Blending Seminar with Jose Blanco of La Aurora

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Blending Seminar with Jose Blanco of La Aurora

Blending Seminar with Jose Blaco - 1

A couple of months ago I took an hour drive out to the Cigars International Superstore to record a Camacho Cigars Seminar. The recording was a session with Christian Eiroa in which he discussed the history of Camacho Cigars. I thought the concept of Cigars International doing these seminars was a fantastic idea and have been keeping an eye out for another one to pop up.

It just so happens that I came across the CI Events calendar and saw that Jose Blanco of La Aurora Cigars was going to be in town doing a seminar on blending. Shortly after seeing the information I got in touch with both Cigars International and Jose Blanco to get permission on recording the event. The following day I got the green light from both parties and made plans on recording the event.

The video below runs about thirty-five minutes. Jose Blanco has all participants smoke four cigars, made completely of filler tobacco, to learn what he looks for from each leaf when creating a blend. As you will see, everyone had a great time and Jose did an excellent job of making the information easy to digest for all involved.

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4 thoughts on “Blending Seminar with Jose Blanco of La Aurora

  1. I can’t express how much I want to do that! I mean… being able to isolate the leaves like that! you can learn SOOOOOOOOO much in such a short span of time!

    We never have cool shit like this in GA!

    that was AWESOME! Great sound, I don’t know how much work it would be, but you might think about cutting out some of the dead time when inbetween the smokes (if you get to video something like this again). But great job once again Walt! you da man!

    I do have to say, that I had a laugh everytime Jose had to light that poor guy’s cigar for him lol.

  2. Way Cool video Walt..Extremely interesting…Would love to do that as well..Did you participate Walt??? If so, What did you think?..Jose seems like a really down to earth guy..

  3. This was awhile ago, but I wish they would re-run these events again around the country! I would love to attend one or more of these from the various manufacturers!!!!!

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