Heather Phillips of Heavenly Cigars

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Heather Phillips of Heavenly Cigars

Towards the end of the IPCPR 2009 Convention in New Orleans, we had a chance to talk a little bit with Heather Phillips of Heavenly Cigars. In the video below, Heather talks about the organically infused Tantra line as well as the newly released, unflavored, Red Lion line of cigars.

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4 thoughts on “Heather Phillips of Heavenly Cigars

  1. red hair and a Leo – NO – I cant believe it isnt to do with my home town of Red Lion that was THE BIGGEST producer of cigars for YEARS – now I am heart broken and shall have to drown my sorrows in my Coca Cola and CAO CX2 I am smoking right now.

    *shaking fist in the air* damn you Red Lion cigar, damn you


    I will have to try one 🙂 I never even heard of them before. Kinda strange especially if they have been around all that time. Well then again, I am usually uninformed :p

  2. That Red Lion line sounds interesting! Have any of you guys had a chance to try it? What did you think?

    The orgasmically…errr…I mean organically infused Tantra line doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. I wonder what it’s infused with? Erotic massage oils and K-Y jelly? LOL…I’m kidding!! Different strokes for different folks…that’s what she said! 😉

  3. These Cigars SUCK! The real Mr. Cigar is Robert Langsam. Now that Cat knew hoow to run a cigar lounge and get people smoking. Heather did nothing but use Mr. Cigars coat tails for her own well being. Red Lion and Heather Phillips are a JOKE!

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