Bottom 10 Cigars (2009)

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Bottom 10 Cigars (2009)

Bah f’n humbug! While everyone else is focusing on their Top 10 Cigars for 2009, I decided to take the negative approach and be a Debbie Downer. These are my Bottom 10 Cigars for 2009. The cigars in this list were reviewed this year and just didn’t live up to my expectations, or just plain sucked. Or both. These sticks are so bad or so disappointing that they don’t deserve the honor of firing up the Stogie Review Way Back Machine. With that, ladies and gentlemen, my debatable (and inevitably controversial) Bottom 10 Cigars of 2009:

Cubao Maduro

10. Cubao Maduro – I got a lot of feedback on this review and it was split down the middle. Half agreed with me while the other half questioned my sanity. Expectations were high after the success of the regular Cubao line but the Maduro didn’t live up and its price tag added salt to that wound.


9. Don Tomas Cameroon Collection – I’m a big Cameroon wrapper guy, and its hard to find a quality, affordable, everyday one. After reviewing the Don Tomas Maduro and finding that cigar flavorful and affordable, I thought the Don Tomas Cameroon would offer a similar smoking experience. While it was affordable, I was disappointed with the overall experience.

CAO Bratalia

8. CAO Bratalia – This should quiet the crowd that says I’m just a big CAO Fanboi. I do what I do and call ’em like I see ’em. I looked back and thought the flavors were decent with good overall construction but at $12 per single, consumers (myself included) demand more than just a cigar that’s “decent “.

No Picture of H.Upmann Reserve Maduro Available

7. H.Upmann Reserve Maduro – Similar to my efforts in finding an affordable everyday Cameroon cigar, my journey to find an affordable everyday Maduro led me to try the H.Upmann Reserve Maduro. Just like the Don Tomas Cameroon, the H.Upmann Reserve Maduro failed to deliver the experience I was looking for.

Verdadero Organic

6. Verdadero Organica – “Organic” may be a buzzword when you’re grocery shopping, but it has a long way to go before being one when you walk into your local B&M. The Verdadero Organica is the perfect example of a good idea, gone horribly wrong. Unexciting and void of any quality flavor.


5. Rocky Patel Ocean Club – For every accolade Rocky wins for his Seasonal Collections there are five cigars that leave Rocky fans shaking their heads. The Rocky Patel Ocean Club is one of those “shaking their heads” cigars. Maybe you need to own a yacht to appreciate the Rocky Patel Ocean Club, but until I can afford to ride the waves, I’ll keep shaking my head.

No Image Available of the El Titan de Bronze Grand Reserve Cameroon

4. El Titan de Bronze Grand Reserve Cameroon – This and the RP Ocean Club are two cigars that I smoked while visiting Philadelphia and I felt no love from either. I know its expensive and hard to work with Cameroon wrappers but I thought this showed no effort in trying to deliver flavor. Must be something about smoking cigars in Philadelphia.

Tatiana Mocha

3. Tatiana Mocha – The Tatiana Mocha doesn’t make it on this list because its a flavored cigar, it makes it on this list because it is a flavored cigar that didn’t offer much flavor at all. It’s bad when a flavored cigar isn’t very flavored.


2. Camacho Candela – While this is a favorite of my Irish cousin, Jerry McCruz, it is definitely not a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s not fair to lump all Candela cigars together, but when was the last time a manufacturer came out with a HIT candela wrapped cigar? Candela wrappers don’t get cigar enthusiasts excited. I know, I know, in a different place and time they were the shit but these days manufacturers shouldn’t waste their resources, or pay the taxes on them. Maybe if Pete Johnson of Tatuaje came out with a Candela cigar for his Monster Series called Swamp Thing people would get excited about Candela!


1. 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle – No surprise here huh? LOL! Just like the Cubao Maduro, I got an evenly split response from people. I was actually surprised that so many liked it. Personally, I thought it was f’n horrible. The entire 5 Vegas Miami line isn’t crap. I’ve had good experiences when I’ve tried it in the other sizes. When it comes to the Knuckle size, the profile is just f’n irritating to deal with.

Well, there you have it! My Bottom 10 Cigars of 2009. Like any list, it’s completely subjective and meant for entertainment purposes…stay tuned for my Top 10 Cigars of 2009 in a few days.

P.S. I think this is the most I’ve typed ever! LOL


32 thoughts on “Bottom 10 Cigars (2009)

  1. I agree on the H. Upmann Reserve. It was a huge let down for my first cigar from H. Upmann and it will probably be my last.

    One of my least favorite is also the Perdomo Lot 23. Tasted like burning grass and hay, YUCK!

    1. I have never tried the H. Upmann Reserve, but do not be hasty! The H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon is a top shelf cigar.

  2. LOL I haven’t had any of these. Sheltered or savant? LOL in any case I gotta try em now. There’s gonna be a run on all of ’em, no such thing as bad publicity! Great post!

  3. LMAO!!! the swamp thing!!!! Funny thing is that one of my B&M locations carry the Camacho Candela, I almost bought in despite the bad review because I wanted to find out for myself just how bad it was & to get the band too, but I decided to walk away. I can’t resist, I’m gonna wind up buying it anyway.

  4. Great list Jerry. In some ways, a bottom 10 is even more valuable to people then a Top 10. I’ve smoked some lousy cigars and I’ll be danged, if I see one of these bottom 10 just to see how I like it. I’ve been a bit leary of the knuckly though I have to admit. I’ve smoked the other sizes and liked the 5 Vegas. But I’ve not bought into the short stubby nub types. Just not my thing.

  5. I have an Ocean Club sitting in my humidor…I’ll send it to you if you want to review it again…HA!

    I like the list, though (although I’d put the Drac on there…at $13-15, it’s a huge waste of money IMO.

  6. Totally disagree with you about the Ocean. Other then that, you’re right on target for the ones I have tried on that list.

    P.S. Skip tried the Knuckle a couple of more times and received the same result “IT SUCKS!” Now, I already know what you’re going to say “Your not man enough for it” BLAH BLAH BLAH. But in the end it still “SUCKS!” (lol)

    As always good job Jerry.


  7. While I haven’t had a lot of the cigars on your list, I do like the Camacho Candela for a change of pace. Have you tried the Old Fashioned line for cheap Cameroon wrapped cigars? Several years ago I went through a ton of the OF 34s and they were terrific.

  8. Agree with all but the Rocky Patel Ocean Club – the “Sixty” is one I would over and over again! hell my brother in law and I split a box when they ran them on sale 🙂 Next sale, another box coming my way!!


    1. im going to have to try the sixty. my main problem with the torpedo i smoked was that i like the flavor profile and i enjoyed it, i just wished it was amped up a bit, and i think the 60 may solve that problem for me. I’ll have to give it a shot. Good call.

  9. Long time reader (you guys are one of the few blogs I check every single day), but first time with a comment.

    Kudos for doing this! I always appreciate that you guys talk straight in your reviews and doing a “worst of…” adds to the honesty IMO. Well done!

  10. Great list Jerry! I’m still holding out hope on the Cubao Maduro that they will improve with age…..the rest I couldnt agree with any more.

    Have a great holiday!

  11. I love your bottom ten list! Hope the other guys follow in your footsteps and put one out along with their top ten lists. I’m just glad I didn’t send any of those for the “Baby Cruz” contest!

  12. Awesome list, I smoked a Rocky Vintage 1999 the other day. Tasted solely like Connecticut wrapper and tarred up bad. I probabaly just got a bad stick but it was probably the worst 8 dollar stick I’ve ever had.

  13. I have to say im suprised the Ocean Club made this list. While its not a great cigar, i dont think its a bad one at all. I enjoyed it, and as much as i think there are better in the same price range, i’d happily smoke it again if it came in a sampler or something.

  14. Thankfully I have only smoked one stick from this list… The Cubao Maduro which I thought was unworthy of me ever smoking another single.

    Great idea… Most folks would never do a bottom 10 list as it will not make you popular with the cigar manufacturers that make the list. I applaud your honesty and integrity here. The only cigar manufacturer on the list that would not be terribly unhappy with you IMO would be Camacho as they know that candela cigars are not for everybody.

    Cinco Vegas Knuckle its what Santa will bring the naughty ones this year for Xmas!

  15. You NAILED it Jerry! When I smoked the Verdadero Organic, I had to check periodically to see if I had remembered to light the thing. 5 Vegas – meh. Ocean Club – what’s with that wrapper? Tissue-paper thin, fragile, and no flavor.

    I’ll take your word for it on the others buddy! LOL.

  16. While I’m a RP fan, I have to agree that the Ocean Club was a huge disappointment. I bought it in all of the sizes Holts had and the only halfway decent one I had was the “60”. I’m a fan of the big ring, and the majority of the RP cigars that you can get in a sixty gauge are great. Just not this one.

  17. Great idea. I’d like to see the list go to 20. I know I could fill that many spots. Nubs, a lot of Rocky’s, Cain Habano, El Baton, and on and on. My favorite cigar will always be my next one.

    Surprised to see the Cubao maduro on the list as the original #5 is a great smoke. Been on my to try list for a while but maybe I’ll pass now.

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