Our Swedish Hero

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Our Swedish Hero

Back in 2006 Stogie Review was born. It started out as two guys posting reviews back and forth with no intentions other than sharing our opinions with a few friends. Over time, the website grew consistently and we began to develop a following. That following increased in size even more when we began producing video reviews in addition to our regular content.

For nearly four years we have been overjoyed by the following that we have developed. One of our biggest draws has been the comedic videos Jerry has done, most notably Jerry McCruz and Jerry the Elf. Since doing those videos, it seems that Jerry has developed a following that none of us ever expected. To our surprise, Jerry is very big in Sweden.

The video below says it all, so check it out and take a moment to thank Jerry for becoming our very own Swedish Hero.

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19 thoughts on “Our Swedish Hero

  1. Very powerful message dude. That just changed the way I look at life and everything around me.


  2. Great video. Now that the door has been opened the possibilities are endless. Jerry in a bunny outfit for easter… Jerry in a Toga for the ideas of march… ok scratch the toga.

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