Colibri Group Closes Without Warning.

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Colibri Group Closes Without Warning.

While browsing the Stogie Review Fan Forum tonight, I came across a post from our regular participant Nick. It seems that Nick came across an article informing the public that Colibri Group, maker of lighters and jewelry, has closed it doors without warning.

The shutdown announcement was made last night via email to all employees. After 80 years of business, Colibri has decided to abruptly close its doors due to the economy. The message was a shock to the employees who learned that January 14, 2008 was their last payday.

Read the entire article at JCK Online

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6 thoughts on “Colibri Group Closes Without Warning.

  1. That sucks for the employees, but like Carlos says… it’s surprising the company lasted this long. My 4 dollar Ronson has lasted way longer than both my Colibris put together.

  2. I have publically shown my hatred for colibri lighters, but that sucks for all the jobs lost. To add salt to the wound, the managment takes the easy way out and announces it via email. No class, no balls. Shame on you Colibri!

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