CAO La Traviata (Short Ashes)

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CAO La Traviata (Short Ashes)

CAO La Traviata - Short Ashes

Back in August, Brian, Jerry, and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2009 IPCPR Trade Show in New Orleans. One of the samples we were able to pick up was the highly anticipated CAO La Traviata. Some time after the trade show, Brian and Jerry got together for a Herfin’ Heads video where they smoked the La Traviata and talked cigars.

That video, coupled with the samples I received from IPCPR, had me very eager to give the production release a try. When we spoke with Jon Huber, we learned that the new cigar was going to begin shipping right away. Due to incredible popularity, the La Traviata was becoming hard to come by.

When a few boxes finally appeared in my local shop, Kensington Tobacconist, I bought the better part of a box of the Divino size (Robusto). With my locally available stock of La Traviata dwindling, I can only hope replacements arrive soon enough, as I have taken quite a liking to this stick.

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15 thoughts on “CAO La Traviata (Short Ashes)

  1. Great cigar review Walt. I want to try one of these badly but I’ll have to wait. I liked the CAO Brazilia I got in a sample pack so I’m ready to give this guy a try.

  2. Great video. I like these also and the price point is a huge bonus! I am getting a box from the cigars for the troops donation drive at NiceTightAsh, but i cant remember what size those are. I have enjoyed these at most times of the day, but the morning, since they are a little strong for a first cigar for me.


  3. Great review Walt. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite cigars; one that I find myself reaching for almost daily. The Divino is my favorite size, although I have tried all three sizes and have several of the Radiante (6 X52) in my humidor. I’ll agree that the flavors are very consistent in this cigar, I find wood, nut & leather flavors, and I’ve been trying to come up with a word for the spicy creaminess you mentioned, (which I also find). Maybe a very light chocolate with a hint of red pepper. (My wife makes brownies with red pepper from time to time, that’s what made me think of it)

    Anyway, I think your review was spot -on, at least for my palate. Keep up the great work.


  4. Very nice review Walt. The Traviata in the Divino size is probably my favorite smoke at the moment – great cigar for a great price. Kind of hard to try new stuff when the La Traviata is in the shop.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try this forever but my local shop never has it, I’m still going to keep my eye out for it hoping they will get it eventually.

  6. great review as allways! the divino is my favorite size – the others just don;t have the same definition of flavors. this may just nudge out the brazillia as favorite cao for me

  7. A nice review Walt. I too must agree. It’s a great cigar and at a strong price for the market currently. I think CAO really nailed it with the La Traviata. Just have to find me some more… 😉


  8. Walt – I really enjoy this cigar as well. I agree with your assessment. It’s not a WOW stick. The flavors aren’t all over the place. It’s just a decent, consistent smoke. The larger sizes are basically the same experience, just a longer smoke time. I can see how one may get bored with a churchill for example.

  9. Yet another great review, Walt! Im right with you about smoking them as you buy them. Ive been going to this stick when I stop by my local BM every Friday. I have yet to be disappointed by this cigar.

  10. If anyone’s looking to try a few singles, TampaHumidor has ’em. They’re running a 10% off everything until end of today. Plus, free shipping on singles.

    I placed an order for 2.

  11. Sorry, IMHO this is one nasty-ass cigar.

    Half way thru and it was sacrificed to the back yard gods.

  12. Khyber said: “If anyone’s looking to try a few singles, TampaHumidor has ‘em. They’re running a 10% off everything until end of today. Plus, free shipping on singles.

    I placed an order for 2.”

    I’d like to try a couple of singles but I can’t find them anywhere on their website. Can anyone help?

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