SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 6 Winner

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SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 6 Winner

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You guessed it, another day and another prize to give away for our Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas Contest! We are now at a point in the contest where we have a single contest which spans multiple days. In this case, days four through six all share the same rules. With all entries in, Brian Jerry and I will go through them and select a first, second, and third place winner. Those winners will be applied to the appropriate day and announced.

This grouping of prizes asked that you submit a Christmas story that included cigars. Last year we got some fantastic entries. If you missed reading them, you should really take a minute to read the stories of Doc, Pete, and Chris.

The contest this year had me a little worried. We didn’t receive any entries until the final day, in which a wave came in. Just like last year, we received some serious stories which really show what Christmas is all about, and we also received some funny ones that we couldn’t help but laugh at.

The winner of our Day 6 Contest has earned themselves a box of Pinar del Rio Classico Exclusivo Lancero Cigars, generously provided by Abe Flores over at Pinar del Rio.

Our Day 6 Winner is


Tony’s Christmas Story:

I don’t have too many “interesting” Christmas stories that involve smoking cigars. I haven’t been smoking cigars as long as most people, and I only recently started to take them back on a daily basis. But there is one memory that not only makes me fond of family and company, but the cheer and closeness only something as social as cigar smoking can bring to light.

Last years was a bit rought for my family (dad, brother, sister in law, and neices/nephew). My dad has always been a bit out of it. His loneliness since his divorce has pushed him very deep into a drug addiction that no matter what, he cannot kick. Knowing this I stay far away from him at all costs. But hell, he’s my dad, so birthdays and holidays are off limits for seperation. I love to see the look on his face when the wife and I stop by.

As far as my brother and his family. They have always been plagued by bad luck. Last year was no exception. IT started with doctor and dentists bills that just piled up on them. Followed by a layoff of my brother (the only one working in his family) which lead to a relocation for them. Although he was adapting and doing the best he could, he fell into a deep depression for not having the ability to support his family.

That being said, Christmas time last year started showing its wonferful face. I myself, was lucky enough last year to not only start a new career in my dream field, but I had gotten married and moved into a nice, new home. It was almost as if all the bad luck that was sucked out of my family was turned to good and cast upon me.

Anyway, back to the story. At this time last year I started smoking cigars religiously. I was always a beer drinker and cigars just pair so perfect with beer and anyone who has a appreciation for both. There was just one thing missing. Company. My wife, who openly supports my smoking habits, had to listen to me whine and complain over and over and over about how I wish that I had someone to smoke with. Here in my city there isn’t a large smoking population, much less a cigar smoking population. The one thing that I wanted the most was just to relax, and enjoy a few cigars over my christmas break. I would have done so alone, but this year something special happened.

My wife, instead of buying me a christmas present decided it would be healthy not only for myself, but for my brother as well if she were to fly him and his family down to my city to spend christmas with us. I love spending time with them so I was quickly aboard this ship. We cooked, baked, and even spent the last of our christmas savings on gifts for thier family so that they would be able to enjoy christmas as well.

Christmas day came and my dream came true. My brother (who had never smoked before) decided that the numerous guilt trips I layed on him were enough to finally agree to have a cigar with me. While we were on the back porch enjoying a stogie, but little brother (who lives with my dad) sent me a text wishing my a merry christmas. I sent one back and invited him over for dinner. Little did I know that he would head right over with my dad (who will not leave the house for ANYTHING). My little brother was always a cigarette smoker, so he had no hesitation accepting a cigar, but my dad accepting one was a shocker. I think it was more based on the fact that he just wanted to spend time attempting to “bond” with us, as he never really got the chance it the past.

There we have it, me, my older brother, my younger brother, my dad, and even my sister in law out in my back yard, burning wood in the firepit and enjoying cigars and probablly the best conversation I have ever had in my entire life. All thanks to the bond that one has to a simple leaf.

Since then my older brother started to smoke cigars religiously as well. I am interested to see what this holiday season holds in store for us.


Remember, now that we have reached the portion of the contest where entry details are grouped together, all entries must be received the day before the first announcement. So, the deadline for days five and six have passed. Prizes for days seven, eight, and nine are still up for grabs. These prizes include a box of CAO La Traviata, a box of EP Carrillo Cigars Edicion Inaugural by EP Carrillo Cigars, and a box of Mi Barrio El Acere by EO Brands. For details on entering, take a look at the Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas Announcement.

With a a few more shopping days remaining before Christmas, don’t forget to pass along your Cigar Related Christmas List to friends and family. If your friends and family have never purchased cigars before, be sure to have them read our article on Giving the Gift of Cigars.

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