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A little ways back I was on the Cigar Outcast forum poking around like I normally do a few times per week and I came across mention of a new cigar site. What set this site apart was that it wasn’t like many of the other cigar sites out there, this one was geared towards the cigar collectors out there.

Before I tell you what it is, first follow me along this path so that you may see the usefulness of such a site. Lets say that last year you had a celebration of one sort or another. You got engaged to be married, had a child, graduated college, etc.

To make the occasion all the more special, you went ahead and smoked an Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial (fox example). The cigar was fantastic and made the event all the more special. Here we are a year later and the anniversary of such an event is fast approaching. You are fortunate enough to still have one or two of those Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial cigars around to carry out the tradition you started the year before.

As the third anniversary approaches, you realize that you can’t continue your tradition with a 2008 release of the Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial. You could always shop around and see if you could track down a rouge box sitting on a shelf at some random cigar shop, but there may just be an easier way.

That is where ISO Cigars comes into play. Rather than search out these cigars through forums or by calling around to local shops, why not set yourself up so that the retailer comes to you? With the use of ISO Cigars, you can sign up for free and create a list of any particular cigar you are searching out.

After creating your list, retailers can then contact you if they have the item in stock. Depending on the availability of the cigar you are searching out, you could potentially get several offers and simply reject those you don’t want and net yourself the best possible deal.

How It Works – From the ISO Cigars Website:

Once you sign up and have received the thank you registration email you are only a couple simple steps away from finding killer deals on your favorite cigars.

When you Log onto the site. You’ll see a drop down box at the top asking you to select a cigar manufacturer. Make a selection, then in the box below it, tell the retailers what vitola you are looking for. For instance, I am looking for a box of Padron 80th Anniversary Maduros. I select Padron from the drop down box, and in the grey box below it type in 80th Anniversary Maduro Perfecto.

Select the package you are looking for; singles, fiver or box. Then on the right, how many. So I just want three Padron 80th Anni’s for me and a couple buddies to smoke on New Years Eve. I select Single, type 3 in the box and hit the select button. I can search for as many different types of cigars I am interested in, and they will show up in the section “MY ISO’s.” Then just sit back and wait for your ISO’s to be filled.

Once a retailer responds, you can check out their offer. If you aren’t interested, you can simply reject the offer. You’ll be comparing offers anonymously through the entire process, so make sure to add as many ISO’s as you can think of. Why not see if our retailers can beat the best deal you can get?

Soon you’ll be bragging to your friends about the kick ass deals you got. Of course we hope you tell them about us, but either way you win.

After seeing the site on Cigar Outcast, I bumped into Jason (maxnmisty) at the Twitter Brothers of the Leaf Cocktail Hour in New Orleans. From the brief conversation we had, it sounded like something that many people could benefit from, especially those that are trying to create an annual tradition with a cigar from a couple of years back.

I have not used the site myself to try it out, but the premise is very interesting and it is free for consumers. From the conversation I had with Jason in New Orleans, retailers looking to sign up are required to pay a small free.

What do you think?
Is this something you could see yourself using?

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9 thoughts on “ISO Cigars

  1. Yep, absolutely! Unfortunately you can’t find everything in one place, but you’re right Walt, this is beneficial. I’ll be signing up.

  2. This is a very interesting concept. Right now, I’m not in the category of looking for hard to find cigars, but I’m sure I will as the years go by.

  3. This is a neat idea, but I think it will be very limited. I know you can reject offers you dont like, but when you get into the limited production stuff from YEARS ago, you wont have much choice but to pay the price someone wants since nobody else might have it 😉 I should sign up and ask for a Frank just to see what kind of prices are thrown out 😉


  4. I think this is really cool. The only thing I see that may be annoying with it is that if you request a certain cigar and they don’t have it, it will be annoying if you get responses like ” we don’t have that cigar but we do have something similar”. I am also wondering if the prices will be outragous.

  5. Walt I want to thank you for doing a write up. I would like to stress that ISOCigars is not only for hard to find cigars, but for any cigar that you are going to buy! As far as the Frank goes They are sold out everywhere at retail Shops. That means that no one will fulfill the order because this is only available to retailers to fill your ISOs. Some cigars that I have been able to find though are 2002 Camacho Libertys, and the Camacho/Litto Gomez Face Off. Now for the last response we cannot stop people from submitting bogus offers, but with your help we can weed out the retailers that are making these offers. Just e-mail us and we will take care of it. Thank You Jason

  6. A concern I would have is how do you know that you are getting the correct vitage if you ask for a particular year. And also without seeing the companies name, how would you know if they are reputable and won’t put opus bands on dominican 3000’s or a frank band on a el triunfador. May not a problem with boxes because you could say this is bullshit give me a refund, but singles through 5packs would be easy to rip people off. What would stop people from doing that? Would be liable? I would rather pay more from a reputable source that I trust than some joe blow cigar shop I have never heard of. A rating system that is not rigged would be a great way to ease some concerns but what would you do in the meantime. I have not seen the site yet so I may be ignorant to this whole thing. Great idea, just needs some fine tunning before I use it.

  7. Jason – I see now – only retailers allowed to offer! Thank you for the response!

    I still see the problem with inflated prices though – how many shops would still have the Camacho Liberties from any of the years to even try and compete on price.

    I guess it comes down to the fact that for an out of production cigar you have to expect to pay more, but for ones being sold now you might be able to get some good deals.


    I still might put that to the test 😉 I doubt anyone can beat the price for Nub Cammies I have found online.

  8. I made two connections on VSG’s enchantments ($200 shipped for a box) I was able to speak to the retailer over the phone that made me the offer to insure we were both on the same page and speaking about the same product. We made the deal and I received my box in a few days. No hassles no fuss.
    I used to connect with this retailer and new retailers that I may not have known if it were not for The industry is moving in a much different direction in the last year or so. Manufactures are now trying to help protect their blood lines in the retailers and also making exclusive offers of certain cigars to those retailers ONLY. I may want to get these cigars and other cigars I like to enjoy without having to drive all over the state or post ISO’s on the boards in the hopes I score with no problems. This site does that while allowing me to meet and speak with new retailers all over the US. will be doing a rate the retailer section similar to ebay in the upcoming months if the interest in the site continues at this pace. Most if not all of the current retailers on board have been dealing with some of us boardsmen and women on some level over a period of time. This WAS just going to be a site for those “in search of” and brothers and sisters that have a hard time getting around to their locals, like my cousin Lenny while also helping the retailers connect with brothers and sisters of the leaf all over the states. Price may and always will be an issue for some internet users with some smokes. We are trying “to connect” retailers and cigar smokers to help the industry as a whole through the birth of new and exciting relationships. We need to keep the retailers ALIVE or this “thing” I love may die a slow death. Remember this site is for us “the cigar smoker” please keep the ideas, questions, comments and concerns coming. We need the cigar world to embrace this site and allow us to help keep our B&M’s alive and kickin’ while filling our humidors with what we love to enjoy.


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