Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars

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Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars

Last year at the 2008 IPCPR Convention in Las Vegas, we had a chance to speak with Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars. Glen went over his line for us, which was most notable for the Kristoff offerings, and we very friendly and spent a fair amount of time with us.

This year we met up with Glen once again to see what was coming down the pike for 2009. The most anticipated cigar being released for the 2009 IPCPR Trade Show was the Sumatra wrapped Kristoff. In the video below Glen outlines some of his other offerings and spends roughly X minutes on camera.

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4 thoughts on “Glen Case of Exclusive Cigars

  1. I love how passionate Glen is about his cigars. Its also nice how he describes the flavor notes that he has on each of his cigars.

    Nice Job fellas!

  2. He’s a hell of a salesman! I had a Kristoff earlier this year that I thought was pretty awful. After listening to Glen now I want to to try them all!

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