Cigar Shop Review: Boston, MA – Gloucester Street Cigar Company

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Cigar Shop Review: Boston, MA – Gloucester Street Cigar Company

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Name of Shop: Gloucester Street Cigar Company
Date Visited: 05/10/09 (first of several)
Street Address: 34 Gloucester St (between Comm Ave & Newbury)
City: Boston
State: MA
Zip: 02115
Phone Number: 617-424-1000
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm; Sun 11am-6:30pm
Website: N/A

Location: Exceptional
Located off Newbury Street, G-Street Cigar is within easy walking distance of the best high-end shopping Boston has to offer. The building is an old Boston brownstone; indeed, the first time I visited I walked right by it (my nose eventually found and followed some wafting cigar smoke).

Staff: Exceptional
Jose knows cigars; Jose loves cigars; Jose wants you to know and love cigars! He will share–knowledge, opinions, and cigars! He’ll track down what you want; better yet, he’ll track down what you need (even when you do not know what that is). Want a tour of his humongous humi? Be his guest! Want that latest, greatest, unobtainable Tat? He just might have one!

Most important: are you a total newb, uninitiated and ignorant of the cigar lifestyle? Well, Jose is there to help! Non-judgmental, patient, and endlessly passionate, Jose will help you assess your own styles and needs. I have been there several times (with some pretty, uh, basic questions), and Jose was always there; indeed, I do not think I have ever spoken with his other employees (Does he have any? Does the man ever take a break?).

Stock: Exceptional
Did I mention G-Street’s humongous humidor? It’s… humongous! And it is stocked with stuff you are just not gonna get anywhere else in Boston. Sure, sure: he’s got the major brands, the regulars, but he also has stuff he personally sought out or found or received or G-d knows what… but he’s got it! And he is not pushing by price–he prides himself on figuring out what you would like best, whether price dependent or independent, your call. Oh, G-Street also stocks top-of-the line humis and accessories. [ed. note: for you pipers, Jose will just send you on over to Steve at LJ Peretti, so don’t waste your shoe leather!]

Now, about those prices… Okay, look folks: we are talking Newbury Street. We are talking one-of-a-kind selection. So, we are not talking cheap. No, these are not the worst prices on the planet, but you must consider location and selection and exclusivity–and consider it money well spent.

Lounge: Above Average
Those one-word ratings never capture what’s really going on. Visiting G-Street is like visiting someone’s house. He’s got couches and lounge chairs in there, like you would in your living room (if your wife would let you). It’s comfy. It’s collegial. It’s… crowded! And just like visiting someone’s house unannounced, you might be unsure whether you are impinging on someone else’s party. Jose always has hangers-on hanging out, just puff-puffing away. And, really, I am sure they are welcoming, but if you are shy or self-conscious (as I am), this might not be your crowd (they tend to be twenty-somethings, not the middle-agers and old fogies over at LJ Peretti’s place). That said: I get the sense that once you’re in, the world is your oyster (at least in cigar terms).

Overall Opinion: Exceptional
Jose cares, really cares–about cigars, about his business, about his industry, and about his customers. When visiting Boston, do not miss your chance to experience this level of Cigar Love. ‘Nuff said?

enjoying cigars since 2005

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