CAO MX3 (Short Ashes)

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CAO MX3 (Short Ashes)


A couple of months back I was at Kensington Tobacconist and bumped into my local CAO Cigars rep, Paul Spence. He was familiar with Stogie Review and we got to talking about a review of the W. Curtis Drapers Exclusive CAO MX3. When he learned that I hadn’t tried it yet, he offered to send me one or two in the coming weeks.

Early on Saturday I had a surprise package arrive from Paul containing two CAO MX3 cigars. With Jerry tied up this weekend and not being able to record his review, I found it the perfect excuse to light one up. The video runs a little over seventeen minutes.

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12 thoughts on “CAO MX3 (Short Ashes)

  1. Another great review!

    I might try one of these some day, but I am still hung on the whole, lets release limited cigars to tons of different shops around the country and make people pay extra money for shipping from all over the country if they want to try them, thing.


    With everyone raving about them, maybe we will take a mini vacation to the DC area so I can stop by Draper’s and grab one or so 🙂

  2. I got my hands on a 5er from a group buy a few months ago and I thought it was a great smoke. I have to stop by Drapers next time I’m in D.C. and get a bunch more. Great review Walt.

  3. I enjoyed the MX2 so I’m guessing these are just as good if not better. One thing, are you aware that Blip has an anti smoking ad running on your broadcast?

  4. Great review Walt. I have often thought about giving one of these a shot, but I am tentative. I really did not care for the MX2 whatsoever.

  5. Fantastic review Walt. And what makes it even better, heading to DC in 3 weeks and I’m going to Drapers to pick up that bad boy!!!! Whoot!!!!

  6. Hi Walt, thanks for the review. sorry to put you on the spot, but right now…what is your favourite maduro wrapped cigar? I only ask because I am starting to get a taste for them and any recommendations would be most helpful. Thanks.

    1. My favorite…. thats really tough. Some of the ones I really enjoy (in addition to the MX3) are:

        Padron 1964 Principe Maduro
        Padron X000 Series Maduro
        Oliva Serie G Maduro
        Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial
        Perdomo Habano Maduro
        Perdomo Patriarch Maduro
        Pinar del Rio Oscuro
        CAO Brazilia

      Hope that helps

  7. I know this is an old topic but I found the MX3 in Fresno, CA at Cigars. Ltd. Maybe there available in multiple shops now.

    1. Nick – Did it still have the W.Curtis Draper band on it?

      What I suspect is that Cigars Ltd purchased them from Drapers and is reselling them. Pretty common to do. I’ve seen other shop do the same with other vendor specific blends like the Man O’War Ruination from

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