601 Black Label (Short Ashes)

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601 Black Label (Short Ashes)

Being in a bit of a cigar rut as of late, I posed a question on twitter asking what I should smoke. I went on to say that the first suggestion that I come across in my cooler will be turned to ash. After several great suggestions, I stumbled onto a 601 Black Label (Connecticut) which was suggested by Bulldogrifleman.

Since it was such a long time since I had one, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a short ashes video out of the experience. The cigar was one that I received at this years Cigarfest.

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11 thoughts on “601 Black Label (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice review as usual!

    Seems like they are a bit misleading by the wrapper on these 🙂 I was thinking of grabbing one to try, but just havent yet…maybe soon.


  2. I had one of these awhile ago and really liked it. Right now I am leaning more towards the 601 green label.

  3. I love the Red and Green, like the Blue, but find these almost unsmokeable. They seem to me to be the typical Pepin all spice and pepper but lacking in actual flavor.

  4. Walt, I’ve been lurking and watching alot of your reviews. Great stuff. But you crack me up- Twitter, editing earlier video, taking care of dog etc. and still “…this cigar has really held my attention” hah!

  5. Greg,
    Yeah, I guess “holding my attention” was probably not the best way to describe it while multi-tasking. Some cigars just seem to smoke better than others while I work on other things, in this case I always knew it was there and it didn’t slip away from me.

  6. Thanks for the 601 black review. I am a huge fan of the 601 Reds and have tried the Blues and Greens as well. I actually haven’t tried the Black yet because I thought it would be too mild. I bought two black Rabitos at my local B&M for $4.50 each – a discontinued item. Looks like I will be going back to get more now.

    I also appreciate your description of the flavor as “Rich”. When I review a cigar, it is hard sometimes coming up with actual flavors, but seems easier to come up with attributes like Tangy, Smooth, Rich, etc., which last time I checked weren’t actual flavors.

    I have a large collection (+800) and am aging 95% past 15 months before lighting up. Just curious on your take on aging.t

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