Camacho Liberty 2009 (Joint Review)

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Camacho Liberty 2009 (Joint Review)

Camacho Liberty 2009 - 1

Camacho Liberty 2009 - 2Brand: Camacho Liberty 2009 Series
Blender: Christian Eiroa
Vitola: 11/18 (Figurado)
Ring Gauge: 54
Length: 6.00
Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Origin: Honduras
MSRP: $16.50
Purchased From: Won from Dylan Austin’s Twitter contest


Camacho Cigars has a rich history among the cigar community, from its early days founded by Simon Camacho, throughout its operation by Julio and Christian Eiroa, and through its current ownership by Oettinger Davidoff Group. Throughout the brands history, Camacho has been known to produce cigars that were both full bodied and full flavored. Recent additions to the lineup show diversity among the brand and showcase products such as the Camacho Connecticut and Room 101. In addition to this diversity of flavor and power, Camacho has taken on a more visually appealing marketing strategy which gives their product an edgy feel.

Since 2002 Camacho has released an annual blend known as the Liberty Series. This series has always been a limited production which later found its way into distinctive packaging to include numbered Spanish Cedar coffins. The latest release of the Liberty Series totals 40,000 cigars within 2,000 boxes of 20 coffins. This cigar is only available in one size and carries an MSRP of $16.50 per single.


Camacho Liberty 2009 - 3

After removing my Camacho Liberty 2009 from its coffin, I found the cigar to be wrapped in tissue paper. In addition to adding to the presentation, I think this paper also helps prevent damage if the cigar were to move around a bit in the slightly over-sized spanish cedar coffin.

Once removed from the tissue paper, I found my cigar to have a stunning appearance. The wrapper color was consistent from head to foot with a few medium sized veins randomly appearing throughout. Due to the shape of this cigar, both bands practically fall, ensuring that there will be absolutely no damage when the time arrives to remove them.

The aroma on both the wrapper and exposed foot are heavily scented with the spanish cedar which encased the cigar. The aroma instantly brings to mind the smell of a well maintained walk-in humidor.

When pinched, I found the cigar to be evenly filled with no soft or soft spots throughout. After clipping, the pre-light draw was free with little resistance. The flavor on the cold draw is spanish cedar and tastes much like it smells.

First Third:

Camacho Liberty 2009 - 4

After a quick toasting and lighting session, I had my Camacho Liberty burning evenly and producing a fair amount of smoke. The first couple of puffs were loaded with the flavor of spanish cedar and was a little much. Over the month and a half that I’ve had these cigars, the ones smoked later seemed to have the cedar toned down and were considerably more enjoyable.

As I settled in on the first third, the body of this smoke got comfortable in the medium range and progressed very little. The flavor intensity matched the body and would be best described as medium. The finish was easy on the palate and produced a mildly creamy sensation which caused me to salivate more than usual.

While the spanish cedar flavor died down considerably as I worked past the first inch, it remained the dominant flavor. In the background I picked up a saltiness of the cigar that seemed to randomly fade in and out of the profile, never developing to more than a slight taste. Through the sinus I noticed an aroma that reminded me of allspice.

Second Third:

Camacho Liberty 2009 - 5

As I worked deeper into my cigar, I found myself into the second third with a beautiful white ash and thin burn line. Due to the shape of the cigar and its middle bulge, the ash held firm for well over an inch, showing no signs of flaking. The draw remained free with little resistance and produced a fair volume of dense smoke which was easily passed through the sinus.

Earlier in the cigar I anticipated that the body would remained firmly planted in the medium range due to its lack of progression. My assumption was correct as the body showed no change up to this point. The flavor intensity was much like the body and remind firmly seated in the medium range. The finish remained easy on the palate and produced a pleasant creamy sensation.

The flavor profile was showing slight signs of fluctuation but lacked any distinct changes. The spotlight was on the spanish cedar core flavor while the saltiness from the previous third remained slight, as well as random. The one new flavor in the mix was that of cashews. This flavor required a lot of concentration to pick out and was recurring throughout the second third.

Final Third:

Camacho Liberty 2009 - 6

As my Camacho Liberty 2009 grew short, it began to overheat easily. This heat added a bitter component to the smoke while making the stick uncomfortable in the fingers and the smoke hot across the palate. Fortunately this is easy to regulate and can be reduced by simply smoking a little slower.

Much like the previous thirds, the body of the smoke remained medium and progressed very little. The same lack of progression was present in the flavor intensity as well. While this may be perceived as boring, I think that this level of body and flavor were the sweet spot for this cigar and welcomed that lack of progression.

Throughout the bulge of this cigar, and beyond, the flavors seemed to really open up. It was at this point that the saltiness disappeared and the flavor of cashews became more prevalent. In addition to the flavor of nuts, I could easily distinguish both pepper and spice through the sinus. While these are the same flavors from earlier portions of the cigar, they seemed to become much more dynamic in the latter stages.

Final Thoughts:

Camacho Liberty 2009 - 7

After it was all said and done, this cigar burned for a good long time, despite the free draw. The flavors were pleasant throughout and never seemed to overpower the medium body of the smoke. With a few distinct tastes flowing in and out of the flavor profile, this cigar kept my attention and made for pleasant experience overall.

While I enjoyed this cigar, the price point of $16.50 makes it a tough cigar to buy regularly. I can certainly see myself purchasing these from time to time, while they are available, but my fixed cigar budget prevents me from selecting a single Camacho Liberty 2009 over a few mid-priced cigars.

While I am certainly not well versed on the Camacho Liberty Line, I think that the 2009 release is easily my favorite when compared to the 2006, 2007, and 2008 that I have smoked in the past. If you have enjoyed the Liberty Series in the past and have access to the 2009 release, I would most defiantly recommend giving it a try. My one and only concern with this cigar is that the wrapper seems a little brittle and damages easily.

enjoying cigars since 2005

19 thoughts on “Camacho Liberty 2009 (Joint Review)

  1. Alright guys… nice job…but…

    One complaint…. waaaaaaaayyyy tooo long.
    The banter is nice, but too much of it… I felt like watching tokbox for 45 minutes without participating lol.

    ok… 2 complaints… the Video and the Audio doesn’t match up.

    btw.. the 2005 was the Liberty that made the American flag.

    1. Rich,
      It’s kind of funny because in the early stages of the video I was concerned with the video getting too long. After I felt we were past the point of no return I just didn’t care how long the video was and we kept going, and going, and going, LOL

      I’m not sure what the issue is with the audio and video being out of snyc. It seems fine up until the point where it gets converted from its native format to something easily edited in iMovie. In addition, it always seems to be my audio that is out of sync so I am wondering if it has something to do with the way the software records audio/video from the chat session host.

      I’ll have to play with it to see what I can do. Maybe messing around with the audio quality settings will straighten it out.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Nice job chaps. Maybe I am a little perverted and need a life but I actually quite enjoy the longer reviews with a bit of banter thrown in.

    1. You aren’t the only one that enjoys the longer videos. We have actually gotten requests in the past to smoke the cigar without taking any breaks at all. For a slow smoker like myself, that would be a two-hour video for a robusto.

      With Jerry, Brian, Mike, and myself, I think we have a good mix of video types and lengths to suit most of ourviewers. One of these days I want to do a Stogie Review marathon and maybe use Ustream to record a few hours of video. I’m thinking several cigars, some drinks, and a load of laughs 🙂

      1. To me that sounds exactly what cigar smoking is all about, I really hope that happens. Cheers.

  3. That’s the only Liberty I’ve had too Mike. I did enjoy it, not too sure if it was worth the $15 though. But I have heard that the 05′ Camacho Liberty was the best and that the 09′ might match up to it. Unfortunately I can’t give an opinion on that.

  4. Thanks for the review guys.

    I also won a box of the 09’s right here on SR in the 12 Days of Christmas contest (thanks again SR!). Please read my experience with these cigars. I would be interested in any comments you have.

    I find it interesting that when Mike opened the chest that he won he got a strong smell of cedar and also in the coffins and on the cigars. The box I received was # 53/2000 and when I opened it I got hit with an overwhelming smell of lacquer and that smell penetrated each of the coffins and all the cigars had a smell of lacquer. I contacted Camacho and they offered to exchange the box immediately. They also told me they had some complaints about construction problems but not the lacquer smell.

    Now before I spoke with Camacho someone told me that they had the same issue with I believe it was a box of the 07’s. He said he just took all the cigars out of the coffins and let them air out in a large humidor and the lacquer smell dissipated and the cigars smoked fine and did not affect the other cigars in the humidor. I told Camacho I would try the same thing and if it works all is good and no need for the exchange. The smell dissipated from the cigar wrappers very quickly but I let them sit for a little over a month just to be sure the filler was void of any lacquer smell as well. They rested at a constant 67% – 68% RH. The first day the cigars were in my humidor I opened the chest and all the coffins and let them air out on a table. That room smelled like lacquer for almost 2 days. I think lacquer or any paint on the coffins that will be sealed inside the box is a bad idea unless given adequate time to cure. I mentioned that to Camacho and they said it is something they need to look into.

    A couple of weeks ago was a friend’s Birthday so I decided that would be a good time to try them. Now for the construction issues. I had to remove the tissue paper from a number of cigars before I found three that the wrapper wasn’t starting to unravel at around the mid point of the cigar.

    Now smoking them, first off I have to say mine burned perfectly. No problems at all. Very smooth cigar but light on flavor as well (maybe mild-med). Another burned similar to Mike’s stick. On the third cigar which happened to be the “birthday boy’s” cigar (of course), the wrapper started to split and come apart and about five minutes into the cigar he just couldn’t hold it together any longer and the entire wrapper came off in on big tattered piece leaving nothing but binder. At that point I got him another cigar which smoked well except for minor burns issues and small cracks which he was able to smoke through.

    After this I contacted Camacho again and they immediately sent me a replacement box which was not sealed and had been opened (# 1481/2000, close to your number Mike). Once again I got that lacquer smell on the cigars although not as intense as the first box (which I had other people check and they concurred) and also construction issues again. It is my belief that the boxes were lacquered shortly before the release and the cigars were put into the coffins and sealed in the chests before the lacquer had enough time to cure thus sealing in the lacquer smell. I just don’t get why Mike’s cigars had a nice cedar smell and both boxes I received smelled of lacquer. It doesn’t make sense that it would happen to some and not to others.

    Since the smell dissipated on the first cigars, I picked through both boxes to see which sticks had the least obvious construction issues (which was only about ½ of them) and returned the rest.

    This is my first experience with the Liberty series and I am very disillusioned with them. These Ultra Premium Limited Release cigars should be near perfect construction wise. Even if you can’t foresee burn issues I find the shoddy construction or lack of QC unacceptable for a cigar of this distinction. If it were my company and my name on these cigars they never would have made it out the door, especially as and Ultra Premium, LE. I kept some cigars that still had somewhat large veins, returned ones that had peeling wrappers, very large veins, some the bands glued to them and some seriously crooked with flat or very bumpy spots. One cigar must have had a large stem in it that was just rolled over and the bump it left just below the band could be described for lack of a better term as a huge pimple on the cigar.

    I just want to say that I can’t and am not complaining since I got the cigars for free but I thought it was something that needed to be addressed. Once again I would be interested in any thoughts you have or if you heard of anyone else having the lacquer smell problem.

    Best wishes,

  5. Whoa! Was I surprised to have particular song as an intro, but I love it! Hahah

    Oh yeah, nice review too.

  6. I, too, like the longer videos. When I started smoking, my reason was to see how more experienced smokers smoked a cigar: how it was cut, what problems they came across, how they dealt with them, and in particular how the cigar was lit, how often and how much to puff.

    I’m still pretty new to smoking, and the above holds although to a lesser extent. Never the less, I’m still a fan of the longer videos.

    The mismatched audio and video was a problem. I noticed it only with Mike’s feed at times. I was assuming it was a buffering/internet delay (i.e., I assumed the recording was done on Walt’s end). Even with the issue, I still like the joint reviews, side-by-side screens. Obviously, if the issue can be resolved, great. But I understand it’s easier said than done to diagnose, and likely more complex than flipping a switch.

    Thanks for the review, and the comments Rick: seems like a an inconsistent cigar, although if you get a good one, it’s really good.


  7. not a fan of these at all. received a free box from a client and was very unimpressed. every Camacho I’ve had just fails to deliver

  8. Neat review/BS session. Was like chillin with you having a cigar. I have been tempted to try a couple of these but I’m gun shy with the price being so high.

    As you mentioned about the scotch, yup I started off with Glenlivet 12 years and then Glenfiddich 17 year. I preferred the Glenfiddich, it just seems smoother and fruitier. I’m still nursing the Glenfiddich, while the Glenlivet was finished off awhile ago. The Scotch really cleanses the palate and with some cigars, it adds an interesting dynamic to the flavor profile. And just like Walt said, just a little is all you need. I have yet to get drunk sipping Scotch with a cigar.

  9. Besides passing out to this video last night and having to finish-up watching it today, I actually really like the longer video. I’ll just have to make sure to check the length, and not already be tired if you guys put out another video this long, lol. Most of the time I just have the video running in the background as I’m doing paperwork, surfing, or playing solitaire, so it really felt like a more immersed experience with a longer video like this.

    But as far as the cigar goes, it seems like it’s worth a try. But realistically I could get two cigars that are really good for the price of this and not have to worry as much about the stick exploding on me like it did with Mike. But obviously if a special occasion happend to arise and this smoke was on my radar, then this would definitely be a cigar for me. Thanks guys!

  10. First off, great review as all are on stogie review. The length of the review doesn’t bother me. If it did all I would have to do is fast-forward. I really like the joint reviews. It allows two different, simultaneous opinions and experiences. It also lets you see the difference of cigars from the same box. The 2009 Liberty sounds fairly two-dimensional, cedar and woodsy.

    Curious to see if anyone has let these rest outside of the coffin for a time before smoking, other than for the reason of having to dissapate lacquer.

    KnightRid, I get a kick out of your reviews. Like me, you are not technical and just a regular guy with a regular guy’s opinion of his smokes.

    Walt have you tried a splash of ginger ale in your bourbon? Nothing to overpower but just take the edge off. Of course I wouldn’t do this with a more expensive choice but I find it helps with those that are “middle of the road”

  11. Nice review. The duration of the review was a nice change of pace. Watching this on a lazy Sunday afternoon while enjoying a cigar of my own was very relaxing. I like the average review to be 10-15 minutes, but again longer reviews are OK every once in a while.

    I’ve never had a Camacho liberty but would probably pick a couple up in the future.

  12. @ Rick — I bought a case of Liberty ’09 as well and it DID smell like lacquer … pretty badly, actually, much worse than the Tat Drac boxes. I left the box open and the coffins out (they smelled too) for a number of days in my decently humidified house, and the smell dissipated quite a bit. The cigars inside the coffins didn’t smell bad, though.

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