Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 39

Your Questions, My Answers7 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 39

Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 39

After a few re-schedules, Brian and I were finally able to site down on Thursday evening and record Episode 39 of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA). We covered a variety of questions and had a long discussion in segment 3 in regards to the recent cigar forum buyout which happened a couple of weeks ago.

Also, at one point in the video Brian admits to trying something with a cigar that literally left me speechless. Check out the show to find out what it was!

Segment 1
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Comment from Chris via Email:
Hi Guys,
First off I want to say that all of you do an awesome job and thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

I was watching one of your older Q&A videos and a fellow Canadian was asking about sites that ship to Canada.

I am in Toronto and I have used which offers great deals on certain boxes (Exodus 1959, Olivia G) and great shipping rates over the fence. I have not paid any duty yet (keeping my fingers crossed) when ordering from them.

Another site that ships to Canada is , while their prices seem to be better then serious the shipping cost are high (nearly double). As well every order I made from them has been hit with duty.

Duty is important to mention if you do another Q&A. Tobacco in Canada is heavily taxed (70%-100%).

With that said Canadians ordering over the fence should note this is still a great deal even with duty since tobacco products here are so expensive. As an example a single Padilla 1932 robusto is anywhere from $30-$35 here and a box can be found for $630-$700. My recent order for a box from cigarplace was $158 plus shipping of $35.00 and paid $84 in duty (keep in mind they marked $40 only for the package), so my total cost was $277, which is still a $350+ saving.


Question 2 from Chris via Contact Form:
Hey guys,
I have a question that might be appropriate for YQMA. I know that you shouldn’t light a cigar with a zippo or candle, but it is acceptable to
light one with an electric lighter like you find in most cars. I have never tried, but I was wondering if any of you have any experience. Does it light
it very well? Does it alter the flavor at all?


Question 3 from Eric via Fan Forums
Why is it that with some cigars the first 4-5 puffs are very peppery or bitter and then settle down to their “normal” flavor, while others start out just the way they are deeper in? Is it too-hot lighting or is it something in the cigar itself? (I use slow toast method with a culinary torch and don’t puff until there is a decent glow on the head.)

Just got a super-bitter start with a Perdomo LTR Cam, while my ERH last night was perfect from the get go.

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Segment 2
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Question 4 from Jim via Fan Forums:
What is the best way to repair a split or separation in a cigar wrapper? I haven’t had too many problems, but one of the cigars I smoked this week had a small gap where the wrapper overlapped itself. It started maybe an inch or so below the band. I didn’t pay too much attention before I lit up. I actually thought it was just a vein. When the burn met this gap, the wrapper started to split open and the cigar kind of fell apart. It seems like I remember Walt mentioning something in one of his videos, but I don’t remember what was said.

Question 5 from El Greco via Email:
Hey guys, Most people usually own only one humidor. Does storing different types of cigars in the same humidor affect the overall taste of them…if
yes, what can be done to limit this “problem”, thanks for your time…

Question 6 from Dennis via Email:
i know you guys might think this question is dumb,but i just started smoking cigars, i have tried only 3 brands. Cohiba being my favorite.
I enjoy the black ones. I am willing to pay the price, what is hands down
the top of the line, best tasting medium cigar?

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Segment 3
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Discussion Topics Included:

  • The buyout and merging of Cigar Live, Club Stogie, and Top 25 Cigar.
  • Benefits of Using Twitter as a cigar smoker

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enjoying cigars since 2005

7 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 39

  1. Hey Walt & Brian..I use the slow toasting method as well..but for a slightly different reason than just controlling the heat..I find that I get a much more even light on the cigar with this method..I always seemed to torch up one side of the cigar or the other when I used to light while puffing..Now I almost always have a perfect light..
    Thanks guys..

  2. As always, great episode guys.

    As for the off topic banter about the buyout… I pretty much have the same opinion as the both of you. Although my main pet peeve is “” I mean, C’mon!! That’s a horrible name in my opinion.

    Thanks again for YQMA #39!

  3. Great discusion on the buyout….though I want to hope for the best..I just DO NOT have a good vibe from the new owner…Thanks again for all of your efforts..and if you ever decide to sell SR..I will hunt you down and force you to smoke White Owls ans Swisher Sweets..LOL

  4. Hey Chris, I live in Toronto, Canada and I always buy from website located in Texas. Shipping is really good and they will package it in a way that dont hit any duties. Ask for Raymond.


  5. Walt/Brian
    In regards to question#3 this issue can be checked by smoking 2 cigars back to back…if it is a shock to the palate then the 2nd smoke will be smooth the whole time and not harsh in the begining right? And I am sure that puffing while lighting is not gonna “burn a tunnel through the cigar”, but it very well might make the 1st inch taste more strong or bitter…do a hard puff puff bit o’ action on a cheap cigar while lighting it and then cut it open after it’s lit to see if the tobacco is charred, if it is then you know that the flame is causing excessive heat and most likely the cause of bad taste. I also reserve the right to be wrong!!! 🙂

  6. Walt/Brian,

    I just listened to your piece on the cigar forums being rolled into one and do have to agree with Brian that if this had been someone, say a FOG, who bought the forums it’d probably go over better. Granted, from a business point of view it looks good but the reality is that if the number of eyeballs looking at ads drops, then it’s a failure. And when we’re talking about community-based forums where there is a kinship created, as is evident on pretty much all these forums, an outsider buying it, one that hasn’t even participated on any other forum, tends not to go over well.

    I’ve gone through this similar kind of activity elsewhere and the end result was a loss of about 60-80% of the membership, especially when mods left. There is no fault at lie at the feet of the original owners. Sometimes, when you’ve run a site for an extended period of time it may be time to move on. And certainly you can be a new owner who’s never been part of a community but if this is to be done for business reasons, then be professional about it. And I think that’s what’s going to cause the biggest problem for the new site. My IT background has taught me the importance of “full disclosure” and how that is often far better an attitude to take than trying to hide something, especially when you’re an unknown. People better appreciate it. I have noticed a sense of “don’t ask me questions as I won’t answer anything that might challenge me”. No matter how challenging or abrasive a question may be, IMO, I think it’s better to answer it (granted, take a breath first) than to brush people off.

    As for the small manufacturers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them populate on what were the smaller forums and utilize that as a way to advertise their products. This will, in turn, be a boon for the smaller forums as they will grow with that and the cycle will continue. I suspect that the new conglomarate that will be under will become rather stagnate in regards to membership and will see smaller growth than previous cycles for at least 2-03 years.

    As for the name, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of other forums — cigarettes, pipes, etc. — being purchased and put under the one name. It’s interesting that he didn’t buy, which is available for sale. 😉 For the cigar community as a whole, I think there will be a benefit. It’s not because everyone will visit the new site but rather will go to the smaller sites, almost like the small, local B&M cigar store that many of us support near us.

    Anyways, that’s my take. Not much can be done at this point since they are done deals.

  7. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the show. And thanks for all the great feedback!

    Rob, if someone offers up 3+ million for SR, I’ll gladly sit chain smoke swishers and white owls as penance for totally taking the money and running. LOL (Don’t worry, it isn’t gonna happen. And with each day that passes our sweat equity pushes that figure ever higher!)

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