SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 Winner

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SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 Winner

We are now coming down to the final stretch of the Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas. In this phase of the contest, we asked everyone to submit Christmas Card style photos involving cigars. The only restriction we set in place was that there was to be minimal photo editing.

Last year we held this very same contest and received some really cool photos. If you haven’t seen them, you should take a minute to see what Jeremy, Doc, Al had in store for us last year.

For their efforts, our lucky winner has earned themselves a box of Box of EO Brands Mi Barrio El Acere, courtesy of EP Carrillo Cigars. Unlike our Day 7 Winner, this entry was more of a warm and heartfelt entry of a man and his dog.

Our Day 9 Winner is

Bryan Glynn

SR 12 Days of X-Mas - Day 9 Winer - Bryan

With the deadline for days 7, 8, and 9, past, please take the time to get your entries in for the final three days. In the last phase of the contest we ask that you show us a little of your DIY abilities and create a home made cigar related Christmas Decoration. For more information on that contest, take a look at the Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas Announcement.

With a a few more shopping days remaining before Christmas, don’t forget to pass along your Cigar Related Christmas List to friends and family. If your friends and family have never purchased cigars before, be sure to have them read our article on Giving the Gift of Cigars.

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  1. WOO HOO! Thanks guys, we both appreciate it very much! I look forward to trying my first EO and will of course review it 🙂 We wish everyone at Stogie Review a very Merry Christmas!

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