Perdomo Reserve Champagne (Short Ashes)

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Perdomo Reserve Champagne (Short Ashes)

Perdomo Reserve Champagne

Shortly after getting into the hobby of cigars, I discovered a brand that I came to smoke fairly frequently. That brand was Perdomo. I don’t recall which vitola it was that first attracted me to the brand, but I do recall ordering several samplers from Cigars International, in part, due to Perdomo being in the lineup.

As my hobby progressed, the Lot 23 was introduced and I found myself picking it up from time to time at my local cigar shop. During one of these visits, I decided that I would give the more expensive 10th Anniversary, Reserve, line a try. I opted to go with the Connecticut wrapped Perdomo Reserve Champagne.

I came to become a fan of that stick and treated myself with one fairly frequently. While attending the 2009 IPCPR Convention in New Orleans, Jerry, Brian, and I had a chance to speak with Chris Harper, National Director of Sales for Perdomo. While speaking with Chris, we learned that the pricing on the 10th Anniversary line was being reduce by nearly a dollar per stick.

Even since this price reduction I have found myself picking up the Perdomo Reserve Champagne fairly regularly as a morning cigar to be paired up with a cup of coffee. This week, my review features this very Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar as I get my morning under way.

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6 thoughts on “Perdomo Reserve Champagne (Short Ashes)

  1. Very nice review Walt and thank you for reminding me about those.

    These were for me one of the first, possibly even the first, Connecticut shade wrapper cigar I smoked and while I enjoyed them there was so much more to try out there so I forgot about them. Looking back at my tasting notes I definitely liked them… time to try a few more.

  2. Coincidentally, I just had my first of these the other day…and came away with a much different result. I found it to be rather one-dimensional throughout most of the stick, it canoed horribly in the middle section, the band ripped a huge hole when removed and I, overall, just did not enjoy it, even with the bargain price. By contrast, I had smoked the 10th Ann. Reserve Maduro a few days before and found that to be one of the most flavorful maduros I’ve had in a long time. I found the Champagne to be medium in body and rather bland; for a morning cigar, I can name at least 8 or 9 that I would prefer before this one–a couple of them from Perdomo!!!

  3. Great review! These are one of my go to smokes also. I like them for an afternoon smoke and sometimes a morning, as I think they get more medium bodied towards the nub. I think it is amazing that they were reduced in price also! It is a great sign that a manufacturer looks at getting cigars to people at an affordable price that most people can buy.


  4. This stick is one of my all time favs….. A go to cigar that will not dissapoint especially with an ice cold heiniken or Peroni beer…..

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