SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 5 Winner

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SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 5 Winner

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You guessed it, another day and another prize to give away for our Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas Contest! We are now at a point in the contest where we have a single contest which spans multiple days. In this case, days four through six all share the same rules. With all entries in, Brian Jerry and I will go through them and select a first, second, and third place winner. Those winners will be applied to the appropriate day and announced.

This grouping of prizes asked that you submit a Christmas story that included cigars. Last year we got some fantastic entries. If you missed reading them, you should really take a minute to read the stories of Doc, Pete, and Chris.

The contest this year had me a little worried. We didn’t receive any entries until the final day, in which a wave came in. Just like last year, we received some serious stories which really show what Christmas is all about, and we also received some funny ones that we couldn’t help but laugh at.

The winner of our Day 5 Contest has earned themselves a box of Cain Cigars, generously provided by Sam Leccia over at Cain Cigars.

Our Day 5 Winner is


Danny’s Christmas Story:

Hey guys, here is my story.

Christmas eve of 2007 was the 1st Christmas I spent with my girlfriends family. We had a wonderful dinner consisting of Filet Mignon, grilled shrimp, and the best potatoes I have ever had. After dinner we went on the patio for an after dinner drink. My girlfriend’s uncles smoke cigars and they offered me 1. I had not had a cigar in over a year and decided why not. I had a “When in Rome” moment so to speak. I remember my girlfriend’s uncle handing me a Padron Maduro 3000. I remember enjoying that cigar so much because of the timing. We had just enjoyed a wonderful meal, and were having the best conversation. Needless to say, this experience convinced me to take my old humidor out from under the bed, re-season it, and head to the local shop to pick up some sticks. My passion in the hobby was reignited by this one wonderful Christmas eve.


Remember, now that we have reached the portion of the contest where entry details are grouped together, all entries must be received the day before the first announcement. So, the deadline for days five and six have passed. Prizes for days seven, eight, and nine are still up for grabs. These prizes include a box of CAO La Traviata, a box of EP Carrillo Cigars Edicion Inaugural by EP Carrillo Cigars, and a box of Mi Barrio El Acere by EO Brands. For details on entering, take a look at the Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas Announcement.

With a a few more shopping days remaining before Christmas, don’t forget to pass along your Cigar Related Christmas List to friends and family. If your friends and family have never purchased cigars before, be sure to have them read our article on Giving the Gift of Cigars.

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  1. What better way to get him back into the world of cigars by giving him a box of the strongest cigar available.

    Congratulations Danny!

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