Random Flipcam Footage of Cigarfest 2009

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Random Flipcam Footage of Cigarfest 2009

Before I left for Cigarfest 2009 I decided to stick my Flipcam in my pocket and try to come up with some sort of teaser video before we published anything else. I ended up getting far less video than I anticipated simply because I was having such a great time I didn’t think about the camcorder.

Below is a 3 minute video that incorporates about a dozen random things that were recorded. All video footage was taken the day before the big event started (with the exception of the very last clip).

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5 thoughts on “Random Flipcam Footage of Cigarfest 2009

  1. pretty cool man! That line was incredible! WOW.


    crowds…ARGH…I would end up getting pissed off and get my ass kicked 🙂

  2. Mike,
    That was only the 11:00 AM entry line and it ended up winding into the resort as we got closer to entry time.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the video, it was so short and random that I was considering not using it at all (which is why it was delayed so long)


  3. Hah loved the first scene at man o war…. could you zoom in a little more next time ? 😉 cool thanks for the preview

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