ECCJ 15th Anniversary Cigar By Altadis

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ECCJ 15th Anniversary Cigar By Altadis

ECCJ 15th Anniversary Cigar

Back in New Orleans, Brian and I bumped into Colin Ganley. Colin writes for the European Cigar Cult Journal (ECCJ) and was kind enough to invite us to the annual awards ceremony. After being given our invitations, Colin removed a cigar from his pocket and asked us to break the story.

We immediately posted pictures and a couple of quick notes via Twitter, but due to internet trouble at my hotel, I was unable to post a proper post until now. I do not know a lot about this cigar, but I do know that it was created to honor the European Cigar Cult Journal’s 15th Anniversary. The stick carries the Santa Damiana name and is crafted in the Dominican Republic. The line is a limited edition and only five-thousand cigars have been created. In an unofficial statement, I was told a deal has been worked and these limited edition cigars will be available through JR Cigars in the near future.

Below is the information found on the leaflet
packaged within boxes of cigars

“Everything beautiful about the Dominican Republic can be found in this cigar”
Jose Seijas, V.P., General Manager & Master Blender
Tabacalera de Garcia

“We are determined to produce the world’s best cigar magazine”
Dr. Helmut Rome, Founder
European Cigar Cult Journal

A 100% Dominican Puro, this exquisite premium hand-made cigar showcases the very best wrapper, binder, and perfectly matured luscious long leaf tobaccos the Dominican Republic has to offer. To create the perfect balance of flavours, these tobaccos have been stored and aged in bales for three years.

Both cigars and magazines are best when expertly crafted to the highest standards. The ECCJ has, for fifteen years, brought you the highest quality cigar magazine possible. The Santa Damiana Seleccion 15th Anniversary is a tribute to that ideal.

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4 thoughts on “ECCJ 15th Anniversary Cigar By Altadis

  1. Very interesting info, I’ll definitely have to try this one when I get a chance. I wonder how it can stand up to the other eccj 15? 🙂

  2. Like TimD I also look forward to this smoke –I hope Altadis has some at their Golf Tournament in Va. Sept. 9th.!

  3. Sounds nice, but I never had a chance to get the original ECCJ, so I doubt I will be able to get my paws on this either. I will probably wait to see some reviews before I would purchase.


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