YQMA #40 – Segment One

Your Questions, My Answers3 Comments on YQMA #40 – Segment One

YQMA #40 – Segment One

Hey folks! Sorry for the late posting of Episode 40.

In segment one, we answer a question from Rico (Richard) about how we keep the smell down when smoking our cigars indoors since that maybe the only way he can smoke indoors without getting a divorce. We move onto to a question from Andrew and Rebecca regarding techniques on how to cut torpedo shaped cigars properly. We wrap up segment one with a question from Charlie to help him find a good alternative to the PAM 1964 which leads us into a discussion about the TNT Alternative.

Thanks to Famous Smoke Shop for sponsoring Segment One.

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3 thoughts on “YQMA #40 – Segment One

  1. I’m surprised you guys missed this one, but the EO 601 BP Maduro is very similiar in profile to the Padron Anni. line. These are also a little pricey, but can be had for much cheaper than the Padrons. Huge flavorful smoke as well.

  2. OMG, your going to resurrect the TNT Padron Alt argument!!! btw, I smoked one of those last night 🙂

    I’ll have to fire up one of my EO 601 BP Maduro to see how those are. Have 4 from a sampler sitting in the humi.

    The TNT is pretty much just a Nic puro IMHO and not as good as the Padron 1000 series but still a good enough smoke. Can’t wait to try the EO though if it’s as good as you say duck.


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