Cheers!

  133. I’m smoking a Don Juan Urquijo Pyramid from La Flor De La Isabela in the Philippines.

  134. Had a CAO Gold Maduro this afternoon with lunch. And Im going to be sparking up a Padron 1926 Serie No. 6

  135. Tried my Special G, Cameroon today! Fantastic smoke! American Front Porch had a dead on review!

  136. This evening it’s a Camacho Habano.

    My goal is to not miss a day ‘cuz I wanna win big!!!! :p

  137. This morning i had a montecristo no.4(cuban)
    during the day i had a montecristo no.2
    and a montecristo C edicion Limitada…
    nice n simple….

  138. Today I had Romeo & Juliet Vintage Maduro that has been in the humi for 9 months. Very Nice. Much better than when I first bought them.

  139. Last night my smoking choices were a Graycliff Espresso and a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992. Both were very tasty, and together brought hours of enjoyment.

  140. I just had a Rocky Patel Edge. Not a bad cigar in my opinion. Thanks for the contest!

  141. I am presently smoking Gurkha’s Triple Ligero this is one awesome smoke, burns evenly no canoeing, and taste wonderful if any of you guys haven’t tried one of these yet get to stepping, this cigar is great!!!

  142. Well when a friend buys you a stick it’s rude not to try and enjoy it right? So I had a Casa Blanca, seemed to be a 4 x 60. Poor wrapper, quick burn, loose draw, but free. I think I will buy next time.

  143. smoked a CAO gold maduro this morning, just finished off a San Cristobal after lunch, good cigar

  144. Had a very good Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8
    I could smoke these everyday if they were a buck cheaper.

  145. La Vieja Habana – Brazilian Maduro – it was a great stick for the golf course today.

  146. hoyo de monterey , excaliber prensado.. dark as night oscoro wrapper, smooth as silk..

  147. Oliva Serie “V” Lancero. 7 inches of pure pleasure. Smoked it to a teeny tiny nub.

  148. Going to smoke an Arturo Fuente Curly Head Natural for the first time later today! YeeeHa!

  149. Today I had the Punch Magnum 5.25×54. It was OK. Very 1 dimentional. A little Earth some pepper and not much else. I have to say I liked it more than the Punch Rare Carojo I had a couple week back. Just not my style at all.

  150. CAO Brazilia Gol. I really wanted to like this stick, but it’s just not rubbing me right. Wrapper smells good, though.

  151. Today I smoked a DPG Cuban Classic robusto, a Tatuaje Serie P, and a Perdomo Limited Golf Edition Double Eagle.

  152. Met up with Jerry and the CigarSpy for an OWR courtesy of Jerry himself, and my first NUb!

  153. A friend gave me a stick he bought on vacation and I smoked it after dinner tonight. It’s from Carolina Cigar Company.

  154. the Rocky P old`e world reserve.i got this cigar in a sampler pack .great smoke abit too much cigar for the drive to work, i highly recommend it to all

  155. Some god-awful fake Cuban that a friend thought would be a nice gift when they came back from Mexico. I appreciate the thought, but wouldn’t you think a band that looked like it was printed on an old dot matrix printer would clue you in? or possibly the fact that it said “Coheeba”?

  156. smoked a JdN Antano 1970 magnum, no matter what i do, the antanos seem to have tunneling problems at the end of the cigar, even after dryboxing they still tunnel on me

  157. It is a wonderful evening and I just smoked a Nub Cameroon and then a Habano, and I have to say that the Habano is the winner for me, “hands down”. What a great cigar. I still like the Cameroon though! Next I’ll have to see if I agree with Jerry and give a Connecticut Nub a try. I have a few in the humidor waiting…

    🙂 Life is very good right now in the world of cigars!

  158. Early today I had CAO Vision Prana, I enjoyed it very much. Not sure its worth the money, but I a delicious smoke.

    This afternoon I had a La Aroma de Cuba.

    I am about to enjoy my night smoke, which happens to be a Punch Champion this evening.

  159. Smoked a Rocky Patel Decade Toro this afternoon – this was only the second one of these cigars I’ve had – a little pricey, but on a per minute basis, definitely a bargain.

  160. yummy, smoking a Felipe Gregoria Power Triple R. Very nice cigar. Of course, you can see the video review here.

    And Ace, ok, getting my Ace 5 pack all set up. Got two Illusions in my humdor and two of the Perdoma ESV 91 Maduro’s so set there. Ordered a 5 pack of the Padilla Signature 1932 Robusto’s from and 3 El Rico Habano Torpedo Maduros plus 2 Camacho SLR Perfecto #2 Maduro’s from OMG!! Scorpions, your a funny guy Ace LOL!!! I did see one place online that may sell singles but I’ll try Tower Cigars here in Sacramento and see if they have it. I’ll hope the SLR is close enough heh.

  161. yesterday I smoked a Nub Habano, Fuente Fuente Opus X (amazing stick) and a CAO Vision (Another amazing stick).

    Today I have smoked so far, CAO Brazilia and a Gurkha Vintage Shaggy

  162. Earlier this week, I had an Oliva Serie V. Wonderful cigar with a full body and quite a punch, too. One of my new favorite smokes, especially at the great $6 – 7 price point (and that in California!!!). As the doctor said, take two of these and repeat as needed!

  163. This morning I tried to enjoy a CAO Brazilia with my coffee, which I have before and loved, but there were some really bad burn issues, and the construction was botched as far as I know, there was a strange sort of hollow tunnel down the center of the stick that lead to very uneven burn and shitty ass draw. It was very hard to enjoy. Never have I experienced this with a CAO Brazilia, or a CAO in general. I chalk it up to a one time fluke, but it still ruined the smoke. At least my coffee was delicious.

    This afternoon I’m going with another La Aroma de Cuba leading into an evening with the CAO l’anniversaire Maduro for sure.

  164. I think it would be a good idea to get a mini review with each cigar. I know SR doesnt do numerical reviews, but I think a 1-10 scale would be a way just to say how you liked that particular stick. Considering burn, flavor, strength, price, etc.

    For example:
    Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Belicoso – 6.5

  165. my Nub Trifecta is in play – smoking the Connecticut on drive home from work, in about 5 minutes

  166. Ashton VSG Corona Gorda – very smooth experience with bountiful white smoke and medium body producing a soft spice undertone behind a buttery nut aroma and a faint sweet dark coco finish.

  167. I just smoked one of my very favorite cigars. The Dynamite 450 Natural wrapper. it’s very smooth… and cheap. I recommend it!

  168. I have only been smoking cigars for a few weeks now and have tried something new each night. I saw these Kahul’a cigars by Drew Estates so I thought I would give it a try. Not bad, the burn was uneven and it got pretty spicey into the second third. I actually caught a buzz off of it. Don’t think it is something I would smoke again. Maybe a 5 out of 10. I think I will go out tomorrow and pick up a couple of Nub Cameroon’s.
    Seems that alot of people like them.

  169. Bolivar Royal Corona,The first half was booring but the second half really kicked up a lot.

  170. Having a La Gloria Cubana. I usually smoke the Serie R, but this is quite good for a change. I’m thinking of lighting up a Graycliff Chrystal after this. It is such a wonderful Friday evening.

  171. I just finished smoking an Oliva Serie V Lancero during my sometimes nightly reading. Excellent smoke. I have Jerry to thank for the recommendation and for his and Walt’s review.

  172. Starting the day off with an Avo Intermezzo. Haven’t actually smoked it yet but will when I get where I’m going. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to post today and I really want this box o’ Nubs so figured I’d start early!! :p

  173. Last night, second cigar: Nub Habano. Great taste, spicy, earthy. Kicked my butt! I’d do it again, but probably not as a second stick of the night.

  174. Just finished a Oliv Serie V. First construction issue i’ve ever had with an Oliva cigar. Plugged like a sumbi#@h! I got through it though!

  175. Rocky Patel Edge Maduro Gran Robusto followed by a Rocky Patel Edge Corojo Gran Robusto.

  176. a. fuente curly head natural…is it my inexperience or do these just taste like a big semi-sweet cigarette?

  177. A Fuente Curly Head. A classic Fuente. A good value but still can’t expect wonders from a $2.50 smoke.

    Java Wafe by Drew Estate. Small (rectangle pressed), but a touch more spark than the Robusto.

    Occidental Reserve Double Broadleaf Maduro Toro. Smoke is rich and complex in flavor. Nice $3.00 maduro. Very enjoyable.

    Trinidad y Cia Double Corona. Medium cigar, technically short filler but burned like a long filler. Cheap, one dimensional but pleasant.

    Arango Sportsman no.300 – Just in at the B&M. Good sweet $2.00 smoke to enjoy. Mild with a hint of vanilla.

    Java by D.E. Robusto. Great cocoa and dark chocolate maduro.

    No 59 Factory throwouts. A buck a stick. Good smoke for doing things, not for savoring.

  178. Flor de Olivia. A good value $2.50 daily smoke. Medium-bodied cigar rich in flavor.

    That’s it for today and lately.

  179. Just got my iPhone 3G! So now I am celebrating by smoking a Partagus, Serie P, No 2! Life is good!

  180. Wow, so many good cigars smoked among you fine people. Today, I smoked a R&J Vintage. Nice Connecticut Shade representative. Followed it with a Don Pepin Serie JJ. My first JJ. Milder then I anticipated but it was a very nice Med body cigar. Paired very well with my IPA beer. Kind of a sweet grassy or hay flavor offsetting the bitterness of the beer. I’ll definitely be smoking more of the JJ cigars. Later tonight, going for a Pueblo Domincano II cigar while I bbque 🙂

  181. Last night was a Gurkha Ltd. Master Select, Graycliff 1666 PG Robusto, and a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992.

  182. Another RP Vintage 90 tonight, just received the Nub sampler, looking forward to the next few days 🙂

  183. a great sunny socal day, smoked a Arturo fuente special selection, my first and defently not my last one,highly recommend this cigar to all, in my opion this is a med~full smoke with great flavers

  184. Had a Camacho El Legend-ario maduro, Oliva G maduro, Camacho Scorpion, and a Boli today. The Scorpion was awesome.

  185. I smoked the Nub 464T Habano while bbquing and I must say I was disappointed, specially after smoking an awesome Oliva Serie V last night. It was ok at first, it kinda has a hint of caramel that I expereinced with the Oliva, but then it kinda tasted like soap and burnt afterwards. The Connecticut is def my fave, though I still have to try the cameroon.

  186. (That better not have been one of mine M.J. :D)

    This morning i am sipping on a Java Loca Moca and smoking a Perdomo Champagne.

  187. Over the weekend, and based on jerry’s review of the nub conn i picked up 2 and smoked both. Awesome cigars.

  188. Gurkha Triple Ligero. Mellow and cocoa-y, just a hint of sweet spice. Not a powerhouse, but it sneaks up on you and tries to kick you in the head near the end. Slightly tight draw and a crack in the wrapper at the head were annoying, but not deal-breaking, construction problems.

  189. Java Wafe by Drew Estate. Small (rectangle pressed), but a touch more spark than the Robusto.

  190. Smoked a Nicaraguan 1000 last night!

    The first time I smoked one of these, it was the day after they came in from Famous Smoke; it was really really spicy, way too much for my taste.

    Last nights Nic 1000 had been sitting in the humidor for 3 weeks, unwrapped. It was smooth, not spicy and very enjoyable! Perhaps the first cigar had some ammonia in it..but now that they are mellowed out, i really like these full bodied cigars!

  191. Wow, just finished smoking a La Cuna Bin. No 85 $49.95 for a box of 20 Torpedo’s from CI. Great cigar. Highly recommend it!!!!

    Tonights smoking experience will kick the price up 6 dB to a Graycliff Double Expresso. Man, can’t wait!!! The thunder and smoke will awaken my neighbors.

  192. I’m going to my heighbors right now the smoke is a gran habano corojo # 5 but my fav is Oliva Serie V and very difficult to come by all of a sudden. Nice summer smoke keep the skiters off and probably my wife she hates when I hit the hay smelling like gar or fire……………………………………………………………… Later B

  193. I’m smoking one of the Nicaragua Reserve Savinelli, in a corona size. To be followed by a Nacarao from Rocky Patel, which I think are better than any of the Padron “thousand” series cigars.

  194. Yesterday I had a Rocky Patel The Edge Missille and a Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro.

  195. Last night, Ashton Classic Sovereign Torpedo. It’s the first time I’ve had one and it was an awesome mild bodied smoke.

  196. Oliva Serie V Torpedo for lunch. Wonderful Wonderful.

    Oliva Serie G torpedo right now. Prefer the V, but really enjoy the cameroon wrapper as I always do!

  197. coming in from a pool side padron 64 torpedo it was great and well worth the money. Thats why i keep a box of 1926 40 anniversary, 1964 torpedo, and 6000. If you can try all of them thay are great. P.S. all in natural. That is what I like

  198. Last night was the Gurkha Gran Reserve. Since we’re not allowed alcohol here in the sand box, the congac is that much nicer!

  199. I had two yesterday afternoon/evening:

    Chateau Real (mildly disappointing)
    R&J Reserva Real (significantly better)

  200. Occidental Reserve Double Broadleaf Maduro Toro. Smoke is rich and complex in flavor. Nice $3.00 maduro. Very enjoyable.

  201. Felipe Gregorio Power Leopard. My first spotted cigar. It’s… interesting you guys should review it.

  202. Friday night’s first cigar: Torano Virtuoso. Oily wrapper, great appearance, good cigar, but did not knock my socks off. Scale of 100: 83. Not something I’d throw away, but I probably won’t pay a lot for it again.

  203. Trinidad y Cia Double Corona. Medium cigar, technically short filler but burned like a long filler. Cheap, one dimensional but pleasant.

  204. Today I smoked my first La Flor Dominicana Double Ligera Chisel.
    Wow. That thing kicked my ass. I’m seeing double. I hope I just wrote this once!

  205. Had the Rocky Patel Decade, it was good but not great. If the price was lower I would buy more for sure.

  206. Smoking a Lot 23 robusto. I’ve got like 2 boxes of the belis, and now I wish they were robustos. Great morning drive smoke.

  207. I smoked a Red Dot Cohiba Lonsdale last night. It was a good smoke, but not for it’s full price(I only paid $6 in a sampler pack for this one though). My chances of winning will be slimmer now, I won’t smoke another one for a couple of weeks. 🙁

  208. Started off the morning with a Pirate’s Gold Corona by Rolando Reyes, Sr. – better than I expected. This evening’s treat will be a CAO Brazilia Lambada (toro). Life is good!

  209. Smoked the tried and true “Hoyo De Monterey-Governor” this afternoon. Cheap and tasty!

  210. Today I had a La Gloria Cubana Wavell. It was pertty good, not Great, but above average. It was better than the other 2 I had right when I received them. I think a month in the humi served them well.
    It was a creamy smoke with a very good draw. Lots of smoke with hints of cedar and nuts. The resting smoke was very nutty and pleasing. Again much better than the ones that did not have time to mellow in the humi.

  211. Arango Sportsman no.300 – Just in at the B&M. Good sweet $2.00 smoke to enjoy. Mild with a hint of vanilla.

  212. Rocky Patel Old World Reserve Corojo Torpedo.
    This stick started off harsh then settled down. The first on I had was excellent, this one was nothing special. I Have a few more to try. I hope it was an isolated bad stick.

  213. My commute home smoke was a Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petite Belicpsp (5 1/2 x 52) torpedo with a maduro wrapper. Nice low price daily smoke. I grabbed this one this morning, and its been in the humidor for about five months. Nice smoke, with a good finish.

  214. No 59 Factory throwouts. A buck a stick. Good smoke for doing things, not for savoring.

  215. Yummy, going to smoke Graycliff Double Espresso. Whoo, had to make sure I had eaten dinner first. It’s a power plug of a tasty cigar.

  216. Smoked a regular Flor De Oliva natural wrapper robusto! Haven’t tried the Flor De Oliva Golds yet, i should order a few singles of those.

  217. Gurkha Grand Reserva for me yesterday with my future father-in-law after I proposed to his daughter 🙂

  218. Nice one Josh! A nice sparkly ring for the future wifey and a nice smoke to please with the father-in-law. They’re blessed to have you. 🙂

  219. Just polished off another RP Conn with a couple of cups of some Guatamalen blend coffee. they complimented each other nicely.

  220. Smoking Flor De Filipinas Coronas Sumatra. 4:44am here in California. Still jet lag from my flight yesterday coming from the Philippines.

  221. Last November I went with some friends to the Big Smoke in Vegas. One of the sticks I still had from the event was a CAO Gold. I smoked it yesterday, hoping that 8 to 9 months in my humidor would improve that basic flavor profile. Nope. After all that resting time it still tasted like…let’s just say I only smoked half of that dog rocket! Not sure how much resting time one of those would take to actually be able to stand it.

  222. Java by Drew Estate wafe. My second ever and this one had a pretty wild and uneven burn at the 1/3 mark that ruined the last bit. Got hotter than the Robusto and the finish was a bit more buttery.

  223. An RP Edge Maduro Toro that I hat forgotten about in the humidor for about 9 months. Age really makes those guys great… hooray absentmindedness!

  224. I’m on the road, so there was no morning ‘gar today. >=(

    Tonight I’ll be enjoying another CAO Lambada (toro). Just one of those smokes I’ll never tire of. Fantastic flavor and quality at a reasonable price.

  225. RP Old World Reserve Corojo torpedo – redeemed itself, but didn’t blow me away.
    DPG Black Label Perla 1952

  226. Just finished a Gurka Fuerte churchill. About 2.5 hours and the wrapper didn’t explode until the last inch. 🙂

    I’d really like to try one of those J Fuegos sometime, hopefully my shop will start carrying them.

  227. todays cigar was an Oliva serie V liga especial , a great cigar,highly recommend this one to all, i got it in a sampler,a must buy soon.

  228. I had a Nub Habano this evening and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I think the trick to these, for me anyway, is to let them rest for a couple months. The first few I had didn’t really impress me but after some rest the Habano started to shine.

  229. CAO Maduro. One of the first Maduros I’ve in a while, and I enjoyed it very much. Even in the middle of the night. Damn All-Star game. NL can

  230. I have never smoked a nub so i am happy to see this post I am currently smoking a DPG JJ Sublime nice smoke especially smoking the cigars DPG himself calls “His Masterpiece” it truly is a masterpiece of a cigar.

  231. I smoked a very tasty Punch Rare Corojo Torp. recomend it if you like the pressed rc’s.

  232. El Rico Habano, Maduro Club. Another leftover from last year’s Vegas Big Smoke, but not because I thought it would be sub-par–I was afraid of the power of this one. And I had ever reason to be! Great cigar. Wonderful flavor. Absolutely kick-ass power!

  233. Last night’s after dinner cigar was an elegant and delicious Tatuaje Especiales (lancero). Started today right with a Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Belicoso.

  234. I had another RP Old World Reserve Corojo Torpedo with problems. The flavor was fine, however, as soon as I lit it, the wrapper cracked an inch and a half from the foot. I smoked through it, but this batch is different from the last ones I had which were excellent. Luckily, I didn’t pay full price. I plan on smoking the rest, but they are not performing like a $10 stick. I am surprised and disappointed.

  235. Nub 464T Connecticut… man, I love those things

    but I’d love some free Cameroons even more 😉

  236. Smoked a Cienfuegos Pyramides last night. I wasn’t impressed. I guess if you like full body cigars that just try and blast your palate with power and no sense of smoothness it’s a good cigar, kind of like your idea of a sports car is a rocket strapped to a Yugo. This cigar will throttle fire into your mouth with each puff and leave nothing but ash taste for 30 minutes (so it has that long tastte quality some like especially if you like ash trays). It builds up the raspyness attempting to overcome the ash taste with another blast of flame. By the end, the only reason I can think people think it mellows is because they can’t taste anything anymore.

    While aesthetics aren’t a big part of a cigar, it looked like I was smoking a unicorn horn. Maybe that was the most interesting part of it? Well, anyway, if your idea of a good time is to take 100 puffs of a cigar with a name of 100 fires for 1 fire per puff, then this horn of flame is for you!!

  237. Yesterday it was a Playboy by Don Diego (Lonsdale) one of my favorite mild smokes. Very creamy with lite spice and sweetness.
    Today was a JR Ultimate Toro (Orosco) from a 5 pack. Not bat at all. Very nice maduro falvor with mild spice and and earthy-wood flavor.

  238. to day is an el mejor emerald. good lookin puro, curly head with a shaggy foot, then cedar wrapped..

  239. After an intense week of coding (I know, it’s not even over yet 😉 ) enjoyed a Reyes Family Cien Fuego for starters. Very tasty. Then, to top it off I headed for an Oliva Special S. Love those things.

    Excellent for relaxing during code sessions. Now if I could only get a room and humidor in the office…

  240. Started today with an always enjoyable Punch Champion, love that figurado; then after dinner one of my favorites, an El Rico Habano. Debating on my before bedtime smoke – to go with the neighbors arguing – either a Don Lido Africa or Joya de Nicaragua.

  241. Follow up to 7/16/8 8:05pm (and correct typo) – finished the night with a Don Lino Africa Tembo; great smoke, even better once the cigar has been aged awhile. The Tembo burns alot better than the Kiboko, not all of the re-lights and an even burn.

  242. Enjoyed a nice and slow Oliva G tonight. Seems to be my goto stick, and at a great price for such a great smoke!!

  243. Tonight I’m smoking my favorite (1 week in my humidor) La Flor Dominicana Cabinet Maduro. I usually don’t care for Dominican tobacco, but Lito Gomez is one of thee best! My Cabaiguans are patiently waiting next to my Dona Flor and El Rey Del Mundo Oscuros. Since my greatly enjoyed Chisel illness during the DW radio review (I knew I was coming), I’m ready to return to medium & mild sticks again. The J. Fuego Natural I had today was fantastic. Well worth a late Italian dinner. Thanks for going to Vegas for us cigar fans, I don’t miss Vegas one bit!. Stay chillin, Den.

  244. Smoked a Cohiba Robusto last evening – not sure why these are listed as medium- to full-strength, but thought this was a good ‘everyman smoke’ – nothing unpleasant about it.

  245. I smoked a Don Pepin Blue Label tonight and to be honest, I don’t get the hype. It had so many overbearing wood flavors that I felt like I was smoking a forest. I kept wondering when Smokey the Bear was going to pop out of the trees and pimp slap me for burning his home. Oh well, maybe the Cuban Classic I have waiting for me will be nicer

  246. Smoked a Carlos Tarano Virtuoso Crescendo size (torpedo). Nice cigar. burns great, good volumn of smoke, more of an espresso type maduro vs a mocha type. Smooth, nothing harsh. Very well constructed and firm nice burning ash. No flavor changes, pretty straight forward and consistent but pleasurable. Great evening cigar.

  247. Had some friends over and passed out the Manolo factory overruns from CI. Great deal on them box of 25 for 26 bucks, thats with shipping. Not a bad cigar at all. More than what what I expected for a buck a stick.

  248. I am just finishing a Padron 3000 Maduro and will soon light up my daily GPG hrm but what to choose, 5 Vegas Miami or another JJ hrm to choices choices.

  249. This morning i am going to smoke a Cusano 18 Conn Shade

    I have a CAO Italia set aside for this evening.

  250. Montecristo Classic. Nice stogie, although I can’t see why people pay $10-15 for these–on the mild side of medium with very mild flavor profile. Nothing that makes me say “I gotta buy these all the time!”

  251. Lqast night I smoked a La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda. Very solid, enjoyable smoke.

  252. a gurhka , not sure which one , got it in a sampler…very good flavorful smoke though..

  253. Having a Padilla ’68 Torpedo this morning and I’m going to need to find more of these. Quite smooth with cream and just the right amount of spice.

    I really want this box ‘o Nubs so I’m not giving up on this contest!!!! :p

  254. Today for lunch, the JR Ultimate, Maduro. A decent smoke. Good to have something like this once in a while to make you appreciate the better smokes even more.

  255. todays cigar a Chavon Dominicano, an ok cigar , i have had better for the price

  256. A Rocky Patel I-Press Toro…. I’d love to see some reviews of this puppy, it was an oddball

  257. Last night was a St. Luis Rey Series G Maduro. Not sure which one but it was a big sucker!

  258. I just finished a CAO Gold Perfecto in the cool quiet of the a.m.

    I will tackle this Gurka Master Blend Churchill this evening!

  259. Started off Thursday evening with a Chateau Real by Drew Estate. Very nice flavor for a mild-body cigar, and not a bad price, either.

  260. illusione hl was the ticket last night. Dion has outdone himself. This lancero is simply scumptious. I fell the need to review this one when the Padron Roundup is a wrap.

    This morning was a Tatuaje Miami Petit Tatuaje. That’s the way to start your day with a bang!

  261. Last night was a Punch Grand Cru, a Cupido Doble, and a Dunhill Signed Range (Nicaraguan). Disappointed in the Dunhill. I liked the DR version better.

  262. Had a 5 Vegas Gold Double Nickel this morning, and have an Excalibur #3 Maduro planned for this afternoon.

  263. Last night over drinks and dinner with some friends I had a La Flor Dominicana DL-700, a Nub 464T Habano, and a 5 Vegas Seire A. The 5 Vegas was too tight until the last third though.

  264. Just smoked a CAO Gold….nice early day smoke. Last night, I had a CAO Brazilia. In case you have not noticed, I am a CAO fan!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Got a Cusano 18 Maduro today…not my fav, but it was haunting the rest of my smokes. I have some La Aurora Preferidos Robustos coming today, and that makes everything better!

  266. Today it was a Mac. Gold Label. I got these way back when I first started cigars. They are a very mild, creamy smoke with very lite spice. Not very dynamic but enjoyable. The resting smoke is very nice also.

  267. Last night had a Perdomo Fresco, and for the price (just over $2 it wasn’t half bad). Though fairly short, it lasted an hour and had a rich expresso flavor pretty much throughout. Good draw and burned evenly too.

    No it was a Kristoff Maduro (my fave), but I just can’t afford to smoke those every night.

  268. Two days ago at my trip, I went to a local cigar store and bought some cigars and smoked Alonso Menendez robusto .

  269. just about to lite up a 5 Vegas Gold, never had one before so it will be interesting.

  270. Wow, what a surprise! I just finished teaching a two week certification course in hypnosis/hypnotherapy, and guess what? My class presented me with a cigar! I must have done good, no, real good! How did they know that I like the Liga Privada No. 9? Well, that is what I am smoking right now. I feel great. 🙂

  271. Just smoked a Gurkha Ltd. Expedition Series Toro. Not one of my favorites, but the cedar taste I get from this is an interesting change from what I normally smoke.

  272. Smoked a 5 Vegas Miami. Very nice cigar. Perhaps a little tightly rolled, but smoked it well enough and loved the flavor and strength. Tasty smoke.

    Oh, Jason Taylor. Here is how they got Double Happiness as a name.

    Your happy when the cigar is tossed and happy when you grab another cigar. Double Happiness!!! I tried to smoke as many of those La Aurora factory rolled cigars as I could. Think I managed to choke down 12 of a 20 pack CI tricked me into buying. I’m actually quite proud I was able to do that!!! Bragging rights 🙂 I think I read somewhere that a large bail of tabacco was eaten by the dobermans that guard the fermenting bins. They followed that dobermans around for a month and rolled what came out of them into cigars. They briefly toyed with naming the cigars Doberman Sticks but marketed them as Double Happiness instead. Little trivia that might not be totally truthful but sure tastes right.

  273. Alec Bradley Maxx- the Ego….. I gotta stop smoking these enormous things and wasting 4 hours at a stretch…. BUT THEY’RE SO GOOD

  274. Tried something new yesterday morning, an inexpensive “off” brand I ran across: Profesor Sila. Surprisingly good! Mild flavor, easy draw, even burn, good volume of smoke, almost buttery finish.

  275. Last night it was a CAO America. First had one of these on July 4 when our local cigar place had it on special. I was really impressed but unfortunately smoked it on an empty stomach and felt pretty bad afterward. After trying it again after a meal, it has become a good “go to” cigar for me.

  276. I am just about to smoke a Padilla Achilies Corojo Limitada ahhh nice age on a 2006 stick I am glad i got enough to have still. I hope i get to try a nub I really want too. ::wink wink:: 😉

  277. opps last night it was a trusty Padron 3000 Maduro as a nightcap nice. It would be great with hot coco makes me want cold weather to come back, lol.

  278. Last night it was a La Flor Dominica Coronado followed by a Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Sublime Maduro. The Garcia actually seemed mild after the Coronado.

  279. Partagas Spanish Rosado Mitico. What a cigar! Tons of white smoke, great construction, full flavored, yet the inside of my mouth feels caressed rather than blow torched.

  280. Montecristo White Rothschilde this morning, will have an LCG Corona Gorda later this afternoon.

  281. Smoked a Don Pepin Black and a Padilla 8&11 Miami. Expensive little bugger but I bought it in a CA tabacco shop inside of a mall and due to previous long term lease agreements, got to smoke inside of a CA mall. Wow, got to love that even if it was expensive!!! hahahahah

  282. What a wonderful afternoon here in the OC. I just finished a 55 mile ride on my bike, and now I’m having a Gurhka Titan. Like I said, it is just a wonderful afternoon.


  283. Thursday night’s second cigar was a La Flor Dominicana Ligero, L-500 Cabinet. One of my all-time favorites. Powerful, great flavor, and lasts a long time, too! Bunch of guys coming over in about half an hour so there’ll be at least 2 or 3 cigars to comment on the next few days…

  284. CARLOS TORANO VIRTUOSO, this was not as good at the last i had, but good cigar

  285. Last night was my first Ghurka Black Dragon. Didn’t live up to the hype, IMO, but still a good cigar. Not sure it was worth $12 though.

    Later on, had a Trilogy Exotic Maduro which was surprisingly nice given the price (under $5).

  286. Right now I am smoking a Cinco Vegas Miami Robusto.

    Last night I tried to smoke a Acid Def Sea all I have to say about that cigar is it burns better as an incense than a cigar. Just light it and blow on it to keep it burning you can puff it if you want to taste the taste of what IDK. Certainly does not taste like honey or Jasmin like it is supposed to although it smells like it. (i don’t get the point if it was honey flavored with a Jasmin floral taste it would be a good infused cigar. Although this is not the case. I find Drew Estate cigars smell a thousand times better than they taste (at least in the acid line) i still don’t get it. The Javas are the only infused cigar by DE that i have found i actually like. Also i can tolerate some of the Natural blends but would never buy them. I like to smoke my cigars for my enjoyment I don’t like to smoke an incense so others can smell it. I seriously could not detect tobacco in the taste or smell. I don’t know if it is even made with tobacco?

  287. last night i had a CAO Brazilia and i am headed to the patio to smoke a Perdomo Champagne this morning. Ahhhhhhhh.

  288. illusione ~mk~

    If I were to give a rating, out of 100 it gets a 98. As close to perfect as I have smoked. Perfectly constructed the draw and burn were immaculate. This little corona is as deep in flavor as the best of them, and all the way to the nub. It is a finger burner. When it is finished the only thing you can think about is another one.

  289. Smoked the Nub Conecticut last night. It was pretty good, but not enough excitement for me.

  290. I smoked a brown label “limited reserve” muduro Don Kiki, 4.5″ perfecto! It was good! though im not a big fan of the small guage size.

    ROCK, I just got some Hearfelt 65% Humidity Beads! I’ve actually been having problems with too much humidity (80%) in my humidor because those floral sponges sop up so much water, even with the lid cracked!

  291. Graycliff 1666. Good flavors but bad construction. Gonna post up a review in the fan forums for anyone interested.

  292. First cigar of Saturday night was another leftover from last year’s Vegas Big Smoke: La Gloria Cubana. Very nice way to begin the evening: medium-body, little bit of spice.

  293. I smoked a Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona last night, a better med-full smoke than the Red Dot Cohiba I had a week ago, and def a lot cheaper.

  294. ahh, a Felipe Gregoria Power Corona size. I think I prefer the corona size to the Triple R. Unfortuneatly I’ve a bunch of the Triple R’s but they are still a good cigar, just not as good as a smaller ring guage. The wrapper is very nice on those and I like more of it to filler but what the heck, it’s still tasty 🙂

  295. Oh, and on Saturday an Alec Bradley, Spirit of Cuba Habano. I wouldn’t recommend it. Turns out to be a short filler and I had a mouthful of tobacco on every puff.

  296. Had the RPE Corojo… It was fantastic for the first half…and then faded quickly… I’ll have to try the robusto next, hopefully the whole thing will be stellar.

    Closing out the night with a La Aurora preferido cam (robusto)…mmmmmm

  297. Java Maduro by Drew Estate , basically a swisher sweets cigar with an awful burn. Never again.

    Flor de Oliva Gold Torpedo. Pretty good for two bucks, but you get what you pay for! I have no problem with paying a little more for a lot more.

    Another NUB Cameroon. Great!

  298. Saturday night was an Excalibur 1066 Merlin. Very nice cigar but I think I prefer the dark Knights a little more. Will have to smoke another to be sure.

  299. Second cigar Saturday night was a Nub Cameroon. Good stuff! Hoping for a bunch more!!!

  300. Over the weekend camping:

    Gran Habano GR Special Red Churchill
    Gran Habano GR Special Black Churchill
    Oliva Serie G Robusto